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April 22nd, 2019
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Heavens Gate - More Hysteria

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Heavens Gate'1992

More HysteriaRelease by: Steamhammer

Heavens Gate - More Hysteria
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Thin, Fake And Bold


2. Metal Hymn


3. Sidewalk Sinner


4. Best Days of My Life
    (acoustic version)


5. Rising Sun
    (Live in Tokyo)


Thin, Fake And Bold
Watch the time, take care of a beat from my soul
You're the one and I'm losing control
Always abandoned, lies were your game
Kicked in the teeth and it drives me insane

You tell fairytales but I need no advice
Now it's time for me and I'm breakin' the ice
Times have been changed now, I feel the alert
I'll be back and stick your face in the dirt
Yes, I will!

In your fear you wanna run and hide
(Rush, run and hide)
I've been the loser, but I don't wanna lose my pride

Thin, fake and bold!
Metal Hymn
Need an explanation
Times are changing slow
Careless generation?
It's time for you to know
Wipe out the pictures
You're keeping in your mind
We are the ones to change the world,
There is one more to find

Oh, rock forever
We keep the world together
Oh, rock forever
We wanna play for our liberty tonight

Put some water to the desert of your soul
And try to catch the sense of honest Rock'n'Roll
We know your hearts will keep the faith within
So come on, raise your hands, and join the metal hymn


Night after night we walk around and sing together
No need to hide just come along and join the metal hymn
Sidewalk Sinner
Back on the streets tonight
Startin' up the fight
Hassling through his deadly maze
In his hand the acid dreams
But it's not what it seems
We know it's a big disgrace

Lost souls in a dead-end-game
It's always been the same
He is the one to blame
And I hope his time will come
That he'll be on the run
His force will fade away
He's a sidewalk sinner
He never really felt the pain
He's the sidewalk sinner
He never really wants to care
For a brain he drives insane

He's a reckless fool
Judged by his own rules
Clean slate guy
Dealing lies by the gram
Lives his life like a jam
A fortune buy

Lost souls in a dead-end-game
It's always been the same
His force will fade away, fade away

Now listen, there's no doubt about
You're hunted by the deadlock crowd
There is no way for you to go
Without to move from devil's snow
Best Days of My Life
(acoustic version)
Save us from all those fairytales
We're livin' in a land of fantasies
Give us all those hopes and dreams
Together we could find a way to be free

Put your heart into the fire
An eternal flame is waiting for you
Put your heart into the fire
The only one that lives in my view
Believing in the best days of my life

Days are passing by
And I'm drifting through empty rooms
The rain keeps falling down, I'm living in sorrow
I waited for so long to get an answer
You know it's true
And when the night comes down
I wait for tomorrow

I know why you had gone away
Escaping from my heart
The chains of love were tearing us apart


Could we ever stay away from here
Could you understand I wish you were here
You always, always need a helping hand
Someone's walking through your life with you,
A real good friend

Rising Sun
(Live in Tokyo)
We cross the night, we see the light
And our dream comes true
We'll gonna bring the power all over you
In our hands the promised land
We gonna take it all
The night awakes do you hear the call?

Now the time has come
And the spell is on the run
Waiting for a sign
Now we're on the line

We cross the land of the rising sun
Hope we'll be all together
Hope we all gonna have some fun
And we can conquer all

We turn you up, we bring you down
We gonna move around
We dim the lights, we power up the sound
You're screaming high, you're screaming low
You're turning up the show
Your feeling's good and you don't wonder why

Chorus repeat
Thomas Rettke - vocal
Sascha Paeth - guitar
Bonny Bilski - guitar
Manfred Jordan (Manni Jordan) - bass guitar
Thorsten Muller - drums


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