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February 23rd, 2019
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Hensley, Ken - From Time to Time

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Hensley, Ken'1994

From Time to TimeRelease by: Red Steel Productions

Hensley, Ken - From Time to Time
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Inspiration


2. I Don't Wanna Wait


3. There Comes a Time


4. Love at First Sight


5. You


6. The Name of the Game


7. Guilty


8. Who Will Sing for You


9. Maybe You Can Tell Me


10. Free Spirit


11. Cold Autumn Sunday


12. Longer Shadows


13. Black-Hearted Lady


14. Take Care


15. Does Anything Matter


16. If I Had the Time


You used to be my inspiration
You showed me which way to go
Yeah, we've been
Into this complication
And I'm back out in the cold

It isn't only the hurt I feel
You see I just don't understand
And like a storm
In the midst of summer
You messed up all my plans

And if you can't give me a reason
Won't you spare me a word
Tell me not to believe in
The things I've heard

You can't tell me goodbye
Without telling me why
You can't expect me to
Believe a single word, no no no no
I Don't Wanna Wait
I don't wanna wait until tomorrow
I don't wanna wait another day
I don't wanna live with all this sorrow
I'll just hove to find another way

Seeing as how you've kept me
Hanging around for oil this lime
Playing with my mind and leaving
All our love behind

Well it's time for a decision
Should I stay or should I go
I need our love to grow
But there's so much I need to know

'Cause in my heart and in my head
Are thoughts of how it used to be
But a world of memories
Is only emptiness to me


And it's not o false illusion
I can see what's going on
If the magic's really gone
Then this is not where I belong

And I ask myself the questions
That confusion seems to bring
While the answers stay so thin
Upon the ground where I begin
'Cause in my heart and in my head
Are thoughts of how it used to be
But a world of memories
Is only emptiness to me



Chorus out
There Comes a Time
There comes a time
In every man's life
He just forgets where he's going
There comes a time
And he'll know just when
'Cause he'll simply stop growing

Without a deep imagination
Fear and doubt will quickly spread
And it's a hopeless situation
But that's how it looks inside his head
There comes a time

There comes a time
To make up your mind
Time to face up to the problem
Every single day is a part of your life
And nothing can be forgotten

Time and time and time again
Who knows where
And who knows when
It could happen any time
But it's too late to change your mind
There comes a time

And it's too late to change your mind
There comes a time
Love at First Sight
You came to me
With your eyes wide open
And you offered me your heart
You chose a time
When my soul was in trouble
You let your love play its part

Love at first sight
I felt Cupid's arrow bite
Love at first sight
Won't you carry me away

I swear that you must have
Come to me from heaven
Exactly in time of need
I can't imagine all the things
That might have happened
If my heart had not been freed

We'll share our secrets
And dwell on the subjects
That please us and make us feel good
Safe in our love world
Our secret above world
That no one else ever understood
If only you were a healer
You could cure me of all my ills
And if you were the kind
To take care of my mind
You'd be sure that my cup was filled

But you're only the greatest lady
And you only fulfill all my dreams
And I doubt if I could love you
Any more than I do
You're my everything

If you took my hand
And we danced on a star
Or predicted some event from afar
Offered me gold
At the end of a rainbow
I'd still love you just the way you are
I'd still love you just the way you are

So there's something I'm looking for
Though I don't know what or where
And it seems when
I hold out my hand in need
There's no one and nothing to share

It doesn't matter what you try to be
You'll only ever be you to me
I've gotta stay blind
To your sad charade
'Cause I know it's only
A game you play
Yes, I know it's only
A game you play
And I'd still love you
Just the way you are

I'd still love you just the way you are
The Name of the Game
Here comes trouble
In the shape of the lady
She started cool but now
She's coming 'round daily
She's got some big ideas
About being my baby
It's her game with the name of love

Now she's sure pretty
That I have to confess
But no five-star fox
Is getting me in a mess
Let's buy a ring, she says
Go out and get blessed
It's her game and she calls it love

Rock 'n' roll rules my soul
Pushing everything
And everyone to one side
But when it all grows old
The chill's still cold
When I sing with my sweet guitar
She's guilty of deceiving me
She said she was in love with me
Worse, still, how long it took to see
How cruel love can be

She twisted my words
Though I gave her love in the face of her lies
She is the devil in a fancy dress
She wears her passion as a thin disguise

And now that we have parted
And gone our separate ways
We can look back on all those wasted days
For there's a lesson inside our story

It haunts my memory
It taught me how hard
The learning can be
Who Will Sing for You
Who will sing for you
When you need a song
Who will stay with you
When it all goes wrong
Who will be there when you
Feel the weight of a tear
And say a prayer that is real
Just to lighten your fears
When I'm gone

I have lived with you
Through the good and bad
And I've given you
Everything I had
But I need to be needed
Not just used
So many times I have pleaded
But I have been abused
So now I'm gone

How long should a man
Be expected to live
Without a heart and nothing to give
Maybe You Can Tell Me
It's not that I no longer love you
For I loved you once so much
And it can't be that
I've grown to hate you
For it's just not in my heart
To bear a grudge

So why when someone
Mentions your name
Do I naturally assume
It's the same, maybe

Maybe you can tell me
Do you know something
I don't know
Maybe you can tell me
Is there really no place
Left for us to go

And if you speak
Will I believe what you say
Or will I dwell on the day
You nearly broke my heart
If you only knew how
I wanted all to be true
I really need to know
What keeps us apart

I can't put it all down to emotion
Lord that's just a worn-out excuse
You're offering me your love
And that is something
I just can't refuse

So I promise I'll try to
Welcome your name
And I'll tell myself you wanna
Do the same, 'cause maybe
Free Spirit
When I was young and my spirit was free to ride
No-one I knew had anything to hide
But all of this is changing with the days
I walked into a disillusioned maze

Those lazy, crazy, mellow, yellow days
Are lost in a so-called sophisticated haze
And I can still remember being care-free
And know one knows it better than me

'Cause I'm a free spirit
And I'm looking for a place to run
Free spirit on the wind
And a free spirit
Needs to be complete
I've got to have the world at my feet

Now my time has come and I'm dealing with here and now
And I'm gonna have to take care of it somehow
And I don't intend to wait for the cover of night
The only way I know is to stand up and fight

'Cause I'm a free spirit etc...
Cold Autumn Sunday
When the leaving birds
Fill the stone grey sky
And the green, green leaves
Turn away and die
And the once warm sun
Has to run and hide
And the winter clouds
Begin their stormy ride
Cold black shadows cross my eyes
And help to make me realize
You've gone, oh
Cold Autumn Sunday

Still I walk alone
The paths we shared
And I try to recreate the love we had
For you were my life
And my heart is sad
And it's strange how autumn
Used to make me glad
Only now an empty sky is there
To let me know how much I care
You've gone, oh
Cold Autumn Sunday

I'm near to dying
No use denying that it's true
Spend my whole time crying
Finding ways of trying
Not to be blue, oh, over you
Longer Shadows
Winter came today
And took the sun away
Leaving me with nothing but
The stars to play
But I'm sure that I won't
Let it bring me down
The rough comes with the smooth
But that's what life's about

Working on the principle
That you'll be here
I can stand alone for quite a while
I know I can learn to live
The changes of the year
Mellow in the river of your smile

I know that the season's Queen
Can hear me
She's bringing longer shadows
To the trees
Perhaps she knows
I'd love to have you near me
So she tries her
Very best to please
Her best to please

I suppose I'll always have
These memories
Till we are together once again
Of the days which were
So long and lonely
Till the longer shadows
And all the golden meadows
Tell me that the time has come
For us to live again
Black-Hearted Lady
Reading between the lines I find
You don't mean what you say
You cheated and you lied
And how you made me hurt inside
You turned my days
Into darkest nights
And rearranged my dreams
You're just not what you seem
Black-hearted lady

I am from the land
So you won't understand my grief
I've lived in vain belief
In world of poisoned words
And everywhere I look
I find no answer to my prayer
You're just not there
Black-hearted lady
Take Care
Just like footsteps in the snow
Who knows where my heart will go
Will it lead me to you
Or will I see another empty day

Seasons come and quickly go
Kinda makes me wonder
If they know
Why my heart keeps
Running near and far
If only they would tell me
Where you are

If you've ever been in love
Then you'll know the rocky road
I'm speaking of
You'll remember when
The times were good
And the times you had to do without

Think carefully my friend
It may look like the start
But it could be the end

I'm not trying to bring you down
I'm so tired of running around
I won't make
The same mistakes again

Think carefully my friend
Think carefully my friend
You've got to
Think carefully my friend
I should've
Thought carefully my friend
Does Anything Matter
Once was a boy from Dubrovnik
Who insisted on pissing in public
When asked for his reason
He said it's the season
For farting and changing the subject

Did you ever meet the kind of a lady
She lives her whole life
Saying maybe
Running here and there
As she pleases
Not a thought for the people
She teases

Though she never
Thinks of settling down
She'll spend time
Turning your head around
But don't let your heart start dancing
The lady don't waste
No time romancing

Are you mine or are you
A woman of the world
Are you really so different
From all the other girls
Do you care that I care
About the things that you do
Does anything matter to you
Does anything matter to you

Once in a garden of glory
Someone sowed
The seeds of this story
And the whole thing began
With a woman and a man
And still it's something
No one understands

What I wanna know is
Does anything matter to you...

Does anything at all matter to you
If I Had the Time
If I had the time to re-live my life
I don't think I'd care
To change a thing
As long as I find
Just a little peace of mind
I can dream and laugh, I can sing

I can have my fun
With the silver stars
I can watch the sun
Fall in the sea if I want to
And if it rains
I will smile just the same
For the rain will make
The flowers sing

I know how it is to feel sad
I know how it is when things go bad
But I'm sure that
I have found the way
I'm happy here and here I'll stay
Kenneth William David Hensley - everything (else)

Produced by Ken Hensley.

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