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June 25th, 2018
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Amulance - Feel the Pain

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Feel the PainRelease by: New Renaissance Records

Amulance - Feel the Pain
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Holocaust


2. Schizophrenia


3. Violent Victory


4. Witch's Sin


5. Feel the Pain


6. Black Moon Rising


7. Shark Attack


8. Death Wish


9. 7th Son


The storm is ripping
And tearing the town
It won't be long now
Before you are down
No heed was paid
To the warning that came
Now there is no one
But you left to blame

Holocaust destruction
Terror, and revenge
Holocaust you're gonna die

Death at no cost
The warmongers drill
Even if blood
From our own men must spill
The sacredness
Of our life is no more
Now there is reason
For us to have war


They're coming soon
They're coming to take you away
Your life is doomed
And you have nothing to say
You warrior
You thought you were so tough before
But now you're there
Now you've entered the war
Waking up lost someone that's inside of me
Visions are crossed, no near yet so far away
Soothing to hear a voice from within
Hysterical laugh as I struggle to win

Who am I, what am I
A man with two souls trapped within
Each of me fights to live
I can't lose I can't win

Chorus (x2)
Oh schizophrenia oh

Something's not right it hides in me
Way deep inside
Still it's not right, damn it it's so hard to hide
Freedom by choice or take it however I can
Into the black as I lose my command
Violent Victory
The time has come
It's off to war with me
Fight for survival
To save humanity
No running back
You're headed straight for hell
Wait for destruction
Watching for the shell

No need to be so worried
Get up and stand your ground
You are the one they fear
The world is still at large

Terror in the air
As well as in the ground
The enemy's waiting
Waiting to be found
Stripped of my sanity
My mind is set to kill
Blood rushes thru my veins
Violent victory my thrill
Witch's Sin
In a land afar where wonders
And dreams alike are real
There dwell the women
Who've the power to make them true

By a brook behind the forest
In the valley of the damned
There lies a story
To be told to those who hear

In a land afar where wonders
And dreams alike are true
Don't cross the women
Who've the power to make your nightmares come true

Takin' the bitch and watchin' burn at the stake
We make the rules so just don't make a mistake

Burn witch burn
Burn for a witch's sin
Burn witch burn
Die for the people's whim

Too late to worry the deception's taken place
Too many faces see the guilt on her face
Feel the Pain
Feel the yearning, as it calls to you it pleads
Feel the burning, as it brings you to your knees

Tell me what you feel inside
Chew you up and spit you out
You're just another prisoner

Feel the pain, intense insane
It blows your mind can't take it
The agony, the tragedy
You never thought it'd happen

The emptiness in you, do you want it to go on
Another line is laid, 'cause it makes you feel so strong
Black Moon Rising
Wolves bane the curse torments me
Forever more unending
The gypsy women warned me
Why couldn't I see
Solver to savage my life
I took it in stride

Yea - I'm running astray
Stalking my prey
Don't walk run fast I'm after you
Under the blade
Quickly I'll fade
Pray for the sun to arise
Guns start to sound
I'm terror abound
Black moon rising

I feel the black moon rising
Tales of darkness haunt me
The witching hour is here
I cry my last tear
Into the shadows I run
The huntings begun
Shark Attack
We don't want to hear it
All your bullshit reasons for the bomb
There ain't no reason (ain't no reason)
How can you say you love this world

(Reform) Do you know what it means
You always seem to say it
Can you practice what you preach
(Conform) Why do you demand
You only ask for trouble when
You're talking like that

Chorus (x2)
Now you got a shark attack

Everybody get together
That means you too you punks and metal heads
'Cause we got to start somewhere
So we might as well start here and now
Death Wish
Tremors of excitement intensify in me
I come from out of nowhere
No warning as you'll see

You ask me for a reason
Well I do it for the price

Power over power I control and rule
Crossing me is not wise
'Cause you'll end up one dead fool

I am the executioner
Your judgement day has come
I've come to serve a death wish
Won't leave until I'm done

Another day another dollar with blood
Upon my hands
Because I give a damn
7th Son
I was running from the law
With a shotgun in my hand
Nobody's gonna capture me

My mother was a bitch
Lookin' for some rich
She threw me out into the street

My life was full of shit
I was livin' in the pits
Dreamin' about livin' free

I was trapped in a hole
With nowhere left to go
I'm gonna make it out you'll see

Caught in this world
That man had made for me
Something never meant to be
Life is just a word
With a meaning so absurd
That it shouldn't be allowed to be

Nothin' left to do
Got a bad point of view
Should've realized long ago

I'm feelin' kind of high
'Cause I know I'm gonna die
And I haven't got long to go

Ah - I was born the 7th son
Ah - I was born to sin
I was born the 7th son

Got a crooked sense of things
I been sittin' in the wings

Waitin' for my time to come
'Cause the time has come to see

If it's god or is it me
That's gonna kill the 7th son
Rik Baez - vocal
Bob Luman - guitar, back-vocal
Vince Varriale - guitar, back-vocal
Thom Braddish - bass guitar, back-vocal
Kent Wagner - drums

Produced by Amulance and Al Purvey.

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