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March 20th, 2019
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Various Artists - Metal Attack vol. 1

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Various Artists'1985

Metal Attack vol. 1Release by: Noise Records

Various Artists - Metal Attack vol. 1
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Grave Digger "Shine On"


2. Grave Digger "Tears of Blood"


3. Running Wild "Diabolic Force"


4. Helloween "Murderer"


5. Warrant (Germany) "Scavenger's Daughter"


6. Sinner "Danger Zone"


7. Celtic Frost "Dethroned Emperor"


8. Celtic Frost "Morbid Tales"


Shine On
Don't you deny the life you'll be living
Could right now be over and away
Look and see your foolish behaviour
It's just your arrogance in the way
Can't go on wasting you future
By killing the environment
And nature won't survive explotation
I live in such fear of the end
Shine on
Horizen's low
Shine on
Cold winds blow
Shine on
Freezing snow
Shine on
The future will be cold
Cold as ice
No bright sunny days
Only nights
How can life go on here on earth
Stop the light of day
Smog alert
Every shining star fades away
It's the planet earth
Dark and grey
Tears of Blood
Four o'clock, she's just gone to sleep
She's a girl, no one ever keeps
Playing false is her only joy
Fooling 'round, men become her toys

Bad girl, I won't see her anymore

Five o'clock, I lay on my bed
Thoughts of her going through my head
Makes me cry, tears are in my eyes
What she does keeps me wondering why

Bad girl, I don't want her anymore

Six o'clock, I can get no rest
Now she's gone, maybe for the best
No more tries 'cause I know for sure
I won't fight for that girl no more

Tears of blood
Cold as ice
Tears of blood
Falling down tonight
Diabolic Force
Scared up raven yells
On the cemetary darkness fells
Smouldering firebowls
From eternity hell's usher howls
The vault hears a fatal vow
Of the preacher veiled in a cowl
He swears the righteous soverreign
For an alliance to rouse the flame

Diabolic force, occult energy
Diabolic froce, live eternally

He takes the wroughtiron cross
Fullfilling the fiend's cause
He breaks beyond's boundary
The fate's sealed on this cemetary
The preacher bows his head
Sinking he beats all the dread
Falling in a black abyss
Hearing the demon's hiss

In eternity he walks his path
Bedeviled by a certain wrath
Supported by eternal flame
Men of hate to tame
Vultures of death are flying
Under their cry the evil's dying
Destroying society of hate
Like thunderstorm they bring their fate
He said get out of here nobody wants you here
Yoy smashed his head and the man died
And there's a murmur loud
From the appearing crowd
Searching for motives and reasons why
Now take a look at yourself an you'll see
What you are in the eyes of the world
You didn't want it but now he is dead
And you're on the run from the law

You're a murderer in every town
Murderer to the whole world
Murderer you're on the run
Murderer you'll have to kill... again

And like an animal which escaped from the cage
They're hunting you over their holy land
Traps waiting everywhere you fall in deep despair
Darkness and night your only friends
One day the chase will be over for you
And you'll find your own peace in the end
Some day you will find a sanctuary
Death!... but so long my friend...


Look for a safe place where no one will find you
And try to escpe from the law
Wherever you are there's a killer behind you
Wanting to get you for sure
To lose the fear that one day he will get out
Be faster and kill him and run
Now you don't have to fear him no more
But in his place another headhunter will come
... Run away!!!
Scavenger's Daughter
Scavenger's daughter is hell

London was born in a mystic time
Death came in lives place
Someone in prison just never came out
To see the world's two faces
The worlds disgraces
Evil walking, evil telling him to strike back


Run, fight, kill
Scavenger's daughter is hell
Breakout, believe, be free
Scavenger's daughter is hell
Scavenger's daughter is hell...

Life was hard, full of pain
Everyday's the same
Kings and crowns held the people down
They always made them sweat
And broke their necks
Death came nearer, slowly nearer at night


Kings were born to bring ya' death
Kings where born to break their necks
Life was as hot as hot as hell
Life was full events like a spell
Danger Zone
Welcome to the danger zone

Runnin' to a land so dark full of pain
I'm feeling dirty, feelin' hot again
I got the miracles in my hands
Deliver me from evil

The sorcerer is planting his seed
Growing the fools and the victims he needs
His empire's covered by a black sky
The danger zone is in his eyes

Chorus 1:
Harder than diamonds
Face to face with his evil eyes
Harder than diamonds
I stand against his magic might

Chorus 2:
He's evil (evil, evil, evil)
So evil (evil, evil, evil)
It's a long way through the dark
Through the danger zone
He's evil (evil, evil, evil)
So evil (evil, evil, evil)
It's a long way through the dark
Danger zone

I was the stranger he needed to kill
I was the danger, I was the thrill
Demons of fire at his command
Flashes of lightning shot from his head

It was one minute before the dawn
Just one minute and his power'd be gone
I started runnin' I felt his pain
The sun came up, I'm gettin' hot again

Chorus 1 & 2

Through the danger zone
Dethroned Emperor
See the portal, gate to madness
Locked forever in a veil of shame

Deny extraction - Thirst for disgrace
Watch his break - The emperor's killed
Light of the day - Shadows from beyond
Scaffold of steel - The throne has gone

Dethroned emperor

The foot of the stairs, dimension in might
The king sits, his eyes are glass

Growing of the small - The laughter's fall
Can you deny - Remaining cries?
Descent of the lords - Into the trap
Existence and hate - Unseen gate

Dethroned emperor
Morbid Tales
By burial this night
Nitocrys weaves the spell
Down the vault's misty light
The lurking Sphinx dwells

Agony and nightmare
To Yog sothoth they noan
Nightfalls, morbid affair
Beard the faceless one

In the nuclear domain
Arcades lost in eternal skries
Written by the insane
Nitocrys orders must

Agony and nightmare
To Yog sothoth they noan
Nightfalls, morbid affair
Beard the faceless one

Mummy's rebirth by wrath
Below the temple of nile
Vanished in Osiris' path
Above us reigns the Necrophile

Agony and nightmare
To Yog sothoth they noan
Nightfalls, morbid affair
Beard the faceless one

Morbid Tales


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