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June 21st, 2018
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Jester's Funeral - Quicksilverlight

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Jester's Funeral'2000

QuicksilverlightRelease by: Point Music

Jester's Funeral - Quicksilverlight
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Jester's Empire


2. Traveller


3. Time Bomb


4. Brontosaurus 666


5. Quick Silver Light


6. Eternal Is the End


7. To Fall Asleep


8. Private Demon


9. Hieronymos


10. Where Dark Deep Waters Flow


11. Astrocry


12. Dorian


Jester's Empire
The growing conflict I am burning in rising up to walls that crush down crumbling when I'm within.
These tears that sorrow calls.

I am falling down to meet my end lost in time.
Never I'll be coming back again back to light.

There comes the one to make things undone.
As he reigns on, better days come.
Marching on, straight to the sun.
Jester's empire fills the calm with storm. Let thy kingdom come

Walking through the fields of nevermore I meet you again at the bottom of a cold black shore. The Jester strikes again.
Confusion reigns, since there've been changes creeping into my life, turned my day into night.
I'm falling down, there's no one left to catch me, someone who is there to rescue me before I drown.

I've left the way that seemed so very safe to me. Now I'm living in the blue.
No one can see me, see the sorrow deep in me. I am changing, so are you.
Please try hard to find me...

Because I am a traveller. I am a traveller in time, waiting for a sign.

Through all these days I am trying hard to get the feeling again that life is not a game.
But who is there? When times are changing people change with them.
Nothing wants to stay the same.

And so I try so hard to find a sunny path, even though I feel so blind.
But to reach it and to stay there for all my life, I must be fast, faster than time.
Please try hard to find me...
Time Bomb
I am scared when the night comes in to tell me I am all alone.
I am scared when the day leaves me to tell there's one more night to come.
Staying between walls, I can't hear a single call from the outside of mind, reminding me of better days.
But as I try to catch my thoughts I must think of fights I fought, leaving pale insanity.

In the very last moment all the years pass by. What have I become?

You are a time bomb and when you are near colours fade to grey, you are a time bomb your silence is fear and when the time has come.
You'll be ticking, ticking, ticking away.

You are a time bomb your silence is fear.
You are ticking, ticking, ticking ' til black dust appears.
You are a time bomb, you're always near Ticking, ticking, ticking 'til the end appears.

Oh, this horrible scene once again with me, I know every single word.
And your voice just echoes what I feel, pretending nothing ever hurts.
Lying in my bed and still hearing what you said. The wish is growing deep in me: I want to get away.
Flying very high like an arrow through the sky, carried by giant birds of prey.

Ticking, ticking, ticking when the sun goes down.
Ticking, ticking, ticking when the last light starts to drown.
Finally, when the day appears, you're gone...

Pulling me, feeling extremes in me that refuse a life in pain.
But all is gone, when the day is done and the night comes in again.
No one's by my side, when I'm waiting for the night to destroy a house of lies build by someone named like me.
Again I try to catch my thoughts, and I think of fights I fought. Leaving pale insanity...
Brontosaurus 666
Did you know I remember lots of moments passed before my eyes. Believe me: I have seen liquid skies.
And one day in December, a dark storm swallowed all the light. And turned my last bright day to night.

And I know that everybody has to go. Sometime somewhere I don't know. Eternal north winds blow.

Blackened final sky, open spaces.
Blackened final sky, leave no traces.
Blackened final sky, thinking about a world behind
Blackened final sky, thinking about things to find.

And I know that everybody has to go. Sometime somewhere I don't know.
But before there are things to do. Some words to be sent to you...

If today is a bad day, two better days are waiting right for you.
Believe me what I have been through. If you think this is your last day,
I tell you time flows like water all through these ancient lands.
But there is someone with you 'till the end.

And though I know, that everybody has to go
Sometime somewhere I don't know. There are many things to show.
Quick Silver Light
Black, all I see is black, I don't want to wake up, cause this dream gives me the things that I need so bad, in bad lust I trust because I must.
Rays, many rays of light, they are shining through, I can't believe my eyes as they are shining right on you, you kiss the lips that missed the kiss.

I wondered how to leave this night, seeing all these feelings made of clay.

Quicksilver light, erase my pain. Quicksilver light, brighten everything.
I pray Quicksilver light turn night to day!

Die, wished to die one time not so long ago, felt so much grief inside, a little sadness killed my mind. Blindness is the last interest I miss.
Day, one more day is done once more I survived, even though I don't know what this all could be about. About the best guess I confess
Eternal Is the End
Out of the ashes of my sadness, weeping away the dust of time, forgetting all the madness in my life.
I force myself to go beyond horizons even though something tells me to stay here in my little world, imprisoned in my brain.
I try to leave behind a past so cruel, blackened times where grief and sadness rule. And tomorrow soon will be yesterday.

Eternal is the end. For years and years I went, believing all the things I said.
Eternal is the end. I walked across these lands, no single word we didn't share.
So eternal is the end, and will be eternal until the end.

It's good to know that I am still alive, even though there's no one at my side.
So I am waiting for the day that you will cross my way.

I am sure, that somewhere out there someone waits to share my innermost, deepest dreams. I can't be wrong at all.
I will find you, will show you who I am, I will try to do the best I can to give you a reason to catch me when I fall.
To Fall Asleep
These moments I know. Minutes of bitter cold loneliness creep into my mind.
A more peaceful kind of sadness fills my eyes.
There's no use in lies. The memory still lights up what's left inside the dark labyrinths of life.
So I wait for the night to ease the pain inside.
As I still believe...

To fall asleep means more than to meet the night. I fall asleep.
Sometimes I make my dreams come live. I fall asleep one more time to meet you inside.
The dawn lights up the sky when I fall asleep.

No word leaves your mouth. No prayer to god that explains what this is all about.
So I wonder why you don't miss me at night when the pain stings inside.

I still carry on. I still remember where I come from.
I believe that every single day is one day less you're away and all the pain's gone.
As I still believe...
Private Demon
I was so afraid that I have been too late. Because I didn't know where I had to go.
But then I saw you, everything of you, and then I really knew what I had to do.

Baby, I felt down. A king without I crown. Had nothing to lose nothing wrong to choose.
Baby, you were fine, wanted to make you mine that night. Until the end of time.

As you are my private demon slippery.
There were so many thoughts that night I couldn't believe.
You are my private demon slippery.

What is going on? I see one on one, cannot realize what is going on.
Like a story on a screen, with nothing in between. You seem to understand what I really meant.
I was in the mood to show my attitude in a direct way nothing more to say.
No words to describe how this minutes changed my life to better thoughts inside.

If there's a time that I'll see this again. I know that you are not too far to speak the same truth once again.
A trip into a thing I do not know. Why are we still here? Don't you think it's better for us to...
Dare not speak my name. I can always feel the same when you think of me. I feel you.
Somewhere Deep Within Through the Silence I can hear him sing.
Somewhere Deep Within Hieronymus waits for me.
Somewhere Deep Within Lost in Blindness I see him who cares.
Somewhere deep within Hieronymus will be there.

Don't try to seek for me. Don't forget that I can always flee from your crying soul. I feel you and lose control.
Where Dark Deep Waters Flow
This is just another night, a million steps away from home, distance by my side.
Time is something that goes on, But even something that forgot, where it once came from.

I want to get away.
I want to go where dark deep waters flow.

Be sure that I am not afraid. There are a million stars above to light my way!
And so I'm marching on and on, though I can't say where I come from, I know where I belong.

I want to get away.
I want to go where dark deep waters flow.

I want to go where dark deep waters flow.
Where stormy winds and wicked waves keep telling me what I still know.
I want to go where dark deep waters flow.
Really many years ago, someone tried to recreate his world destroyed decades ago.
That someone it was me, I thought of love and human nature, trees and lakes and sympathy.

When it rains you feel the same
But in the end only my memory remains

Hear my Astrocry Somewhere lost in Space

Lost, without the chance to feel.
Killing machines, believers and betrayers said they're hailing me.
And what I finally got to see, I made wars and violation, guns, revenge, hypocrisy.
Creeping through a deadly maze of terrifying days. Lurching in your dreams walking unknown ways.
Crying blood and tears. Ripping out your fears. Wounds and pain remain as you're lying there.
Morning sunrays blind your eyes.

Who was there right by my side? Telling me how much hurt can be done in one night.
And as soon as I'm living on I wonder Dorian, Dorian what have you done?

Stabbing swords an knives, in your skin they dive. Bounded by your dreams you're unable to cry.
Flowing in bloodred seas. Scarlet Melodies surround you while you sleep and no one is there to see.

Breaking up the chains you flee. Turn the light on, you must see.
How full of hate a night can be. Morning sunrays blind your eyes.

Sleeping in silence somewhere far beyond, knowing that you're not alone.
You will return at the end of this day Dorian, to bring yourself pain.
Stefan Schmidt - vocal, guitar
Nic Kobold - keys, guitar
Heiko Hohn - guitar
Holger Wies - bass guitar
Bastian Emig - drums

Heike Grebita - vocal
Produced by J.-R. Friede, Schmidt and Emig.

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