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October 20th, 2018
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Vulture - Easier to Lie

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Easier to LieRelease by: Overdrive

Vulture - Easier to Lie
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Hatred at First Sight


2. Near Death


3. Remember Me


4. Easier to Lie


5. Alter Ego


6. Backwards


7. Kicked from Both Sides


8. Greater Cause


9. Forgive Us


Hatred at First Sight
Experience the feeling of hatred at first sight
The aggravation rises so high you wished he died
Every confrontation ends up in a fight
There's only one way out, that's murder, and I think I might
I bought a gun, execution, but no one will see
My plans for annihilation, kill the enemy

HATE, will bring you on your knees
You're a plague, a bad disease
And I have every right, cause it's
Hated at first sight
A curse upon your name...

How do you feel now you know you'll be dead?
I dug a nice hole at the bottom of my shed
The concrete has been mixed to hide your body full of lead
A day to remember as the most fun I've ever had


I couldn't bear having to see your face another day
I hope you're nice and comfy now, may you rot away
The handiwork is finished, it took me all night
And how I love the feeling 'cause it's hatred at first sight

How do you feel now you know you'll be dead?
I dug a nice hole at the bottom of my shed
The concrete has been mixed to hide your body full of lead
A day to remember as the day I went mad

Near Death
Tell me is it really true
When life ends can you start a new
Or is it a trick the mind can play on you
Experiences they call near-death
A vision trapped inside my head
How can I find out, what can I do

Accident, Intensive Care
Near death, still aware
Did my soul part my body?
Instincts fail, must survive
I hear voices, what's that light?
Life has fled, death in me
Open arms, wait for me

I woke up with a killing pain
My sight was blurred, I went half insane
Remembering what happened just days ago
When I was fighting for my life
I wandered through a field of white
And I heard voices whispering to "let it all go"


Tell me, is it really true?
When life ends, can you start a new?
Have I got my evidence, does this weird experience
Means that death is more than just the end of life
I guess that I will never know
Until it's time for me to go
But it makes you wonder every now and then...
Remember Me
I can't believe the loneliness
I may not live, I cannot rest
Crush my dreams in the palm of my hand
It's over now, it's hard but I must understand

I hope that somebody will remember me
Time is like sand, slipping through my hands

No regrets, it's far too late
What I became is what I made
A few friends left. Be strong. I don't want to cry
God, I hate to live this long goodbye


Agony, the pain will never seize
Infected, terminal disease
Death, is tightening it's grip
Sacrifice, the ultimate

Dying, I no longer exist
Death is the ultimate bliss

Helpless, no hope, there is no cure
Exit, I can't take it anymore
Life is not worth living now death fills me with fear
Please comfort me when the end is coming near

I hope that somebody will remember me
Time is like sand
Easier to Lie
Mister Dull creates a life, a man he's never been
Pathetic little dreams of a devoted life of sin
A tiny rat, you raise your voice, aching to be heard
Choking on a spider-web entirely made of words

Make believe, entirely, trapped in his own fantasy
The mask will fall someday, one image blown away
See the truth, in your eyes
See the truth, but it's easier to lie

Who did he tell what? He can't remember it at all
Mister Dull's all mixed up, heading for a fall
All he ever wanted was to live a life that's full
Now he's in so deep it blows his brain our of his skull


What went wrong, what cause this change
You wanted to change your life, your mind lived it's own
Now there's no way, you can get away with that
It's fun no more, no more

Listen you old fool, this has gone far enough
Living in a fantasy, reality gets rough
Thought you were interesting, you're nothing but a bore
Can't you see, nobody believes you anymore
Who did he tell what? He can't remember it at all
Mister Dull's all mixed up, heading for a fall
All he ever wanted was to live a life that's full
He got in to deep, now he pays the toll

See the truth, in your eyes
See the truth, but it's easier to lie
It's easier to lie
Alter Ego
Every night my dreams are frightening
There's someone after me
There's a strange feeling I know him
Although there's no face I can see
No face I can see

Nightmare torments me, when will I wake up
Living in constant fear, the dream never stops
Paranoia, I watch my back during the day
Anybody help me, make it go away

What's this? Footsteps on the stairs
And I know I'm not asleep
A voice is whispering my name
The sound is sinister and deep
I'm coming for you...


Standing at my bedside, razor in his hand
Smiling while he slashes, I know this is the end

Now I finally see his face
He looks a lot like me
It's my alter ego and he's here
Taking my place, I have to disappear
Have to disappear...


Cannot remember, I'm in my bed.
Am I awaken or am I dead?
Messages hidden by forces forbidden
Don't speak of the devil, we're demons ourselves
Evil in lyrics, subject for critics
Don't play this one backwards, the story it tells

I don't believe in a god
How can I believe in a devil
Messages backwards in songs?
Are you not backwards yourself!

Tell you some more lies, like we are the bad guys
We're out to deceive you, cast a spell
Read between the lines, who's entering your mind?
According to them, you don't have one yourself


Mark my words, who's trying to influence the youth
One man is just one opinion, who's telling you the truth

They don't submit to reason, blinded by prejudice
Call it parental advisory, I call it injustice
Censorship boards just never seem to rest
Don't ask me, I think they're the ones possessed


I don't believe in a god
I don't believe in a god
Kicked from Both Sides
Cold wind strikes hard in my face, I never felt so lost before
We're on the beach now, evacuate, leave the blood red shore
I've seen men fight with sticks and stones
Being devastated by our bombs
They kept on falling one by one and I couldn't look no more

Turn in disgust. All is lost. I wonder why
Why this sacrifice for a hand full of lies
We're kicked from both sides

Raging in with flags held high, we thought we were invincible
Condemned to fail and left to die, we never know at all
Now pay the price for arrogance, drown in all the violence
Who still believes in innocence, now death's taken it's toll


Set my eyes upon the world, the war is lost all efforts failed
Disillusioned now I see what we came to be
Fight for justice, fight for peace
Rape and murder, spread disease
All we did was to raise the hate, to be criticized: our fate

Turn my head for a final glance
Tears fall from my staring eyes
I really thought we had a chance, believed in all those lies
Now I've lost my faith and confidence, the politicians ignorance
Seems to be his best defense, we're kicked from both sides

Turn in disgust. All is lost
Turn in disgust. All is lost
Greater Cause
Time is passing slowly
Every minute I count
What's left but wait

In worship of what we believe, we're gathered here as one
Leading us into destruction, all will die in the morning
The words that our leader speaks are fuel upon the fire
May we find strength we seek in this hour of need

Now we await the dawn. Will the sun rise again.

Pride beholds us to surrender
Lambs are lead to the slaughter
The night it seems to last forever
Afraid of what the morning brings

Rise and make the final step for no one will enslave us
Our souls will fly upon the wind. Infinite we are.

Now thy will be done. For freedom comes again.


Pride beholds us to surrender, lambs are led to the slaughter
The night it seems to last forever, all will die in the morning

Every minute I count
All will die in the morning
Forgive Us
Forgive us I beg you mother earth, we treat you like a whore
Exploiting all the goods from your womb
And still we ask for more
Infected like an apple full of worms
We're digging in your guts
And after we obtain what we want we leave you there to rot

The warning came far to late, she's accepted her fate
It's all over now
Years of plundering took her breath
Slowly she awaits her death
Oh please forgive us
What will it take, when will we see
We're heading for catastrophe

Forgive us I beg you mother earth, for the waste we dump
Our entire world will become a radioactive swamp
Continuous disposal of our fumes darken the skies
And while we slowly suffocate, we still don't realize


Death in the woods, death in the sea
Death in the air and it's killing me

Forgive us I beg you mother earth as we dispose of you
To live on distant planets, now I guess that we are through
In you final hours I say you farewell
Once given to us a paradise, we turned you into hell

Rick Ritman - vocal
Pieter Oosterman - guitar
Marcel van der Heyden (Mac) - guitar
Ed van Savooyen - bass guitar
Dirk Bruinenberg (Dirk Briunenberg, Dirk Buirneberg) - drums

Produced by Catmusic and Vulture.

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