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April 21st, 2019
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Hollow - Modern Cathedral

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Modern CathedralRelease by: Nuclear Blast

Hollow - Modern Cathedral
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Trademark


2. Can You Hear Me?


3. Speak to Me


4. Bagatell 3


5. Crusaders


6. Lies


7. Wounds


8. In Your Arms


9. Whispers


10. Hold Your Banners High


11. What Can I Be


12. Waiting


Like many times before here I stand at the cross-roads
With no place to go
I wish someone would come and convince me
That somewhere sometime I will find calm

I am just another fool with a habit of turning
My back at the mainstream
My life is not a dream my dreams are dark and cold
And when I wake from sleep it will be with a scream

All the time that has grown
Seems to make no difference
I am as twisted now as then

Close your eyes and listen
Can you hear me in the dark?
I am here and I am waiting
The blade is my trademark

And comes another dawn
I will sleep through the bird song
Day after day must end then comes night
With its mission this angel of death to send
Can You Hear Me?
In time you will feel the will
Of these crumbled walls and these ruins
The wars have laid to rest all our dreams
What were we doing

Send me angel of sin
And retribution
A sign

Send me visions of hunger
Send me visions of pain

It is a vice of distortion
In the lives of the past
Still the crimes of the present
Take no lessons and rests

Say can you hear me?
I am calling your name
Say can you hear me?
Nothing remains the same (anymore)
Speak to Me
Whipped by the past I am bleeding inside
And I hurt at each word you do not say
Tell me the truth I can stand to be told
I will not do what you have done I am so cold

Speak to me
Speak to me
I will hear

Abandoned again by a life that is void
And bereft of all things which are good
Crawling in darkness and filth and despair
All I hear is a voice that is not there

Speak to me
Speak to me
I will hear

And as darkness descends on my window pane
I am alone in the shadows once again
And I have no hope that things will change

I can fell my life is cast aside
By the outcome of my stupid pride
Give me one more chance to make it up to you
Bagatell 3
As all pain will go away I know I will follow
To your gods I will never pray nor your idols Hollow
Yes, I think you are stumbling blind
Lost in a world you are unable to see
You are a child of this wayward time (time)

It is hiding dark as pitch black cole
Yet surely past lies must unfold
Crusaders still save the pagan souls

In the annals of the past hide yet other secrets
As the present transforms and rests we still live in the aftermath
But if Germans had won the war
Or the Roman empire had held
Then our eyes would not see what they do (do)

It is hiding dark as pitch black cole
Yet surely past lies must unfold
Crusaders still save the pagan souls

Crusaders save the pagan souls
If I said I would like to stay
Here beside you
Would you turn your eyes away
Or would you smile?

I who have been lonely
For too long need a friend
To hear my song

It is a cross I have to bear
That I do not trust you
I know it is not fair
To dwell on the past

Still you talk about regret
It is hard for me to take you
To my heart

I will not listen to lies
I will not have you bring me down
Listen to my cries for another solution
I will not have you tell me lies

We planned for future paths
We never did follow
We went our separate ways
Into the night

Still you talk about your regret
It is hard for me to take you
To my heart
See me as I am
I have to close my eyes
And bless the night
Keeping all my comfort in a jar
I should have known
That this is far from what I wanted
Now I tremble with fear

Hold me now
Close to the warmth of your smile
Watch to the sky
Listen to why I can't stand this life

What I want is not the things I need
Look! Can't you see me bleed?
The wounds don't seem to heal
What I wanted is not the things I need

Falling, I can see no end
But still I feed my dreams
With bleeding hands
I should not have wanted so much more
It seems I sell me like a whore
To realize fragmented unyielding dreams
In Your Arms
The other night you spoke to me
Since then I am severed from all that is real
I guess that I have begun to see
That I in you can find my long lost key

I still burn will I ever learn
To believe and trust what I feel?

Take me now in your arms
Closer to your heart than any man has been
Take me now in your arms
Closer into your soul and into your dreams

The silent whisper of the wind
Compels me to deny what I have seen in you
Still I am not ready to begin
This talks although I yearn to be touched anew

Take me now in your arms
Closer to your heart than any man has been
Take me now in your arms
Closer into your soul and into your dreams

But in the distant skies I have seen
The promise of a dawn when I will be whole
And one with all that I can feel
I know that I must fight to withstand the cold

Of my doubts and of my distrust
Of the warmth you alone can give
Imagination has not served me well lately
Its faint and feeble comfort have but died
In the shadows of my hazy dreams I pass you by
And life no longer thrills
Such tears I spill

It is the saddest tale I have ever known
Hear me cry to absent gods against the wind
I will tell you about my heart's desire
The fire burns inside me still
And always will

So hear my whispers in the wind
Say can you fell my pain
A storm is moving in and I am alone again
I whisper at the wind that I am alone again

I would cry a tear if you should say
Come to me now
And let me always by you stay
I know it is not a dream
I wish that you could see
You are all I need
Hold Your Banners High
You have been lonely inside your dreams
As your last vision caves in
But you still remain unscathed
All is clear
Will you ever break the cage
Of your fears

A sensation beyond compare
Sinks you still deeper in dread
As the future rips the veil
You see the end
Your accomplishments will not fail
What heaven sends

Mortal mind grows in time
What can we lay into the hands of future?

Hold your banners high
Keep your eyes on the sky
No harm will come your way
Hold your banners high
What Can I Be
Into the world we are born
By death and life torn
Far in the distance begins a new transition

I know I will search forever
For the burning flame
I have seen it
I need it - I fall again

It feeds on dreams and longing
And it burns bright
I need it
I feed it - it gives me light

And it calls me from a time unknown
I am amazed that it still can hold
Such a grip on a man who stands alone
Can't you see I don't need to conform
To your wishes and your dreams inside
I fear that I live a lie
Now it is time to turn around and see
What I can be

I twist and turn in torment
Torn by conceit
And angel
A demon - what haunts my sleep?
She came unto me in a dream
If she were real would I believe?
But as dawn takes her away
Her face still lingers in my mind
The bliss distorted by the day

We walked in an endless realm of sand
As the dune sea grew so shrunk the world of man
But the chains still hold me down
I pray for a change to turn me round
I wish to god you could meet her

I am here
For the lady of my dreams

I held her so close but now she is gone
I still taste the wonder of a world undone
I yearn each night for her to come
To life me up from the abyss
Will Hypnos grant me her kiss?

I am here
For the lady of my dreams

Am I lost in a lie?
Tell me the reasons why
She is in one world
While I am imprisoned in the other?

Oh, is she real?
Can she be real?
Andreas Stoltz - guitar, vocal
Thomas Nilsson - guitar
Marcus Bigren - bass guitar
Urban Vikstrom - drums

Rickard Frohm - keys
Patrik Eriksson - congas
Daniel Soderberg - keys

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