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April 26th, 2017
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Holy Moses - Terminal Terror

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Holy Moses'1991

Terminal TerrorRelease by: Virginia Records

Holy Moses - Terminal Terror
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Nothing for My Mum


2. Two Sides Terror


3. Theotocy (Terminal Terror)


4. Creation of Violation


5. Pool of Blood


6. Distress And Death


7. Adult Machine


8. Malicious Race


9. Tradition of Fatality


Nothing for My Mum
I'm born into this world
I'm forced into this life
Grew up with bible's law
And the same Sunday walk
I felt a never ending journey
Started up to ask behind
Only deep inside my soul
There was a question - why
But as I - grow I saw the pain
And cries - nothing beared
Asking why - holy terror
Never dies - slow talk - without
Sense - no reactions of my plot
My throat - is blank
Frustration - no one side
Controversial words
Need to discuss but religion
Domains since my mum's youth
Feel her hateful eyes
Never expect my attack
To show her the stencil of death
Nothing for my mum
My spirits and my fun
Endless repressions
And no reactions of my kind of
Life but hey mum
There is no other chance
Battle between minds
My mum my dead and me
Nothing for my dead
Nothing for my plan
Two Sides Terror
From the past came the death
Around you
Reflection of destruction
Human being as
A bastard son of god silence
Supports the end of paranoia
Terror invades my inspiration
Minds of timeless history
Disturbing my retake fear in
Request for the human immunity
They changed the meaning of expection
Characterize the predatory prime
Passed eternal
Misery to see the signs of misjudge
Consumed by incarnate
Murders where these of kinds of armies
The same in soul and spirit
Have clashed me in repose
Theotocy (Terminal Terror)
Require - the evil
When bad things will be
Defense your last idea
Which complete your cry
Crime - moral of god?
Forces into his mind
A power full of death
Power from him
Damnation of eternal hate
All you need theotocy pray
Central to Islam terror
Perfection - is morbid
When pain ends in pain
Describe your last mistake
Which concede your fear
Terror - the terminal way
Breaks into my world
Hear the study of evil
Suffer the ruined time
Damnation of eternal hate
All you need theotocy pray
Creation of Violation
Forgotten children
Persecuted from the time
Suffocated from the life
Entombed with the holy words
Empty in their hearts can you
Exist without
Love only in sorrow never saw
The sun of life
Creation of violation unborn
And dead creation of violation
Bury the moral of god curse of
Embryonic cells
No choice of live or death ravish
By parents deals
Incarnation with insane tears
Creation of violation
Captived by the adult laws
Their death executed
By the people of the right
Pool of Blood
You live in psychotic dreams
And time is here for us to act
Now before they try to burn us
Out in their mother love
The pool of blood
Strange new dimension
Of my never ending inner fight
I thought I changed the life I
Lived because it was
The life they gave to me
I start to understand
The strange new dimension
Of my never ending inner fight
The pool of blood
The earth
The life
The pain
The death
The bridge of adults the end
The dual substance of us reigns
The controversial line
I start to understand
The strange new dimension
Of my never ending inner fight
Distress And Death
An endless open maze a never
Ending hope
Distress and death
For a nation of the earth kids in
Terrorism never wanted to be born
They have to suffer like
A living carcass
Distress and death
Battle between
The power words
Against their life nation
Without nation
Because of nameless ground
The prophecies chaos can't be
Closer of them
Distress of a dying
Age blood signs
Their coming way
To live or die it
Doesn't matter
Distress and death
Just meaningless
Recognize the words from the
Bible feeling the death behind
My TV without pain
Just see their eyes
And a stream of blood in their face
Adult Machine
When darkness falls and the
Twisted psychology starts it's the time
I hear my mummy sings the nicely
Song of death cannot hide the
Face of massacre
Because it is only a song so I have to
Dance my daddy's dead they burned
Down my home and mum prays me into
Sleep horror is so lovely and nice is
This song from war
Death - pain and burning homes
Like I call that dainty song
"The Song of death"
Like the bluntless of the adult machine
Shades of hell
Frantic reverie
A fast decline
Song of death
The power of a gun
Is subtracted
Normal fun the path of sleep
Signed with mum's son before
The darkness fills my sky
Malicious Race
You can't change the world
In this age you will ever
Be until your soul
You see in hell
If you could turn it
Around you
Destroy the things
You need running
Into a deeper void
You peel a dual
Mind in a never saw
Dimension it's hard
To make a choice
For those who see
The day in the time
You stand behind
Your body your
Rules are breaking
Down by searching
For the subject in
Times of greed and
Blood a shadowill
Come inside in your heart
And thoughts unholy lies
Distant mind
Morbid souls
Deep in your mind
The human race
Malicious horror
In a new decade
It's hard to feel
That deal
Unleashed mind
Is like a game
Malicious horror
New decade
Exploitation in branded pain
Tradition of Fatality
Bad moon
Tradition of fatality
Religious domain
In holy wars Christmas
For the business
And virgin white
For the bride
People who never
Doubt on their ideals
Words written in blood
Eyes of malevolence
No reactions
Of the ruling reigns
Suffocate the upcoming light
Of a new day
Untrue - the truth
Of my existence
Without sense
My words
Against lies
The why for the
Iranian war
A tradition
Never made for
In respect - but try
To start by
Traditions already
Took possession
Of yourself
Sabina Classen - vocal
Andy Classen - guitar
Benny Schnell (Beny Speed) - bass guitar
Guido Richter (Atomic Steif) - drums

Produced by Andy Classen.

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