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January 21st, 2019
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Aska - Avenger

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AvengerRelease by: Steelheart Records

(includes videos: Crown of Thorns, Angels of War.)

Aska - Avenger
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Crown of Thorns


2. Leather


3. Escape: Victorious


4. Angels of War


5. Prelude to Darkness


6. Eternal Night


7. Imperial Rome


8. Against the Gods


9. Lethal Injection


10. Valkyries


11. Warrior's Return


Crown of Thorns
I am commander, I ride the helm
Armored defenders of the realm
I've sworn allegiance to land and King
I've downed rebellions where they may spring

There is not one thing I wouldn't give
My horse, my sword, my right to live
Hail to the throne - the Crown Of Thorns

I am protectorate, law of the land
I rally forces at my command
I am AVENGER, I rule the night
Holy Crusader destined to fight

All subjects here loyal to the land
Are consecrated, blessed by my hand
A power throne - the Crown Of Thorns

I give my life if my liege decrees
There's no reprieve there are no guarantees
Heirs to the throne that I have scorned
I've sacrificed for the Crown Of Thorns
And I'll claim it now

These bloodstained streets announce a new reign
One just as just I've claimed my domain
Escaped victorious by my hand
Fully responsible for this land
I take the princess now as my bride
Bring out the stallions ready to ride
Detractors nailed to the crucifix
Their bodied burned on the river Styx
Sent straight to hell

All hail the throne
This is my kingdom
All hail the crown
Sufferin' guaranteed
You go and take a chance baby
I know just how it feels - yeah, feels good

You're my leather, girl - crack down the whip
You're my leather, girl

And I talk that way to you about it
You can't help how you feel goin'
I'll knock you on your knees and bleed you
And I will make it clear

You're my leather, girl - crack down the whip
You're my leather, girl

Why? Your flesh wrapped tight around me baby
Why are they always dyin' on me
It's just a little skin - I stick it in
Can't help how you feel

You're my leather, girl - crack down the whip
You're my leather, girl
Escape: Victorious
I awaken in a strange place to find my wrists are manacled
To a stainless steel dissecting wall
I can't recall the order of events from nights before
Questions filling spaces in my mind
Bloody signs of torture evidenced upon my naked flesh
I become aware of excruciating pain
I feel my face my left eye has been surgically removed
Strange devices grafted to my skin

Escape: Victorious

I try to scream out but I'm much to weak from the pain and agony
The only thoughts that fill my head are will I live or will I die?
Suddenly out of the blue I feel impulses racing through
My neuroimplants to my brain telling me what to do
Microprossesors reroute, decode, the information sent
I disobey then feel the voltage

Escape: Victorious - you won't keep me alive
My will sets me free
Escape: Victorious - I'll fight and I'll survive

I will live that I might see the ones
Responsible for doing this to me
I'm recalling wife and family
Worlds or suns away you'll see I will

Escape: Victorious - you won't take me alive
Escape: Victorious - I'll fight you, I'll survive
Escape: Victorious
Angels of War
You see the chaos in the streets
You feel your world is ending
So much violence has begun
Nowhere to turn your hope is gone

Yes there is something you can do
To pull you through the last days
Oh yes it's true believer
Take up arms and fight
(Arm yourselves and fight)
(Stallions dressed in white)
(You can choose your side)

Angels Of War

You feel the darkness fill your soul
You feel your life is ending

Angels Of War
Prelude to Darkness
Eternal Night
There is no one to save us
Nothing that we can do to change it
We adapt and we fight or we loose our lives
Our dead have risen against us
Eager to feast and gorge upon our flesh
Godforsaken beasts are controlling the night

Eternal Night

I know we're losing this battle
Their numbers grow larger in the dark
To even escape them is no guarantee
No they won't take me easy
I will fight them with everything that I have got
I'll try to have hope where there's none to be found

Eternal Night

Foraging in the city I hear a desperate cry out for help
I leap through the window with weapons in hand
It is then that I see her surrounded
By death and it's slavering jaws I attack
Without warning or fear for my life

If fate decrees this is my last hour
I am prepared to die a man
If on this day I take my last breath
Know you I'll fight you to the death

A wave of fury consumes me
I won't sleep until I've hacked everything in this room
I stand on a heap of ripped torsos and limbs
Then I take in her beauty
At the same time that she seems to notice my wounds
She says I'm infected... I tell her I know

Eternal Night
Eternal Night
I'm lost in the darkness of this
Eternal Night
Imperial Rome
They were rulers in name of the greatest empire ever known on earth
Centurions and soldiers, patricians and killers of noble birth
They held sway over lands; the Sahara to northern Britannia
Barbaric Germania and what was then known as Hispania

The Julio-Claudian dynasty, the house of Severus
All heirs to the legacy of Caesar's slaying led by Cassius
XXVIII legions here led by Augustus - Imperator
Yet power of conquest was tempered by rights of the senators

The glory of Rome - Ancestral home
Of those that put Christ in his place
The glory of Rome - Imperial throne
All yield to her holy embrace

The Praetorian Guard keep the Emperor's law within the populace
The senate's aware that their dictators last words were "Et tu Brutus?"
Watch lions of Rome feast on gladiator bones this here be true sport of Kings!
See the Pontifex Maximus - gain absolution for all of your sins

The glory of Rome - Ancestral home
Of those that put Christ in his place
The glory of Rome - Imperial throne
All yield to her holy embrace

Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Nero, and hail Cladius
Avitus, Olybrius, Zeno, and Florian and Julius Caesar!
Imperial Rome
Five Hundred years
Against the Gods
The Empire is coming take cover if you can
The rays of ice are falling down eradicate our lands
We beg your mercy master to take our sacrifice
Supremacy acknowledged now that humans rule our life

The age of light that changed us laid waste to the land
And in the wake that followed we were slaves to human hands
Rebellious insurrection inspired by our plight
We'll avenge our young and Hivemates and crush their godly blight

Call our warrior-drones to arms
Shelter our elders from harm
Raise the battle flags this night

Against the gods we fight
Against the gods - carry on for sons of Errow
Against the gods - build the wall and they will come (kill them all the rest will come)
Against the gods - tell your brothers I will follow
Against the gods - suddenly we've all run out of time

Against the gods - we'll take that chance
Against the gods - (this is) our retribution
Against the gods - in the hands of fate

Hail to the oppressed... Errow be your guide
Now raise your fists and cast away your fears of genocide
When the Empire has fallen we will send the human back
To the distant star from whence they came
And once again we will own this land...our home
Lethal Injection
Taken from the park on the night her mother cried
Masked by the shadows of darkness that belied
Grasped from the clutches of those who did no wrong
Taken by force violence setting the course - she was gone

Blood's on his hands and the public demands
The sentence of death he must face
Clearly a reason to deny it is treason
To spare his life's a disgrace

To the gallows
To the chair
Lethal injection
I simply don't care

Found in a pool of blood a young boy stares
Torn from a world of reason he finds despair
Filled with a void his father cannot drain
Life's so unkind now he's locked in his mind with his pain

His innocence lost to reality's cost
To fight it is pure genocide
With poison and rope now his death is our hope
The solution is nothing to hide

To the gallows
To the chair
Lethal injection
I simply don't care

Filled with a void his father cannot drain
Locked away from the world he feels no pain

Blood's on your hands and the public demands
The sentence of death he must face
Clearly a reason to deny it is treason
To spare his life's a disgrace

To the gallows
To the chair
Lethal injection
I simply don't care
I taste the wrath of your might

I humble before thee dear father above

So bring down your hammer this night

Your thunder and lightning shall rain from the sky

Will I forgive you brother
Will you fight by my side
Blood reigns in Valhalla
To the battlefield we ride

Blood! Fire!
And the dead will ride the wings
Of the Valkyries

The dark clan of giants descend

The thirst for revenge burns like fire in our veins

So fight by my side to the end

With broadswords and axes let the carnage begin

I swear by the hand of Odin
And the blood of my first born son

I'll cast away my indignities
And stand by the chosen ones
Honor and duty - a code to guide my way

When the battle is over, the dead will raise again
On the wings of Valkyries

How does it feel when you're cut down
And you can't get back up
When you're down and you need a hand
Someone to give you strength
There's just one thing that will do it
Don't let'em take it away
It's the calling to battle
And you will ride the wings, yeah

Blood! Fire!
And the dead will ride the
Wings of honor
And the gods will lead our
Charge to glory
On that day for every man
Who rides
Warrior's Return
George Call - vocal, guitar
Darren Knapp - guitar, vocal
Keith Knight - bass guitar, vocal
Jason Sweatt - drums

Reissued by Steelheart Records in 2002 with the videos.

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