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February 15th, 2019
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Jag Panzer - Mechanized Warfare

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Jag Panzer'2001

Mechanized WarfareRelease by: Century Media Records

Jag Panzer - Mechanized Warfare
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Take to the Sky


2. Frozen in Fear


3. Unworthy


4. The Silent


5. The Scarlet Letter


6. Choir of Tears


7. Cold Is the Blade


8. Hidden in My Eyes


9. Power Surge


10. All Things Renewed


Take to the Sky
Orders and runway cleared, given the green to go
Instruments glowing amber red
Light up the turbine engines, they scream and start their burn
G-forces push my heart deep into my chest

Take to the sky, Ten miles high
Stealthily we fly, Take to the sky

Upon reaching altitude earth seems so small below
Silent, invisible black death from above

Laser guided, automated, precise computer control
The enemy blind and unprotected
Pinpoint accuracy certain death sent down below
No mercy, no regret for the unknowing foe

Mission completed heading for home
Objective neutralized
One more kill, one more scar for her side
Frozen in Fear
Another nightmare, she prays her soul to keep
Cold hand that touches her as she pretends to sleep

Take this away
Let it end

Blood turns to ice when he's near
No one believes as she lays awake
Each night frozen in fear

Courage escapes her as she tries to scream
Can this be happening to daddy's little queen?

When she gets older She'll make him pay
She'll cut him down then put him away

One speaks of love, another screams
Will she awake from this suffocating dream?
Once long ago I believed in dreams, once long ago I relied on faith

Dreams fade to dust and blow away
Faith withers in the hot sun of mid-day

I starve this vessel and I pray
No, nothing wipes the filth away, cleanse my spirit

All sins were born into our veins
No blood can wash them all away

Though all my tears may cause a flood
I receive no healing from above
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...Cleanse my spirit

From Adam we were made to lust
Consuming pleasures born to us

Release my spirit like a dove
Return to once that was above
With this blood I cleanse the earth
Take my soul for what it's worth
Though all my tears may cause a flood
I receive no healing from above
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...
The Silent
I feel for you, to stalk the night in which you live
I feel your pain an emptiness I've known for ages

Centuries rolling on and on, carry me, to lovers unaware
Centuries rolling on and on, carry me, to different feeding grounds

Show me your world, show me the horror of it all
Teach me to feed upon the weak, crawling in filth

Bathe me in blood cover me with ancient earth
I beg to be reborn another child of the chosen

I stalk the night the silent voices of the ages
Thirsting for life return the soul I left behind
The Scarlet Letter
She walks in moonlit shadows to make men beg
Her slender figure slithers and you will pay

A tender morsel for rich men, a prize to the poor
The way she looks is so lethal, drops you to the floor
It's said that our dear Scarlet shall never be a puppet
She is regal as the queen, she is royally obscene

She bears the scarlet letter

Her scent is quite delicious, her form so exquisite
Speaks so softly in your ear of the dirty things you fear

She prowls the starlit avenue for her next prey
Her purr will lure you in and lock you away

She wears a gown of satin, underneath is bare
In privacy she will teach you all you ever dare
Men sell their lives to taste her, to have and never waste her
Skilled in etiquette, she'll be the trophy of the ball
Yet in secret chain you to the wall

Her skin as soft as feathers, her demeanor tough as leather
Pay the price to sample her wares, she will drain away all cares
Choir of Tears
Cover my eyes from the filth and disgust
Wash my soul clean of the self-centered lust
Backward in time before the first sin
Before the decay of a civilized man
Forward in truth looking back just to know
Disturb not the ebb of life's forgiving flow
Learn by mistakes through the fullness of time
Will truth leave a scar in our father's bloodline

All the years
Fueled by fears
Learn to hear
The choir of tears

Follow me into truth I will show you the way
Crooked the path that we choose every day
Come take my hand we will make it I swear
We shall be cleansed of the cover we wear
Turn look away you will find innocence
Blessed the power of our youth too soon spent
Hidden inside is the child within
Just let it sing that we all start to live

The path now renewed our souls are reborn
Vessels as pure as the virgin snow
Hold innocence as we walk through that door
Not destroy or decay as we have once before
Follow me now I will show you the way
Learn how to make life as on the first day
Refreshed and reborn filled with pleasure not pain
Keep it alive, growing stronger each day
Cold Is the Blade
On the battlefield we fight with all our might
Valor and honor is our right
The bloody battlefield where men and sons have tried
To stand for what is good and what is right

Only the steel will win the day
Cold sword of the brave (Cold is the blade)
Pure hearts bring us to truth
Is it the heart of the brave or the cold of the blade

The hand of death has choked me many times
I've denied the reaper of this prize
The chill of death freezes me at night
I entrust the mighty steel held high

I've stood upon the moors, looked over many lands
That were conquered by the brave and their might
Searching for the answer, the riddle of the steel
What will win the day and take the fight

The power within us stronger than any steel
Wages battle and brings us peace
Souls of our fathers, their blood we carry on
We meet again our final release
Hidden in My Eyes
Feel so alone, lost inside, burning my heart on frozen love
Cautiously I beg for a glance, a sign I'm alive within your eyes

Moonlight glows upon her skin only to touch would be a sin
Lips red as wine, to taste is to die, I beg for this sweet death tonight

She'll never know the man inside when I am gone will she realize
She'll never know the man inside just take a look, he's hidden in my eyes

Trapped inside a world of broken dreams
Trapped inside a world of shattered hopes
Release the fears you would keep
We can soar far beyond the sun

Two lives apart, together as one
What of the vows we made that night
Return the days when love was new
I never forgot, though far and few

So much to give so much inside, take a good look and realize
Give me your pain, give me your trust, unlock the man waiting inside
Power Surge
Hearts racing, blood boils Fist raising overlords
Corruption our cry we're metal till we die

Power - In our hearts
Surging - In our veins
Power - There's no stopping this force

Full throttle we soar Fist raising overlords
All hells in our eyes we're metal till we die

Up from the depths dark children arise
Only to claim this earth as their prize
Ancient ones have spoken so
The dark ones arises from below

A birthright to the beastly one
This earth and all its fallen sons
Dark children await the timely hour
In which to claim this earth with fire
And then devour

Hells fire red glow Fist raising overlords
We're burning with might we're metal till we die

Up from the depths dark children arise
Only to claim this earth as their prize
Dark children await the timely hour
In which to claim this earth with fire
And then devour
All Things Renewed
I once had a dream sailing through the sky
Floating high above the earth below
I open my eyes to see the truth
Nothing I can do to save them

As is above As is below
Return as once before
All things renewed

I once had a dream or was it real
Nothing I can do to save them

You have been warned now the final day has come
This world shall shake from His voice

As is above
As once before all things renewed
As is below
The mountains crumble at his word

Mountains shall crumble, and fall into the sea
Millions cry "Death take over me"

All men shall fear
As once before all things renewed
All men shall kneel
The mountains crumble at his word

Tears from my eyes rain down below
Burning as flame in every soul
I open my heart unto the world
Nothing I can do to save them

Men shall seek death from torments on this earth
As angels rain fire from the sky
Harry Conklin (The Tyrant, Leviathan Thisiren) - vocal
Mark Briody - guitar
Chris Broderick - guitar
John Tetley - bass guitar
Rikard Stjernquist - drums

Produced by Jim Morris.

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