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April 25th, 2019
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Helloween - Future World

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Future WorldRelease by: Noise Records

Helloween - Future World
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Future World


2. Starlight
    (Kiske version)


3. A Little Time
    (another version)


Future World
If you're out there all alone
And you don't know where to go to
Come and take a trip with me to Future World

And if you're running through your life
And you don't know what the sense is
Come and look how it could be, in Future World

We all live in happiness our life is full of joy
We say the world "tomorrow" without fear
The feeling of togetherness is always at our side
We love our life and we know we will stay

Cause we all live in Future World
A world that's full of love
Our future life will be glorious
Come with me - Future World

You say you'd like to stay,
But this is not your time
Go back, find your own way to Future World

One day you'll live in happiness
With a heart that's full of joy
You'll say the world "tomorrow" without fear

The feeling of togerherness will be at your side
You'll say you love your life and you'll know why


Solo: both/Kai/both

Scream it out

(Kiske version)
You're hangin' around and got nothin' to do
You wanna get out some pills in front of you
You fly on invisible wings
Be careful my friend for too many can kill
You say that the meaning of life's in those pills
You forget all earthly things
You swallow your pill you wanna feel free
A trip to a world made of games
You do it again yet it's never the same
But a junkie's not something to be

Starlight fallin' in deep through your eyes
Starlight shinnin' down for your soul to rise
Now there's a needle lying in front of you

I'm frightened of those things
But I know what you'll do
You need it to escape from the night, ha ha
You ride on through heaven you don't feel no pain
You ride on and ride on again and again
On the needle that brings you the light
You feel the mind-blowin' stuff
Flow through your venis
You take off and fly to the sun
But when you get to near your wings will be burnt
You'll die in the flames and you'll fall

A Little Time
(another version)
It's what I expect from my life
It's like a wire
That holds me back down to the ground

Oh, I hear you say
"That is the way of the world"
No, hear what I say
"I wanna do so much in my way"
I've set my limits and bounds
There's a fire
It's burning so hot in my head

Oh, I hear you say
"That is the way of the world
No, hear what I say
"I wanna do so much in my way"

We got
A little time to build up our lives
A little time to make up our minds
A little time to fill up our dreams
A little time, time

Solo: Mike/Kai


Solo: Licks Kai
Michael Kiske (Ernie) - vocal
Kai Hansen - guitar
Michael Ingo Joachim Weikath - guitar
Markus Grosskopf - bass guitar
Ingo Schwichtenberg - drums


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