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January 20th, 2019
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Baphomet - Latest Jesus

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Latest JesusRelease by: Massacre Records

Baphomet - Latest Jesus
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. A Second to None


2. Lethal Tendencies
    (by Hallows Eve.)


3. State of Censorship


4. Latest Jesus


5. Coalition of the Lost


6. Born of No Name


7. Near Dawn


8. Full Moon Eyes


A Second to None
The day's not far away
When acid rain will fall
Decline of civilisation
We have to face it all
The way we live
And we don't care
The words we know for sure
Someday earth starts crumbling
And we're involved there, too!

Why won't you realize
What you're dreamin'
Prepare to cover - the eternal sleep
They will provide us - keep dreamin'
As the world turns - to eternity
Accusation will be done
I see no guilt no anyone
Separation come at last
A second to none

Finally the world is just a piece of crab
Unbelievable nobody faces facts
Politics are much more important
Than takin' care of our own lives
Some they try but most keep sleeping
What comes after I don't care
If there's no air left for breathing
It's the time for us to dare

I don't see a future for us
If it all goes on like this
In 50 years it'll all be over
And still no one to fear

Nature, earth they don't bring money
But without who will survive
Count your blessings and your money
In asylum you'll die

A second... too late
Lethal Tendencies
(by Hallows Eve.)
Out of love out of life
Out of food out of time
Those who live do not care
A taste of war a taste of death - die!
Live for the cross that has been said
But in the end are we all dead
Death has come from 'cross the sea
Now realize reality

Time out of mind
Carnage, butchery
Leaving life behind
Lethal tendencies

Those who rest the kiss of dream
Is on almost every face
Fear the fire from the sky
To dimish the human race - die!
There lies no one here by me
Bloody bodies in the debris
As I breathe my final breath
Feel into the face of death

Genocide will take you down
To the bury depths of hell
You realize you're wondering
What's the burning that you smell

Could it be a dying world
Or could it be the pit
If this is my hell for me
Than maybe I need it

Out of love out of life
Out of food out of time
Those who live do not care
A taste of war a taste of death - die!
Those who rest the kiss of dream
Is on almost every face
Fear the fire from the sky
To dimish the human race
State of Censorship
Lot of taking and senseless theories
They dictate what we would like to see
"Total recall" is sure too hard for me
This all happens in good ol' Germany
Pornography has not to be seen
They do everything
To keep the country clean
Conservative seniles ruling our mind
They treat all of us as one of a kind
Try to stop 'em before it's all too late
Now retaliate and decide you own fate

State of censorship - hear me
State of censorship - there's no democracy
State of censorship - hear me
State of censorship - Germany

All they years we vote and vote again
Trusting people that we can no offend
We're no adults in this sad tyranny
That all happens in good ol' Germany
Movies and lyrics are
Censored as they like
I decide what I want to consume
Keep your eye on politics like these
Learn from the past keep alive the scene

So in present what is going on
Nothing changes there will fight no one
Are we just too bored to realize
What happens in good ol' Germany
Get the hell out of what we have to see
Videos they have to be cut-free
Can't you see that it is all on us
Stop intolerance kick their ass!
Latest Jesus
In your eyes I see a message
You came to lead the blind
Gather round in fallen wisdoms
Catcher in the rye
Seasons come and seasons go
They never will depart
You won't change the world turn round
Know it from the start

While we're waiting for another
Jesus rise
This is not a way of compromise

Latest Jesus
This is not the world where you reign
While we're waiting for the next
One to arrive

Preach around religion is everywhere
But living is for real
No one is there with the ultimate truth
And guilt it is all on you
One succeeds and other one shatters
The story remains the same
Solution for your sake
Is in your own sweet tomb
Coalition of the Lost
Come enter now, come join the coalition
We got no right or wrong to free us from our selfignition
We are like one, nobody will remain
How we have been in our entire life
Come on decide for what you want to do
There is no way that you can pull you through
With one like you the future will be ours
Come stand your man in this eternal game

Coalition of the helpless
Coalition of the lost
Coalition of the helpless
Coalition of the lost

Come gather round and free yourself
From thinkin'
Jump on out train
And leave the past behind
Come realize we're very much a like
Our fate is similar
Leave everything behind
Past is forgotten future's not too bright
Stand on our side in this eternal fight
If you to join, no one asks about past
With one like you, the future will be ours

Come step right in and leave the past behind
The sense of life is what we try to find
You know it's true, nobody every feels
To care about you as you surely need

It's not too late we try just to survive
If we succeed we'll reach something in life
You're jut like us now it is upon you
With one like you the future will be ours
Born of No Name
In an endless winter night
Another lightning before the morning falls
Another child in born
It doesn't know where it will belong
Just born in a violated
Rich and lucky world
The only crime committed - just to be - is that it was born

Another little thing we don't need
Another hungry mouth to feed

Tell me why - is this the place where you want to be
And I know that you have regrets
That you're born of no name

And as it's growing older
It's getting colder
Reality to face
The only light he see's
Is far away on Hollywood boulevard
Another child to live hard
Just survive
The order of the street
He's sure to make his way
But never to, never to succeed

Another jobless we don't need
A hyena with no need

Tell me why - is this the place
Where you want to stay
Realize that there is no chance
'Cause you're born of no name

And as the story closes
The curtain falls
A gun is in his hand
The conflict must be faced
There's no escape
No future and no past
A bullet in the head
He lies shot dead
His mama cries his name
Buried and soon forgotten
Things don't change
Next will fill his place

Another life in the dust
Another life never lasts

Tell me why?
Is this the way that it has to go
There's no future and there is no past
If you're born of no name
Near Dawn
Is there a way how you hate to be
You've to decide fellow can't you see
To find your way in this your life
The time is now make up your mind
All those problems you have to face
It's every man who decides his fate
Don't give attention on what you've told
It's just your fear of growing old

How is your life and how think
That it should be
The ultimate decision
In this society nothing's for free
It's near... it's near dawn

Is someone drivin' behind your spine
Ignorance has never been a friend of mine
It's just the way you have to go
To own your private video
Come out of school with no idea
Got to make something out of you
Childhood passed away too fast
Serious side to life begins

So how you made it or you won't
Have a family join the crowd
All your plans you had at twelve
Long passed away without a doubt
So you're fed up with normality
It's modern mental slavery
Sell your house and start it new
In this life I'm sure you never do
Full Moon Eyes
Darkness - the howling's waking me
Like a wolf on the run
Run silent into darkness' arms
Feel it - a darkened blazy sky
It's up to you my friend
To walk the streets again

Full moon - the spirit's catching me
At night - we're free of lock and key
Moonshine - we're wake to agonize
Now I see - with full moon eyes

I will - nobody's here to stop
You sleep - and dreams are all you got
Lonely - we don't need no guide
Human - pure animal in disguise
It's up to you my friend
To walk the streets again

Tell me - is darkness frightening you?
It's just - the rumour inside you
Fear us - don't walk at full moon nights
Your fate - you see in full moon eyes
It's up to you my friend
To walk the streets again
Thomas Hertler - vocal
Hansi Bieber - bass guitar
Gernot Kerrer - guitar
Manuel Reichert - drums

Torsten Hartmann - keys
Gerhard Magin - keys
Produced by Torsten Hartmann and Baphomet.

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