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April 30th, 2017
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Cornerstone - Arrival

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ArrivalRelease by: Majestic Entertainment

Cornerstone - Arrival
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Arrival


2. Walked on the Water


3. Jungle


4. Straight to the Bone


5. Top of the World


6. Reload


7. Gift of Flesh


8. Grain of Sand


9. Fooled


10. I'm Alive


11. Basscamp


Walked on the Water
Let the flood surround me
My skin is dry as fire
All this mud within me
Makes me feel like a soul survivor
And if the light will guide me
To a place just a little bit higher
I'll pray my faith won't leave me
As I walk on this endless wire
It seems so real
And it feels
Like I'm fading slowly
Give me something to believe in
All my tools have a strange way of leaving
I feel my veins are bleeding
Tell me why time keeps slipping
It's in the air that I'm breathing
It's in this holy ball of mud, I'm kicking
I'm getting tired of that feeling
I'll save my prayer for the living
I walked on the water
And I could feel the sand beneath me
I need some time to - understand
And I came close to - who I am
Hey you are you listening
It ain't much I'll beg and ask for
Through the years I've been digging
But I guess you've seen it all before
Now my ship is sinking
Every breath brings me closer to the wall
It's in the cards I've been givin'
Please be there when the final curtains fall
Am I losing control
I'm leaving the tribe you gave me
I've been digging a hole
Waiting for a saint to save me
Came so close to my soul
I have to confess
What you see is what you get
I'll keep an eye on the jungle
The tiger and the lamb
Low life will rule and command
It's the law of the jungle
Words we'll understand
Written all over the land
Nothing's left to be said
Illusions run deep inside me
It's all trapped in my head
Like an angel who flies to guide me
And it'll make me forget
I'm going down
I think I'm drifting around
But who knows what's wrong, what's right
If there's a meaning to life
There must be a way out for me
Straight to the Bone
Give me your best shot
Let it run deep
Swimming in the thick mud
You still have time while the lion is asleep
I'll stick to the logic
We came for
I'll pray and believe
Show me your weak spot
Would you believe
All of them big shots
They have snow on their minds and talking incomplete
I see them gamble
Shuffling for their needs
It is hard to handle
When they open the door to a monster from a dream
I'll stick to the logic
We came for
I'll pray and believe
We'll cut straight to the bone
And face the barrel/battle
And we'll hope to see white flags
Down the line
Soaked in cold sweat
Losing all in one
Closer to their last step
Before they hide and bring in Mr. Bond
Give me a reason
All is said and done
End of their season
They'll take us back to a darker kingdom come
Top of the World
Can't stop
I'm just a spoke on a wheel
High on speed, I'm cutting through steel
So close
But yet so far and unreal
I'll analyze the way that I feel
I'll hunger for my needs
I'll be losing all my deeds
I'll be acting like a freak
But I'll race to the top of the world
And climb the highest stairs
Breathing cold air
On the top of the world
Catch me if you dare
You'll have a fair share
One shot
Of dust won't break my machine
I'm fed with clean gasoline
Too fast
To live too fast to be seen
You can't beat my steel limousine
So you cut me wide open
What do you see in a mind filled and frozen
I'm shot down broken
If you find what you need tell me which side was chosen
But now it's too late
You said you cared
When it gets to you
I'm out of here
I stay awake all night
With a second sight
I never had class you told me
Too much left and right
Too much black and white
I'm your colored trash you told me
How does it feel to reload your gun
But a wound won't stop healing
You forget, you forgive I saw the cards you were dealing
They make me feel worth while living
There sure ain't no cure are the words of forgiving
Gift of Flesh
When all of your thorns
Are ripped into pieces
You feel like a newborn Jesus
Give your thoughts no tongue
Let it crawl beneath your skin
In your head, in your veins
Give it one more wish
For things you miss
So deep and hollow
In a single kiss
A snow white bliss
You seek and follow
And it leaves you wanting more
You're forcing a flow
Across the ocean
Surrounded by deep emotions
You feel a burning flame
If you're blinded by light
As the night comes crawlin'
Feels like a flood in your veins
The gift of flesh remain
Grain of Sand
I cannot run I cannot hide
Still have my ticket for the ride
I'm waiting, playing - betraying
I've had my trips, my ups and downs
And mess around in the underground
I'm digging, sinking ain't winning
There's no way in
And I can't find my way out
You woke me up, you shot the door
You'll never stop for wanting more
You're lying, cheating - mistreating
My time has come without a care
What will be waiting for me there
Is it love or hate you'll give or take
There's no way in
And I can't find my way out
I think I'm losing this round losing this
Cuz when a child becomes a man
It's just a man without a plan
Tell me who should I blame
I'm afraid to be part of this game
You had me lock inside these walls
They'll never break they'll never fall
I'm hitting, splitting, ain't forgiving
I heard your whisper through the door
Be a man - it's the law
I'm trying, crying - denying
There's no way in
There's no way out
I can't resist I'm spellbound
I hear your voice
Why do you speak with no sound
Cuz when a child becomes a man
It's just another man without a plan
And a circling grain of sand
From the masters working hand
A thousand times a day
I'm all alone in my shell
It's the prize I'll pay
When I drag you through hell
When I close my eyes
I watch the waves rise and fall
And as a turning tide
I'll fly to tear down your wall
And when the lights start fading
I'll be back for some more
In the night you feel me you fear me
I believe you're shooting a dead end
Let the light face me
Can't you see I'm blind and fooled again
But it feels like a drug circling around in my blood
And it keeps repeating
Morning comes alive
And the fields turn to gold
But I can't deny
All my fears have grown cold
This stranger on my side
Has a way for goodbyes
Another way to hide
Between the truth and the lies
I'm Alive
I feel like a stranger today
The world keep's spinning around
Something is moving in the clay
As I try to get my feet back
On the ground
But just like in sand
In which nothing will grow
I'm raw as a naked scarecrow
One seed in my hand
Beats to survive
And the best of me comes out alive
I'm alive
I followed a clue miles away
Directions still unknown
I'm circling like this everyday
And scared by the sound of rattling stones
When all colours turn into grey
And the clouds are hanging low
I will hide all my seeds in the clay
Longing for a rainy day to show
Wind me up lock me up
I've been through changes
I've learned to survive
And the best of me comes out alive
Doogie White (Dougie White) - vocal
Jacob Kjaer - guitar
Steen Mogensen - bass guitar, keys
Allan Sorensen (Alan White) - drums, percussion

Andre Andersen - keys
Tonni Rahm (Tony Rahm) - guitar
Kasper Damgaard - guitar
Peter Brander - guitar
Kenny Lubcke - back-vocal
Henrik Aalborg Brockmann - back-vocal
Produced by Steen Mogensen.

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