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April 25th, 2019
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Grave Digger - Tunes of War

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Grave Digger'1996

Tunes of WarRelease by: GUN Records

Grave Digger - Tunes of War
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Brave (Intro)


2. Scotland United


3. The Dark of the Sun


4. William Wallace (Braveheart)


5. The Bruce


6. The Battle of Flodden


7. The Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots)


8. The Truth


9. Cry for Freedom (James the VI)


10. Killing Time


11. Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)


12. Culledon Muir


13. The Fall of the Brave (Outro)


14. Heavy Metal Breakdown


15. Witch Hunter


16. Headbanging Man


The Brave (Intro)
Scotland United
Malcom King
Scots follow you
Into battle
We will go

Conquer Lothian
To the river Forth
Overcome the Angels
Win the war

Defeated Ecgfrith
At Nectan's Mere
Subdued the picts
We feel no fear

Forge a kingdom
Take you down
Cut to pieces
In blood you'll drown

Fires in the sky we saw for 30 days they shone
Fate is on our side forever win the scottish throne

United, united, we stand
United, united, forever and ever

Into battle
Kill and fight
Forge a kingdom
Scotland unite

Malcom King
You won the right
Take the throne
Scotland united

It's the year 1018
March for your country
To the battle of Carham
We will spell history
The Dark of the Sun
Get your steel brothers
We must fight
Hakon tries to steal
Scotish right
Norwegian soldiers on our land
Steal our Islands
We must defend
Their number's too great we can't win
God in heaven
Send a sign

Kneel and pray - the sun turns black
God with us - we must attack

In the dark of the sun
(4 times)

Alex king you did win the day
You bet Hakon and
Proud Norway
We swept them off the battlefield
In their blood they lie
Death is dealed
Their king died on foreign land
United we were strong we did stand

In the dark of the sun
The enemy's defeated run
In the dark of the sun
The battle has been won
William Wallace (Braveheart)
I don't wanna be a hero
But I'll stand and never kneel
Freedom is well wort a dying
Come we'll fight with heart and steel
Beat the English at Sterling brigde
I will guard the Scotish throne
I myself skinned Cressingham
In his own blood he did drown

Fight - Freedom we fight
Stand - Scotland's pride

I am just a simple man
I'm afraid to meet my end
Braveheart they call me
If they knew if they could see
Edward's out to seek revenge
His army's great his soldiers strong
Come with me to fight at Falkirk
Send them back where theyt belong
I don't have the blood of kings
But I'd die for Scotland's pride
Even nobles follow me
Into battle side by side
Nightmares haunt my lonley nights
I must be strong and I must fight
Braveheart they call me
If they knew if they could see
Repeat first one
Vengeance burns a raging anger
I have lost the fear to die
Braveheart that's what I am
I kill until my blood runs dry
The lust for battle in my veins
Inspires me to take your life
Braveheart that's what I am
I kill until my blood runs dry
The Bruce
He came in the dark night
Few men at his side
Black Douglas' arm for the Bruce
They could not loose
Stab Red Conym down
He won't wear a crown
Fight and kill we will
Win the Battle of Louden Hill

The heart of a lion
The blood of kings
A sword like thunder
Death he will bring

I am The Bruce - The King The Lion
I am The Bruce - The Master of war
March against me - pay in blood
I rule forevermore

The Bruce was crowned at Scone
His glory shone
Still the English are marching
We'll meet them at Sterling

One 'gainst three we stand
Fight for your land
The Battle of Bannockburn
A lesson they did learn
The Battle of Flodden
Goodby my love, I leave my fate to the king
I must be off to battle, fortune it may bring

Fortune for the nobles
Death and Pain, life will be sold

Goodby my love, I must fight and I may die
The king is calling, I must obey
Why do we have to kill
The Reaper laughs, I hear him still

Screams above the battlefield
Steel and Blood a fate si sealed
The harvester of Death is out
Can't you hear him scream aloud

Into the battle, into the battle
Can't you hear the screams from flodden hill

September the 3rd of fifteen thirteen
We met the English at Flodden Hill
God knows we gave it all
A damned day, I saw many fall

I stood with my king and he fought like hell
Pierced with arrows, he finally fell
With the king fell Scotland's Pride
A damned day, so many died
The Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots)
My fingers touch the solid stones
Strong and cold, they keep me from home
Imprisoned like a wingless dove
Far away from the land I love

Lonely days count lonley years
I have cried a thousand tears
All that I tried to gain
Is lost the effort was invane

At Carberry hill I lost my crown
My husband fled my luck went down
In England's hands I fell
18 years a living hell

The Scotish crown belongs to me
Yet I'm bound I can not flee
With iron claws England holds tight
All is lost no chance to fight

Silence - Silence Everywhere

Cold walls are my reward
Lonelyness engulves my soul
I've been true i gave my heart
Stained tears i cried
I long to be free again
To walk in peace again
Scotland cries her queen is lost
Agony's her friend again
The Truth
Tonight I had a weird dream
I saw a demon eating men
He crushed Skulls to dust
His eyes filled with a black lust

The demon rules the battlefield
Religion rules with pain and steel

God is love
Hell is open

Searching for the truth
Searching for eternal life
Searching for the truth
You reach heaven but you're
Headed for hell

I've seen brother fighting brother
I've seen friends kill each other
Love is preached to manking
Just believe death you'll find
Cry for Freedom (James the VI)
My king won another crown - for Scotland's pride
That is what we thought but we were not right
Now he rules in London - a faceless king
Sold his ancient kingdom to the enemy

Five laws
You gave at Perth
Betray the rights
We gained by birth

Cry, cry, cry, cry for freedom

The heritage of centuries - you did betray
The blood of Bruce flowing in your vains
How could you give away - what Braveheart died for
Freedom may be lost now and forever more

You gain a crown
We pay the price
You think you rule
But we will rise
Killing Time
By God's Grace
I'm the ing
James the 7th
Obey or death I bring

I hunt the Convenanters down
The Wigtownshire martyrs drown

Sixteen eighty five
The Black Year

Killing time
Believe in me or you must die
Killing time
Hang the victims hang them high

James Stewart reigns
Blood on his hands
His people tortured
By his own commands
Revolution sweet revenge
Hunt the tyrant off the throne

Sixteen eighty eight
The fall of The House of Stewart

Killing time
Kill the tyrant he must die
Killing time
Hang the victims hang them high
Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
Rumours know that rebellion will break out
Bonnie Prince Charles is in the highlands to claim his crown no doubt
He raised his Standart at Glenfinnen calling to our pride
The Jacobites are gathering I'll be at their side

Armed and ready stand
My rights I must defend
Steel is in my hand

The clan's are marching 'gainst the law
Bagpipers play the tunes of war
Death or glory I will find
Rebellion on my mind

The town of Edinburgh fell soon in our hands
Defeated the English at the Battle of Prestopans
Culledon Muir
I walk alone through burning towns
My sword is in my hand
But the battle has been lost
And there is nothing to defend
At Culloden in seventeen fourty six
Scotlands fate was sealed

We wrote a bloody history
Wounds that never healed

Fight for death or glory
Fight at culloden muir
Die in pain and anger
Die in pain and anger

I still see Gillis MacBean
Standing wounded from the fight
Back to the wall he fought
And thirteen Redcoats died

But the Clans were beaten and destroyed
Their wives are raped in shame
Prince Bonnie's on the fight again
The rising was invane

We were a people free and brave
Heroes stood tall
But history is mercyless
Now we are to doomed to fall

The battle of culledon
The end of Scotland
The Fall of the Brave (Outro)
Heavy Metal Breakdown
Witch Hunter
Have you seen that man
Wrapped up all in black
He waits for his chance
Steps behind your back
He's the raper of the night
Never seen before
There's no warning when he comes
Lock your bedroom door
Jumped the garden wall
Did you hear him howl
Waits outside the hall
Can't you see him frown
Well, this guy is on the prowl
For evil and for lust
If you meet him, pray to god
Or you will be lost
He's a witch hunter, witch hunter
Witch hunter, witch hunter
Through the kitchen door
He's just found his way
Now the clock strikes four
Tonight he will stay
Stepping down your marble hall
He wears a sharpened knife
You can say I told you so
He wants you for his wife
Headbanging Man
Dressed in leather, dressed in chains
Full of agression, full of pains
Stage is open, light comes up
Metal kids go mad

Count - down is on for the band
Drunken women, drunken men
Show their hands for fucking arse
They bang their heads

He's a man, he's a kid
Wanna bang with you
Headbanging man
He's man, he's a kid
Wanna bang with you
Headbanging man

Metal music blows your heads
And metal maniacs bang to death
The air roars like a machine gun
Banging devils on the run

The show is over, kids are gone
And fucking people lay alone
Drun too much, they're falling down
It's a headbanging crown

He's a man, he's a kid
Wanna bang with you
Headbanging man
He's a man, he's a kid
Wanna bang with you
Headbanging with you
Headbanging man

(guitar solo)

Ref. (2 times)
Chris Boltendahl (Uncle Reaper) - vocal, back-vocal
Uwe Lulis - guitar, back-vocal
Tomi Gottlich - bass guitar, back-vocal
Stefan Arnold - drums

Scott Cochrane - bagpipes
Hans Peter Katzenburg (HP Katzenburg) - keys
Thomas Hackmann (Hacky) - back-vocal
Produced by Chris Boltendahl and Uwe Lulis.

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