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February 23rd, 2019
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Tactile Gemma - Tactile Gemma

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Tactile Gemma'2001

Tactile GemmaRelease by: Season of Mist

Tactile Gemma - Tactile Gemma
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Chimeras


2. Creepy-Crawlies


3. Blackberry Jam


4. Heal


5. Mellow Pillow


6. Through Your Eyes


7. Whiz


8. Serpentarium


9. Miss Loona's Speech


10. Quite Quiet


11. Deep
    (1998 promo track)


12. Come Eclipse
    (1998 promo track)


13. Blackberry Jam
    (1998 promo track)


Bred from a thought
A little movement in the air
Takes shape in a few second
Becomes a monster

I can't hear what it's saying
It's not that it is soft-spoken
Or my hear have fallen off
Its words prick my skin
I'm trying to keep them out
But after three days they've eaten their way to my inmost
Where they hold a mad feast on the pulp called my heart

I do. I nothing but do wish for a storm to blow off from here
To spread our minds, untangle our chimeras
They're materialising

Tell me nothing more
Don't want to know anything more
I don't want to elaborate my nightmares any further
Or make them step out of the air
Don't need more dream matter

You think I can't?
Oh I can get hurt
I can get so hurt

They hold a mad feast on the pulp called my heart
I just can't love anymore

I've created a monster... Oh no, what I have done
If you dare to go deep into the forest
You might spot a pentangular house
In its middle a five - cornered living room
And on each corner a bedroom
And this is where they live peacefully together :
Aranea, Bumblebee, Cicada, Daddy - longlegs, and Emmet

Strange noises aren't frightening in daylight
But at night they become more and more eerie
The poor creepy - crawlies hide under their dunes
To scared to sleep
Aranea pleads "Dear Bumblebee, come sing me a lulllaby"
And Bumblebee comes and Bumblebee buzzes
"Lully, lullay, you are safe, do not fear"
Untils Aranea sleeps. Then Cicada squeaks
"Lulla lullaly, the moon is watching over you"
Until Cicada sleeps, then Emmet cheeps
"Sleep, sleep, you are spiralling dreamwards"
Until Daddy - longlegs sleeps, then shudders
"Who will lull me?"
In despair Emmet wakes Aranea who drowsily chants
"Hush, hush, the sea of dreams is cradling you "

So the night goes by, taking turns sleeping and singing
At dawn Aranea wakes Bumblebee wakes Cicada wakes Daddy - longlegs wakes Emmet
And what was scary in the night in gone now, at least until dusk
Blackberry Jam
Her belly was a grape
An elephantine grape
The midwife was an octopus
Who puller me into life
And I - a lurid raisin
Stared and the wall paper smiled

Black beetle, black beetle, make a bonfire
Black beetle, black beetle, I'm so alive

I'll feed him with jam, blackberry jam
We'll spend the nights in fox holes
And listen to the rattling magpies
So your pain is a growing tree
Rooted in itself
Nourished with sorrow
Watered with tears, right?

So you want to me healed before you get ill?

Is this salty desert really your face?
Is this really you?
As naked as the moon
Soaked in blood
Disguised in skin
Let your leaden body stagger astray
Your steps lead you to yourself

Let the knife scream through mute flesh
Let the meat writhe with agony
Let the blood flow in streams
Mellow Pillow
They know the art of screaming pillows
Scaring stiff the feathers inside
They have blessed the ones they wanted to curse
And made the pillow muffle more noises

Iron men rusting from inside his tears
Mellow women with dried - out faces
Thinking of their loneliness together
It does become smaller when shared, doesn't it?

The drowsy pillow soaked with worries
Longing back to the days of the Ancient pillow wars
Dissect it and the worries
Will blow off with the downs
Through Your Eyes
The eyes lowered their lids
The glassy stare still hung trembling in the air
I went to where it was
Touched it laid it upon my eyelids
I didn't dare to see your world
I didn't want to see the world through your eyes
I have trapped a little wind in a box
I can hear it whiz around in there
And with my ear against the box
I dip brushes in colours nobody's ever seen
I paint the air
The colours float about

Winged toads have been stored under my tongue for a while
Now I let them fly
And just like birds they steer towards the sky
They smash against the glass roof and hail down on me
As their wings fall off
I must disguise myself
Shall I tread before you ion guise of a human
Or something more complicated? An angel?
Now I lap about in numberless mouth's hypothetical spit
I am a word and their tasting me without really relishing me
Exchanging me with greasy words
Which land on their heads and melt
Something spirals out of the mouth I'm in
It resembles some sort of winding stairs

With a frightened wingless toad on my arm
I slide on the railings and we speed up
And the circles are wide and we hold on to each other in the centrifuge
Wet clothes swathe us and our heads are spinning
Our eyes roll round and round in our heads
The toad cries out "Slow down!" and I croak
And suddenly we're trapped between four walls
We are in an ox caught by a little wind takes us round and round and round...
The wailing snakes in my serpentarium
Where jeremiads drone in the walls
Hum softly words in fear of punishment
Swallow their words dreading mind readers

Meander in toxic, hot pools
Where cast-off zigzag skin floats which now sear their hides
Stroke split tongues against each other
Only to envenom one another
Coil up in swarming bundles
Only to strangle one another
Crush and abandon their eggs
Euthanasia for the unborn

Serpent comforting serpent comforting serpent
Caressing in virulence

Adders dig their way through sunburnt soil
But rock walls stop them in every tunnel
The harmless grass worms slip out through tiny punctures
And come back at night with tales of the world outside
Miss Loona's Speech
In my head they see you as an ant
Embroidered head with mosaics
Smells like lilac like lilac I like lilac
But you don't work hard at all
Spending time staring at the suns
With double - cross eyes
Don't you ever have to sneeze?
Climbing up walls two more inches before you drop
Empty the pockets - what have we got here?
Muzzled parrots, a golden tooth or two
I would like to swallow a lump, but I can't
Can I have this cream jug?
I would like to plant it behind the wrought iron gate
Everyone tries to get into my... what's it called
...My acre, my meadow, my kitchen garden...
I also grow teapots there
Trying to cross them with rucksacks but what do I get?
Mutants dear mutants where are my lightweight teapots?
Two straps and extra pockets for sugar for spoons
For suns and moons speaking of planets
Who won the game in the afternoon?
Me. Me. Me me mememememe
I juggled two more than you
Quite Quiet
(1998 promo track)
Come Eclipse
(1998 promo track)
Blackberry Jam
(1998 promo track)
Monika Edvardsen - vocal
Ann-Mari Edvardsen - vocal
Rune Sorgard - keys, vocal, guitar, bass guitar

Produced by Rune Sorgard.

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