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March 24th, 2019
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Factory of Art - The Tempter

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Factory of Art'2002

The TempterRelease by: CCP Records

Factory of Art - The Tempter
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Overture: Adam's Theme


2. Story of Pain


3. No Tears


4. The Tempter


5. The Healing part I


6. Streets of Violence


7. The Healing part II


8. Temple of Doom


9. The Mass


10. The Ritual


11. Twilight Zone


12. Walking on Fire


Overture: Adam's Theme
Story of Pain
Round and round in a circle of high walls
Feel like an animal
Step by step I'm waiting for the fall
In a cage without a light
Day by day claustrophobia in my head
Can't get out of this place
Night by night waiting nightmares in my bed
Every day another fight

This is the story of pain - day by day
Feel like down in hell - day by day
Another day of violence
Feel like down in hell
Another day as prisoner

Stone for stone are hanging on my feet
Cannot out of this place
By and by forget the time when I was free
In a cage without a light

Repeat chorus

Round and round without a light - light
Can't get out
Day by day an animal
Day by day
No Tears
Proud like a god I've driven on the streets
Strong and almighty
I have heard the warning in my dreams
I've waited for the flash me stops the crash
Into the silence of my dirty cell
The loneliness kills me
The misgiving from a life after the jail
I have survived and sneer in your face

I have seen a dying friend
And every pain find to the end
And when I look into my eyes
I cry out in the mirror
No tears no tears no tears but more fears

I sell the visions out of my brain
I am benumb me
See through the milk glass the endless rain

Make of my bloody tears I feel the fear
Into the silence of this dirty room
The loneliness kills me
The reality of this life after the jail
I must survive and sneer in your face


Into the silence of this dirty room
The damned headache kills me
In sweet dreams arise a beauty in my head
But without a help I can never see the good times
The Tempter
In the night I find to you and call your number
I'm creep under the load of my chains
The torture never stop
I must last my miserable life can go this short way
Cables guide in my past time my negative impulse

Call me the tempter
Help me with my pain
I'm doctor tempter
Torture in my brain
I'm the fake healer
Give me medicine to get the power

In my dreams I see the light a near wide open door
I need a leader with healing hands must pull me out of dark


From the fire make of agony slide in cold seas
I rip the cables out of my flesh forget my past life
The Healing part I
Can feel the power
And I see the signs
No questions, no more agony
The end of painful times

I don't see the darkness
I don't feel the rain
Let the shadows out of my head
The impulse of my pain...

Why? I need a doctor?
Why? (I) need medicine?
My life was a dirty game
(I) was born to lose not win

You stand beside me
Tell me who I am
I'm a god stand next to you
The rage for all your sins

Don't stop the god
You can't stop the gods
You can't stop a little piece from me
You're shivering dogs I'm a god
My power is locked including
From glowing iron
The key to it you never find

Why? Hold the pain me slavish
I was not born for creep
Let me do for you the biggest things
Whatever you have seen


Streets of Violence
I walk alone into my night
And not a light are shining bright
Step by step I go into my hell
I feel like hunting animal

I hear the sounds of thousand sirens
In this streets of violence

Every day I need my medicine
In my prison full of gloomy dreams

Without light I drown in my agony
Without light in this goddamned dark deep sea

My nerves send me seven signs
Please give me back the painless times

I hear the sound of thousand sirens
In this streets of violence


I'm a fallen angel
Can a god destroy himself
Who is doctor tempter
Where is doctor tempter
And who is this man in the mirror

Feel the fire
In my nerves
Give me please

The Healing part II
What have you done to my head?
I walk into the light
You are sweet medicine
Out of the night
I see the angel in white
The visions are real
You are my saviour
I'm not forlorn I'm reborn

She lays her fingers on my open wounds
To dry up my hot bloody streams
And her cool hand is placed on my forehead
Takes away the fever, the pain of my dreams

You can heal my soul, wake my love
My temptation, hear my call
You can heal my heart, save my soul
Touch my body, you are my fall

A little apple pie is not enough
I have a great hunger for love
I want to drink from your lips
The sweet nectar of love, I can't get enough
Your hot breath is on my ear, your hands are stroking my skin
Flashes through my mind, the healing with a sweet therapy
Sweet words coming from your mouth, blabber from faithfulness
I choke with my tongue, our love is so strong



I lay in my bed all by myself, in the shadow of the night
A dream is creeping into this room, I see your face in the warm light
I see a sharp blade in my hand, your nurse's uniform
Is drenched with blood
Temple of Doom
The Mass
Big saviour great leader lord of triumph and agony
Show us the way to a better life and give us a fast victory
Big saviour great leader we are your shield and your sword
And when we've fallen on the battle field
Bring our enemies death with your words
Praise the lord and die afraid of him

The mass was celebrated at a place of blood and destruction
The mass was created in a spirit of greed and corruption

Big saviour great leader we follow the gregarious instinct
You turn us from sheep to wolves and we commit in your name bestial things
Praise the lord and die afraid of him
The Ritual
I see tears in your eyes, the refreshment what I need
And the blood in your hands, the sealing wax of our league

Feel the power of this moment
The control over sacrifice
You are shiver and whine
For this little life

Welcome in my night, this is the end of all your days
Welcome in your hell, to bring about the ritual

See the shine of candlelights, its not warm but cold as ice
And the blade in your hands is are glittering in my eyes

Feel the power of this moment
The control over sacrifice
You are shiver and whine
For this little life


Feel the power of this moment
The control over sacrifice
You are shiver and whine
For this little life
Twilight Zone
The twilight zone is my last way
Thousands of moments race past my eyes
The teardrops wither away when I say goodbye
In heaven or hells fire in twilight zone

The twilight zone is my last way
The twilight zone the end of the game
The twilight zone is my last way

Endless drops of sinnerblood will run out my veins
And deep obscurity overcomes my brain
I throw out my pain into the darkness of twilight zone
Walking on Fire
Last night I'm going down the body's of betrayers
That's the bridge to my reborn
Under my feet is a river full of blood from the forlorn souls
Jailers of false lord

That's not the twilight zone or gates to paradise
This great wide open door to my illumination

Can hear all the lies
It's in my head
I must banish this
With burning pain
Get out from my way
The last temptation
Can you hear my screams
My sweet salvation

I'm walking on fire
The flames burning higher
That's my last desire
I'm walking on fire

I go barefooted of the glow and the flames divide for me
My salvation never ending agony
In this world is a little piece from me as way to my wounded soul
A way to loose my mystery

I'm a chessman and must get down from this dirty square
You can play this game to the end without me


In the crackle of fire
I can hear a crying
Of a little forlorn child
I must banish this
With burning pain
Get out from my way
The last temptation
Can you hear my screams
My sweet salvation
Jens Schmikale (Petri) - vocal
Ekkard Meister (Ekky, Ekkehard Meister) - keys
Heiko Flechsig (Flecke) - guitar
Joe F. Winter - guitar
Ronald Losch (Ron) - bass guitar
Ralph-Marcel Dietrich - drums

Ulla Brauer - back-vocal
Frank-Steffen Elster - back-vocal
Produced by Factory of Art and CWS Records.

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