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February 23rd, 2019
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Tad Morose - Leaving the Past Behind

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Tad Morose'1993

Leaving the Past BehindRelease by: Black Mark Production

Tad Morose - Leaving the Past Behind
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Eternal Lies


2. Miracle


3. Voices Are Calling


4. Reach for the Sky


5. Eyes of a Stranger


6. Save Me


7. 1388


8. Leaving the Past Behind


9. Reflections


10. Way of History


Eternal Lies
Hear them preach of eternal life if you've lived by all their rules
They try so hard to give you shelter from the cold, cold world outside
They try so hard to get into you
Fear eternal lies

I stand alone
Somewhere between what's right or wrong
If there's a God in heaven from whom the earth was given
I can't believe yet I can't deny what's going on
Can't stay alive no place to go no place to hide

Keep on searching for the answers but the more you learn the less you know
I cannot scream and I cannot cry
So tell me why I feel this way
Is it true what they say
There's no way out and I know it's true
I've been searching for a long time through light and through darkness but
I still don't know I've been waiting for tomorrow yesterday's gone but it still the same
I see the trees I feel the clouds in the sky I feel the wind I feel the heat of depression
That's why I need it so bad

All I need is a miracle
So many times I've been asking myself
I never felt like this before
I can't go on lining in this desperation yesterday's gone but it still the same
What does it takes of a man to put his life back in order
I lay me down I see no way out yesterday's gone but it still the same

All that I'm searching for is a miracle
Voices Are Calling
Say can you hear me can you see me
I'm all alone with no place to go
I've got no answers to all my questions
It's all the same they fill my head with lies
...I've got no feelings I can't go on living on the edge
Got no reason to stay alive when all they say is pull the trigger

Life's got no meaning it's all over now
It's time to go and leave the past behind
...I can't control it
My soul is lost my heart can't take no more
I feel the fire that burns so deep inside
No one can save me ...lost forever
There'll come a time when I'm forgiven
It's all over now but I'll always be with you

Can you hear the voices calling
They surround you like stars in heaven
Ain't no lie that can't be spoken
Can't believe but I can't deny it
I've got no feelings left to hide
It's not so easy to make this hard decision
I've tried so hard to wash my thoughts away
But all they say is pull the trigger
Reach for the Sky
I see a man out in the cold
There's something there I see it in his eyes
He wonders how to make it through the night
And the days to come for the rest of his life

Reach for the sky
Can't you hear me
Can't you see me
Reach for the sky
So out of touch
Why don't you reach for the sky
I see a tear
Coming down from his eyes
A cry for help
Echoes in my head I wonder why
He stands here all alone
He reaches out for the rest of his life
Eyes of a Stranger
When you wake up cold and lonely can't remember where you've been
It's time to start believin' in a dream where there's no end
So much pain deep down in your mind Is it real or is it just an illusion
Can you feel the darkness around you
You are alone but there's someone there

Don't be afraid of what's coming closer you can't be sure are you lost in a dream
There's no return of what's already started you don't know are you losing your mind
You're on your own nowhere to go
You need someone to hold on to

You can't go on without faith and belief
Someone is calling you so far away

Fear the eyes of a stranger
You keep on steering through the darkness around you
You feel the presence of an unborn child his soul is black and so are his tears
The time has come to face the unknown locked up in chains you're bound to be scared
Caught in this nightmare there's nowhere to go
Show me the way to the promised land he reached out just take his hand
Save Me
I see a light shining through a window
I wonder who has passed away I see myself on top of a mountain
And someone is calling my name

Please God don't take me
I've got so much more to live for
Can someone save me I cannot believe
I'm dying

Hear my prayers is it words without meaning
Don't turn away don't leave me alone
Will I be here when tomorrow comes or is it to late to say goodbye

Lights fading out and my life is passing by and someone whispers the words, come closer
I'm leaving time there's no turning back I'm stuck between life and death
Leaving the Past Behind
Time is spinning around me like sparrows flying high
Live to learn the questions concerning what's right or wrong
Fading horizons the moment of truth has come
Darkness surrounds me as the final breath
Look through the sky far beyond the clouds
Telling me what do I see

Silence surrounds me as I'm falling deeper and deeper
I can't feel no pain as I'm leaving the past behind
Time has no meaning and I'll never see the sun again
Is it all for real as I'm leaving the past behind
Hate is all I've got left wonder if I've got it right
Now I know I've been wrong tomorrow is still to come
Fear the hate within you
It's coming to reclaim what's yours future and past
Now and then all in one and still to come
I am losing track of time how much deeper can I fall
Surrounded by my thoughts by my thoughts of it all
Now I know it's true as I'm falling into nothing else
Memories calling my name but I know that I've ceased to be
In the mirror I see myself
A desperate man who's falling apart
My own reflections cannot give me no answers
I stare at the stars
Out through my window I wonder will they all fall down
So high above me
So out of touch
Why does it have to be like this
In the mirror I see shadows of someone
Is it me or someone else
My mind is twisted
Is it just an illusion
Way of History
Night time falls too late
The sun is shining through
Morning comes too soon
Another day another story
Someone must hold the key to open up our eyes
So many questions but there ain't no answers
How will we know what's meant to be
Seasons passing by and change our way of living
Winds are blowing stronger
There's nothing we can do about it
Who gives us hope in this misery
Is this the fall of humanity
How can we live in this society
No one can change the way of history
Life is not so easy
It's filled with pain and sorrow
Will there be a sign in heaven
Before it gets too late
Clouds increase in heaven
Darkness closing in
The day is finally over
We are waiting for tomorrow
Kristian Andren (Krille) - vocal
Fredrik Eriksson (Frippe) - keys
Christer Andersson (Krunt) - guitar
Per-Ola Olsson (Rossi) - bass guitar
Dan-Erik Eriksson (Danne) - drums


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