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March 19th, 2019
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W.A.S.P. - Still Not Black Enough

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Still Not Black EnoughRelease by: Sanctuary Records

W.A.S.P. - Still Not Black Enough
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Still Not Black Enough


2. Somebody to Love


3. Black Forever


4. Scared to Death


5. Goodbye America


6. Keep Holding on


7. Rock And Roll to Death


8. Breathe


9. I Can't


10. No Way Out of Here


Still Not Black Enough
Paint a shadow on my heart
In shades of ebony
Paint the sun out of the sky
That rains over me

Black sun rain on me
I need, one, black sun
Rain on me, rain on me

Tie me to my blackness there
Where I'm ever free
Taken to the dark edges of
My wicked memories

Pain my soul in indigo, and ebony for me
No colour seen in my eyes
I'm naked in my misery,
Emotions stripped to bone
I see inside the heart of me
It's still not black enough for me

No colour in the heart of me
No colour run in my veins
I hold the black to my breast
It bleeds over me
I can't go on, till I get off
For me it's still not black enough
With darkness cone, my fear is seen
My fear is real, my fear is me
Somebody to Love
When the truth is found to belies
You know that joy within you dies

Don't you want somebody to love?
Don't you want somebody to love?

Wouldn't you love somebody to love?
You better find somebody to love

Find somebody to love

Find somebody to love

Find somebody to love

When the dawn is rose they are dead.
Yes, and you're mine, you're so full of red

Your eyes, I say your eyes my look like his,
Yeah, but in your head, baby,
I'm afraid you don't know
Where it is.

Tears are running,
Running along down your breast
And your friends, baby.
They treat you like a guest.
Black Forever
There's red in my head
But I don't want it
The blues were swarming
There is my soul
Shadows over me and
The only colour I can paint my soul

I want black and don't fade away
I want black forever
Inside on me, all I wanna see's
The colours in my head
I'm in black the only way
And make it black forever
Go inside and
Never come back out again

Don't colourize me
Cause I don't want it
The ravens taken over my soul
The only things I want is
The only way I wanna go

The reds were my head, the blues were my soul
Swirl in my mind, never let go
Blind my eyes, with a gold embrace
I'll lay my well all across my face
Everyone I used to know
Sees me strange, sees me bold
Everything I used to hold
Will fade away my soul

No confessions, and no regrets
I'll paint the black all across my chest
Gimme darkness, and gimme rest
Gime blackness, or gimme death
Scared to Death
Grit your teeth, and listen for the gun
Get in the runners block and kneel
And run the human race
That decadent decathlon and
Let the games begin for real
Stop scanning me - it's bedlam in paradise
Stop I can't see - nowhere I can hide
Scared to run, this monstrous
Marathon of fear

I run the races with a dark horse to win
Across a finish line of fear
I swim a sea of skin, afraid to drown in flesh
X-generations revolutions here
Scared to have sex - I don't wanna die
Scared I'll be next - I'm scared for my live
Dying to live, but there ain't no way
Outta here alive - all we're all scared there's

Nowhere to run - I'm scared to death
Nowhere to hide - Scared I'll be next
Oh - stop, stop, stop, stop
Nowhere to run - I'm scared to death
Nowhere to hide - Scared I'll be next
Oh - stop, stop, stop, stop

Am I prisoner of the universe?
Is destiny fixed among the stars?
Should I cry or laugh?
All I know that
The best time to laugh
Is anytime you can
Life's one big party - thrown here by God
We all get invitations - if we want them or not
It's all truth or dare and nothing is fair no,
No, no
We're all scared there's

Oh, it's the decade of fear
No way out of here, no, no, no,
No, no, no - no, no, no - no, no, no
Oh scream in my ears
Oh stop what I hear, no, no, no
No, no, no - no, no, no - no, no, no
Goodbye America
I'm politically incorrect
And damn proud of it
I love my country,
But I'm scared to death of it's government
Ya believe what you read,
Cause it's all that we give ya
Coz all of history is written by winners
I'm engaged in a frenzy
Of mass self-destruction
I feed upon your famine to fuel my corruption
I'm wholeselling hatred
And international incest

To carnivorous hyenas in a global theft feast
I've mastered the arts of death
And foreign nations genocide
And those who turn on me
Commit national suicide

I'm the queen of the global dream
And I rule a declining nation
I sit and watch all the violent screams
From the throne of your desperation
I killed them all and I stole their land
Enslaved the blacks and slaughtered the red man
In God we trusted and I gave birth

I have more pigs than I have tits to feed
I embrace the world's phoney leaders
And hold the sucklings to my breast
And I fool ya all as I'd feed ya
I'll prop ya up, then strike ya down
And lick your blood up from your ground
My empire's falling down

Breakdown goodbye America
So long the music's died
Freedoms last hero's wasted
I made you, I'll break you
Breakdown goodbye America
It's all cone, kiss it goodbye
There on bloody bended knee's where
My nation died
Keep Holding on
Your sad eyes, never told me
No paradise, here for the lonely
But I hold on, half a heart here in my hands
Been so long, would you know me
Who's holding you, who's gonna hold me
If you want me, then I'll be your man

And I keep holding on
Holding on till you come back to me
And I keep holding on
Holding on till you run to me
Can you take me on heaven
Show me the way, cause I'm no angel
I am lost and
Can I hold you one more time
I guess me holding you was holding you

Will I have your memories
Or will your memories have me
I don't know, only time
Knows if I'll ever know place of mind
Only time knows if you're mine, knows if your

And I keep holding on
Holding on till you come back to me
And I keep holding on
Holding on till you run to me
All I can hold is a shadow of a heart that's
And left me shattered
I'm lost and
Can I hold you one more time
I guess me holding you
Was holding you down
I guess me holding you
Was holding you down
I guess me holding you
Was holding you down
Rock And Roll to Death
Thunder pounding my brains in
A six string rock and roll razor
Nobody gonna save me
The whole world drives my crazy
I hate work, I hate school
I got a case of the rock's dead blues

Friday night I'll raging
Midnight gonna be wasted
Friday I'm raising
Hell I'm gonna be wasted
Time to party, raise a glass
Tell everybody to kiss my ass
Left me go - dead or rock

Dead or rock, dead or rock
If rock and roll dies
I'll take my last breath
Rock and roll to death

Dead or rock, dead or rock, dead or rock
Pass the bullets please dead or rock
Find me a grave, help me dig it
If rock's dead then bury me with it

Dead or rock, dead or rock, dead or rock
Pass the bullets please dead or rock
To death do us part to my last breath
Give me rock or gimme death
You don't have to hear my heart beat
All you need is to look into my eyes
And tell me, I'm the one your heart heeds
I'm the only one you run to in the night
Oh-let me, born the words forever mine
Across your heart, across your mind

Take your hands and feel my heart beat
Come and let me feel it in your eyes
All you have to do is touch me
Oh-and lay your flame across my fire
Oh-let me spread your wings and come inside
And take your heart and make your mine

Come and lay down your heart on me
All that I wanna feel is
Breathe in me
Lay down your heart on me
Feel your inside of me
Breathe on me
Come and take me on, take me down
Oh, take me all, all the way
There's only one way
Only one thing I need, all I need
Take me way down
Come and lay down on me
I Can't
I can't laugh
I can't cry
I can't see inside of me
Don't know the reason why

I ain't straight
And I ain't high
I'm the ugly in between
Can't live and I can't die

I wanna scream
And I can't win
My life's a living sound track
For a human horror film

I can't feel
And I can't love
My mama never showed me how
I never was enough

I can't laugh
And I can't smile
I'll sacrifice my aged elders
To show me how to die

I can't love
And I can't feel
And my mother never loved me
Deep down she hated me

I can't fuck
I can't feel
I am one bizzare motherfucker
What the fuck's inside of me

I'll kill the beast
So to free my soul
And smash the mirrors
That won't let me go
Oh, if there's smile that ya see
It's only the clockwork orange that's in me
I curse the darkness impassioned plea
And tear the heart out and watch me bleed
I'll sacrifice my blood for free
To satisfy the vengeance that's in me
And bury the mirror that's inside me
No Way Out of Here
I went away for whole lot of days
And stripped the soul right outlaw me
Lead away in a crimson haze
The red was rain over me

There ain't no way outta here
I try to scream, I can't even speak
Why am I the only one
I can't get out and I can't go on

There ain't no way outta here
Forever red and I'm never free
Climb the walls, I can't hold on
I can't go back out I can't go on

There were faces in the dark and
In me I could not see
The mirror cracked in a million pieces
And so did I cause Johnny's me

I'll fade forever black away
I'll give all my tomorrows for just one good today
I'm numb to feel, don't know what's real
The ghost is killing me
Steven Duran (Blackie Lawless) - vocal, back-vocal, guitar, bass guitar, keys, organ
Bob Kulick - guitar
Frankie Banali - drums

Stet Howland - percussion
Mark Josephson - violin
Tracey Whitney - back-vocal
K.C. Calloway - back-vocal
The lyrics were typed by FaST.

Produced by Blackie Lawless.

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English translations and spelling correction by vera dr, juliette, irina

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