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January 21st, 2019
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Warbringer - Woe to the Vanquished

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Woe to the VanquishedRelease by: Napalm Records

Warbringer - Woe to the Vanquished
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Silhouettes


2. Woe to the Vanquished


3. Remain Violent


4. Shellfire


5. Descending Blade


6. Spectral Asylum


7. Divinity of Flesh


8. When the Guns Fell Silent


9. Evil Dead
    (by Death.)


10. Arc Lite
    (by Coroner.)


The vault closes
Last rays of light are gone
We spend our lives in darkness
Hiding away from the sun
After the bomb
We have nothing left
No one walks the Earth
But the shadows of the dead

They're ghosts
I see them staring back
Where once there stood a man
Now only a silhouette
Their spirits torn from this world they called home
Their shadows
Burnt into the stone


The light is fading
All hope is gone
Can anyone remember
What it's like to see the sun?
A white flash of light
And then there were none
The dead accuse the living:
What have you done?

They're ghosts
They can't forgive our sins
We pray for deliverance
But the Gods are silent
Our spirits trapped here
Lost and alone
With these shadows
Watching from the stone

Blast wave expanding
Consumes all in its path
Trapped at ground zero
Against the searing wrath
Stone turns to rubble
Bodies reduced to ash
All that remains of them
Just their silhouette...
Just a silhouette!

Solos: Carroll / Becker

Now the clock is ticking
The bombs not fallen yet
Our world is still living
We still have a chance
But the leaders want more power
The weapons are still intact
We know what awaits us...
But no one will act

We're ghosts
Woe to the Vanquished
To the victor goes the spoils
Sound the drums of war
Raising high our banners
The legion marches forth
On a trail of conquest
We are the sons of Mars!
We desecrate their shrines
Annihilate their Gods

They burn
The tomb of civilizations

On the endless march
We set afire the town
All who oppose
The Gladius cuts them down (Down!)
They call out for mercy
For refuge they seek
But the deafening roar of battle
Silences the weak

They fall
The fall of once-mighty nations

The sick, the dying, the conquered, the slain
Forget their faces, forget their names
Vae Victis
Woe to the Vanquished
Cities fall to the barbaric horde
Watch your family put to the sword
After the conquest men are enslaved
Children are butchered, the women are raped
Waters that once gave life run red
Your language, culture, way of life DEAD
Each of your sons I shall murder at birth
'Til all of your people are wiped from the Earth

The tomb of civilizations
The fall of mighty nations
Woe to the Vanquished

Solos: Becker / Carroll

The battle you have lost
The blood that falls like rain
Now your temples lie in ruins
Your people are in chains
Woe to the Vanquished
Woe to the Vanquished
Woe to the Vanquished
Your line dies with you
Remain Violent
Get on the ground, put your hands where I can see
Lie face-down against the concrete
I am the predator, you are the prey
And you will respect my authority

That's what they want
For you to say
To remain silent
You have the right
To remain
To remain violent

Remain violent

The constant threat of a shot to the chest
But defending yourself is resisting arrest
City streets that I called my home
Are starting to look like a combat zone

That's what they want
For you to say
To remain silent
You have the right
To remain
To remain violent

Remain violent

That's what they want
For you to say
To remain silent
You have the right
To remain
To remain violent

Remain violent
I can't remember why the war started here
But the bombs started falling, year after year
The soldiers, they charge bravely into to the fight
But the incoming bombardment buries them alive

A lost generation dies by gunshot to the head
A forward advance over mountains of the dead
An outstretched hand reaching up through the wire
Can't hear the scream through the endless shellfire


We obey our leaders when they order the attack
With our honor and our glory, we live among the rats
The warriors, so valiant, drowning in mud
And forever these fields will be stained with blood

Every single day, the barrage raining down
Nothing I can hear, but the horrible sound


A lost generation dies by gunshot to the head
A forward advance over mountains of the dead
An unseen hand, the voice of the liar
Will bury the world under endless shellfire


I'm cast aside now that I've played my part
I lie in the street, I beg not to starve
I'm crippled, disfigured, you just look away
The war you forgot, the price I have paid
Descending Blade
Lie in wait for the target
Stalking down the prey
I've come to collect the price on your head
A mission to assassinate

Watching in the night
With a telescopic sight
Look to the left
Look to the right
I am always right behind

Scanning through the infrared
Operate in secrecy
The orders are given by encrypted transmission
Now we know the target's name...
Descending Blade

Solo: Carroll

On your back like a shadow
In position for the kill
Waiting for the moment to strike
And it might be tonight

Everywhere you go
I see you through my scope
All your dreams, all your hope
Disappear in the gunsmoke

Now closing in with sharpened knives
Death comes before the pain
Another laceration, with surgical precision
And their blood is washed away by the rain...
Descending Blade

Solos: Carrol / Becker

Just try to run
'Cause we will find you all the same
By poison of the viper
Or bullet of a sniper
They are never seen again...
No more...
Descending Blade


Just remember, the blade has a second edge

I see my own face in the crosshairs
A red dot between my eyes
There's only one second 'til the instant when I die
I never saw the bullet
Never felt the impact
Just a sound of the rifle's crack
And everything went black
Spectral Asylum
Waking into nightmares
All I see is black
I am trapped inside
A chamber for the mind
The voices will appear
Once I shut my eyes

Fall into the shadow
Enter the beyond

Spectral asylum
The walls are closing in
I am locked inside
A dungeon for the night
There's nowhere I can run
When the killer lives inside

Fall into the shadow
Far, far beyond

Spectral Asylum
Spectral Asylum

Voices fill my mind, they are gnawing through the cracks
I see my own reflection and another face looks back
Searching for release from the darkness in my mind
I close my eyes to sleep, and all I see are knives
I can't get out...

Solo: Becker / Carroll

Spectral Asylum
Spectral Asylum
Divinity of Flesh
Through the dawn of time and space
The legacy that we create
The children of technology
The masters of our world

From Clay
To Steel
And Stone
Transcend the flesh and bone
We watch
And wait
For a new age

On shoulders of giants we look to the stars
For we see beyond this small Earth of ours
My life may be short
And soon I'll be gone
But knowledge lives on...
And that is the power of flesh

They cremate us
Annihilate us
We fall
But our monuments stand tall

Until the end of time
The mind is divine

Solo: Becker

On shoulders of giants we look to the stars
For we see beyond this small Earth of ours
My life may be short
And soon I'll be gone
But knowledge lives on...
And that is the power of flesh

We're cremated
Another scar
But our mind's eye sees so far

I can see our destiny
To leave this world of ours
I see our future history
Written in the stars

Solo: Carroll

From high in the Cosmos, we look down on Earth
For we have transcended our small universe
My soul will not perish
Long after I'm gone
My words will live on!
Divinity of Flesh
When the Guns Fell Silent
I - Prelude: The Troops

"O, my brave companions
When your souls flock silently away
And the eyeless dead shame that the wild beast of battle on the ridge
Death will stand grieving in that field of war
Since your unvanquished hardihood is spent
And through some mooned Valhalla there shall pass
Battalions and battalions, scarred from hell
The unreturning army that was youth
The legions who have suffered
And are dust"

Siegfried Sassoon Prelude: The Toops
(spoken by John Kevill)

II - Attrition

March through the mud and the rain
The soldiers disappearing into the gray
Hopeless, they look to the sky
For years they have bled on the line

I saw them advancing
Into the smoke and the fire
They were cut down
I saw, as the brave men...

Died, by their thousands, forgotten
Their names carved upon a white cross
The rows stretch into the horizon
And no words can speak of the loss

I saw warriors broken
Upon the anvil of Verdum
Unreturning, the legions
Who suffered and are dust

III - Voie Sacree (The Sacred Way)

Our tattered banners fly in the wind
Over the top, we charge again
The war will be won, and God's on our side
But my brave companions, why must you all die
Oh why?

IV - The Voice of the Guns

Lyrics inspired by Gilbert Frankau's epic poem The Voice of the Guns

We are the guns!
Saw you our work, the flashes of light
We are the ones!
Filling the graves, the ghosts on the firing line
Now it is done!
Our voice will be heard in the ages to come
Husbands or lovers, fathers or sons
We break them-
Yes, we are the guns!

Solos: Becker / Carroll

V - All Quiet...

And when the guns fell silent, at last
There's nothing that remains of the past
The world that I knew is dead and gone
My soul is left in ruins
And I cannot see the dawn
Evil Dead
(by Death.)
Trapped inside a life which is not yours
Spirits within causing terror, fear and darkness

Evil dead
Evil dead

Voice speaks out, all will die tonight
Insanity fills your mind, you hear them calling

Evil dead
Evil dead

Covered in blood, all hope is lost
Forever to rot, controlled by the powers of the

Evil dead
Evil dead
Arc Lite
(by Coroner.)
John Kevill - vocal
Chase Becker - guitar
Adam Carroll - guitar
Jessie Sanchez - bass guitar
Carlos Cruz (1) - drums

Produced by Mike Plotnikoff.

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