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April 25th, 2019
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Heavens Gate - Open the Gate And Watch!

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Heavens Gate'1991

Open the Gate And Watch!Release by: No Remorse


Heavens Gate - Open the Gate And Watch!
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Open the Gate And Watch!


2. Touch the Light


3. Dancin' on a Rope


4. Rock On
    (by David Essex. New arranged by Thomas Rettke & Heavens Gate)


5. Pictures in the Mirror


6. Cry It Out


Open the Gate And Watch!
Touch the Light
In my dreams there's a fire
And a man tells me to beware
Face to face I'm leaving to take care
If I get a desire
And I run like a devil's dare
Face to face he takes me to his place

Say if it's real
Or is it a tale, so what should I feel
He gives me his advice
I have to realize

Don't ever touch the light
If you don't stand on the edge of time
Touch the light
If you're ablazed from a neverending rising power

In my dreams I feel passion
And a man tells me to be strong
Face to face he tells me right from wrong
Oh, life could be an aggression
If you don't know where you belong
Face to face he takes me to his place

Bridge / Chorus / Solo

Now I know that it's real
It's not been a tale, I know what I feel
I've failed to his advice
I have to realize

Don't ever touch the light
If you don't stand on the edge of time
Touch the light
And if you fail you will never dream again
Dancin' on a Rope
Who is playing with fire
Who is climbing high and higher
Who is dealing with his senses,
Who dances

Who can drive at breakneck speed
Sits on the ejector seat
Who is diving to deep places,
Who faces

Who is dancin' on a rope
Who is sliding on the soap
Who fights with all his power,
Each hour

And they sit all alone
They wanna hold their own
I hear their voices again and again
Searching for another land

Who can sleep on pointed nails
Always wins and never fails
Who can beat the highest
Fever, deceiver

Who is burning like a flame
Who is always still the same
Who is playing with your senses,
Who dances


Livin' on a rainbow
Dancin' on a rope
Livin' on a rainbow
Rock On
(by David Essex. New arranged by Thomas Rettke & Heavens Gate)
Pictures in the Mirror
Sound of breaking glass again
He's on the run and another fightin' stand
No way out there in the night
He's got no choice if he wants to win the fight

And he's waitin' for a view
But they set his heart on fire

Pictures in the mirror
He is on the loose again
His wasted life is burning in his hand
Pictures in the mirror
Watch his face it turns to stone
Those empty ways he always walks alone
Pictures in the mirror

Now his back's against the wall
In the air a painful call
Another broken heart and soul
If no one helps it'a loosin' role

Bridge / Chorus /Solo / Chorus
Cry It Out
Frontpage news again and you're thinking of your deeds
D' you have all the things that a real good man needs?

They don't like your hair, they couldn't realize
You're a dreamer too, what a big surprise

Listen to your tears
Live without a fear

You don't understand and your head is turning round
They don't wear a crown and you don't have to bow down

You haven't been at home for such a long, long time
To stand one's ground in all these years, is it a crime?

Don't be a fool at all if you're waiting for a call

Oh, breaking the rules and save the day
I believe in you going your way
Thomas Rettke - vocal
Sascha Paeth - guitar
Bonny Bilski - guitar
Manfred Jordan (Manni Jordan) - bass guitar
Thorsten Muller - drums

Produced by Frank Bornemann and Ralf Krause.

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