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January 21st, 2019
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Baphomet (US)'1992

The Dead Shall InheritRelease by: Peaceville Records

Baphomet (US) - The Dead Shall Inherit
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Suffering


2. Through Deviant Eyes


3. Leave the Flesh


4. Valley of the Dead


5. Torn Soul


6. Vile Reminiscence


7. Boiled in Blood


8. The Age of Plague


9. Infection of Death


10. Streaks of Blood


The Suffering
A life of pain I have lived
A death of pain I will give
My victims I chose with ease
The people I feel are the disease
So now the time has come
And now your time has done
The chambers I am now preparing
To witness al of your suffering

Ripping Carving Shredding
Burning Stretching Tearing
Stabbing Slashing Severing
Gouging Tasting Your Flesh

You lie in pain
Your flesh
I carve away
I carve more
Your blood
I will spill
As you rot in hell
In you pain
I will dwell
Carnal toast
Your life
Now has ceased

Thoughts of death enter your brain
For your god you now pray
No release from your pain
Your mind decays

Your flesh and veins carved away
With precision so to save
All to keep none to waste
Your flesh decays

Your mind decays

Your mind for your soul
Your flesh for your soul
Your bones for your soul

I can't wait to experience and take your soul
Through you flesh and your mind I will roar
I can't wait to taste and savior your flesh
To watch while your blood spills from your chest
I can't wait to cause your death
Crawl right in and take your breath
I can't wait to feel your pain
And witness all of your suffering
Through Deviant Eyes
Through deviant eyes do I see
Lives of pain and misery
Break free from the norm
See through the deceit

Blinded throughout life
Incomprehensible strife
Childhood nalvete
Use your eyes to see

Seeing only what you're told
Deviate them your scold
Relieve the mental strain
Blinded never again

Take a look through the eyes of reality
And tell me what you see

Lies, anger, hatred
Are all my eyes can claim
Since the beginning
Brought in a world of pain

Blood from confusion
Spilled day by day
As long as we live our lives
And dwell in tyranic reign

I can't wait to break free
From the pain that's inside of me
A mental catacomb I'll not descend
So I'll struggle until the end

Lies, pain, decease, reign,
Strive, kill, mankind

I can't wait to break free
From the pain that's inside of me
A mental catacomb I'll not descend
So I'll struggle until the end
Leave the Flesh
A hard life has twisted
A fascination in my mind
It's hard to understand
But the only one I could find
To release me of stress
Of everybody life
To rip at my flesh
With razor sharp knives
To penetrate my skin
With razors and hooks
The freedom I feel is often mistook
For self mutilations, is all that they see
But they no have an idea what's inside of me

I do not feel
As though I belong in this world
I belong in the world of dreams
And of death

Leave the flesh
Rip it away from your bones, skinned alive
Leave the flesh
Self mutilations is so divine
Valley of the Dead
Have walked through the valley of the death
I have felt the cold grip of death
Being beckoned towards the dark
In the valley there is no light

I have tasted
The pain and suffering
Of the unborn child
And disease ridden flesh
The slaughtered and unwanted
Crying out in torment

Their cries and anguish scare my soul
A dream or is it death I do not know

I thought I vas safe from the pain
But the suffering still remains
Put into a macabre life past
Eternal molestation is where I'm cast

The pain and suffering of which I have felt
Was not of the innocent but of the guilty ones
This peace of horror
And eternal suffering
Built for reprisal
Against the vile

I can't wait until I'm dead
Torn Soul
Solve the key you will pay
Torn apart with huge hooks
Shredded up human slop
They will come the masters
Pinhead and the chatters

Trapped inside their gore world
Feel the pain in your head
Try to hide they'll find you
Tear you apart in their fun

Escape for now but they still lurk
Smell is foul the blood flows
He returns from beyond
Decapitates in the ward
Runaway into a room
There they hide feel your doom
Hooks will fly through your flesh
Eyes fall out, smash your head

Feel your self come apart in there
Rotting flesh hurts through the air now
Splashing guts fall on the floor there
Mind explodes there is gore everywhere
Soul is trapped inside their world now
You will pay for what you will done
Your suffering will be eternal
Tear you apart is their fun
Vile Reminiscence
Warped to a different level of thought
Mind is corroding becoming distraught
Childhood terrors return from the past
Living in torment I don't think I'll last
Visions of death eroding my brain
Twisting my thoughts haunting my sleep
Fear of being considered insane
My mental health I don't think I'll keep
I, feel as thought I, can't stop the pain
In which I live eaten alive through my dreams
Raped and beaten, molestation, lifes affliction
Destroys my mind

Extreme, torment of the mind
Subconscious, confusion reigns
Supreme childhood terror
Causes, silent scream
Boiled in Blood
Extracted for centuries
Viles of blood
They have seized
For their purpose
A malicious crime
Plotted since the
Dawn of time
Why the reason for my pain
It's not my fault
Must have been made to go insane
Living in this hell
I don't know why
I don't give up
I must die
Boiled in blood

Adrenalin pumping through my veins
No sane thoughts remain
Mind is being ripped and torn
How much more can I endure
Adrenalin pumping through my veins
No sane thoughts remain
Happiness is now devoured
Hatred leaves my brain, scared
Emotions ripping through my head
I'd often wished I was dead
Growing feelings despair
Now the hunt begins to flare
Psychotic intentions rip through my mind
Causing pain is so divine
Now I'm their prey, my blood they spill
Now it's time I think I kill
The Age of Plague
Conjour the vision
Or twisted remains
And the great empires
Have all fallen to ruins

As I crawl through the remains
Slabs of unburn and entrails
Of this curious and intrusive creature
I stop to think
Humanity so powerful and
Yet not able to keep itself alive

Could you conceive all of my mind's pain
Come with me through my eyes you'll
See pain you may never know
But in which your kids will grow
Infection of Death
There comes a time in everyones
Life where they dwell in death
For some of escape the grip is what they seek
For others, it's what they seek

Deep in my mind and flowing through me
Is a plague that some can't see
To blame it on your music is quite absurd
When it's brought on by your society

Infection spreading through my mind
Turning my brain to pus
Confusion comes so easily
Infection of death I can't deny

To kill myself would it solve anything
To fight this infection is it worth it to me
The confusion I face everyday may be
Beyond comprehension because of the life you lead

Condemn us and say it's help
Torment for our good
Cut our freedoms down
Protest with what you differ

Challenged against everything in which we bereave
Trapped in your society which tries to deceive
With an infection of death spreading through me
But one day our power will rise above thee
Streaks of Blood

The suffering and misery that I endure
To harbor thoughts so bizzare
Beyond impure

Mother, I'm here
To do all the
Things that you long
For me to do

I love when we're
In our reside alone late
At night and you embrace me

Now you found another
To do all the things that
We used to do at night
In our room

Now I experience sexual
Neglect at 10 years old

Now your life means nothing to me
After all the pain you caused me
Just to see you with another guy
I guess I'm the only one was just a lie

I confront you with sexual
Frustration built up inside
Of me but you deny the pleasure
You'll now die in vain

The suffering and misery
That I endure to see your
Streaks ob blood still run
Down the wall

You can now not leave me
But your death was not in vain
Even though your body's cold
I can still enjoy you in death
Tom Frost - vocal
Dave Craiglow - guitar
Gary Schipani - bass guitar
Rick Breier - drums

Produced by Dennis Fura and Baphomet.

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