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March 21st, 2019
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Hades - The Downside

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The DownsideRelease by: Metal Blade Records

Hades - The Downside
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Ground Zero N.Y.C.


2. Align the Planets


3. Bitter Suite #1


4. Hoax


5. Pay the Price


6. Hail to the Thief


7. Shove It


8. It's a Wonderful Lie


9. Become Dust


10. Responsible


11. The Me That Might Have Been


12. Ground Zero


Ground Zero N.Y.C.
Bones on the ground, all around, our ideas, our every sound
Wiped away in a heartbeat
Desolate Earth, draped in dearth, only memories of mirth
Devastation so complete
If someone nukes Manhattan
It won't matter what any of us dreamed
Hate U.S.A., devotee of a terrorist brigade
Hell bent religious mission
World wide awake from it's state of a non-event charade
DetoNation decision
Black market warheads smuggled everywhere
My delusional and paranoid care
There is for one potential future I pray
Then we'll ascend above the hatred of today
Make racism a forgotten word
Increase our brotherhood, the great human herd
The Northeast Coast-A silent nothing
Ground Zero NYC, dead center of suffering
Lives extinguished at a ruthless rate
Complete destruction doesn't segregate
A frigid forecast for a frightened flock
Mass murder multiplied by monsters who mock
Align the Planets
May 5, 2000
Who will be playing the fool?
No matter what happens
We have no choice but to
Charge right on through
Align the planets, ready senses
For a gravitational disturbance
They it's unstable
The first time the planets line up
Future or fable?
I guess it's anyone's luck
I can just see it
Class infrastructure collapse
The Earth in a shambles
Rebuild, rename and relapse
So what's your prediction?
Total annihilation?
Or just another date that fades away
The fear factor could almost make you
Pull the plug yourself
Well what would it take for you?
You can't get compliant with solar system demands
The punishing pulling between heavenly hands
Yeah, I can just see it
Reduced to a primitive state
Horrific, desolate wasteland or beautiful clean slate?
The fear factor could almost make you
Pull the plug yourself
Well what would make you?
Bitter Suite #1
Cause you've been drifting down that wrongful road again
Your favorite vice has got you hanging on its whim
But just look on the downside
Got no place left to go but up
Exposed from negative, fed up with life
Spit out the pain and stuff the hate inside
Energy, ever building
A polar static charge
It makes the obscure, small things
Seem overwhelmingly large
I am doubting, inner bouting
For a perspective you see
Pessimism? Optimism?
Number one works sweet for me
Exposed from negative, fed up with life
Spit out the pain and stuff the hate inside
Expect nothing and never be let down
The smile, simple inversion of the frown
We get home and the remote is our best friend
The mind turns off, active thought meeting its end
The have no lives of our own, fictitious roles overgrown
Can't break the hold of the teledrama hoax
Programs just suck us all in, stuck in your head, wheels spin
Can't break away from the teledrama hoax
Are we so easily entranced?
The piper plays and we knowingly dance
So vapid and so hollow, exciting lives, all borrowed
Can't break the hold of the teledrama hoax
Ingrained in the modern day
Entrenched and scheduled to stay
Can't break away from the teledrama hoax
Change the channel to one of purpose
Break the spell of our ignorant curse
Dream of days when we all grow and interact
But the hoax is on and that's a fact
Pay the Price
Falsified, now laid out on a table
You told your lie and now you pay the price
Greed and lust are motivators
Never trust annihilators
Testified, and now you're six feet under
Your family, your friends all are suffering
Greed and lust, our motivators
Never trust the profit makers
Now you pay the price
Hail to the Thief
I'm not gonna follow
Walk to the beat of your drum
May not be brilliant but I'm not exactly dumb
Not a hurry to align myself with the damned
I won't get buried in their red tape ridden plans
Investigate the scene. Count the bodies, chase the green
Thank God for term limits
Hope that the truths are revealed
Vince Foster, Ron Brown and the whole Whitewater deal
So all hail to the thief
Sucked up every drop of my belief
Shove It
What great days lie just ahead
Starving youth, hopes dashed in dread
Such a cherished, sacred thing
Carelessly reproducing
Shove It - When you're bitchin' and your itchin' just to blame somebody else
Shove It - Live your lie until you die 'cause all you're loving is yourself
Shove It - In your face 'cause you're complacent and you're draggin' us down
Born into a world of pain
Born unloved, it's such a shame
Finished up before life starts
Broken home breed broken hearts
Right to life alone and scared
Learn to never learn to care
Family values laughed away
See morality decay
It's a Wonderful Lie
Talking to myself suffices
Better than support devices
I do fine sans such connections
Never need their false protection
Emotion locked safely away
A calm, indifferent doubting display
People always let each other down
In false hope and trust they soon drown
I choose to believe in no one
It's a wonderful lie
Being my own best friend is helpful
Now that I am so distrustful
Isolated, I so hate it
It's a wonderful lie
And it's a pleasure to be living it with you
Become Dust
Yeah, life's a short lived role
On that point I cannot console
One day shall be last
Sink into the phase
We will, no, we must become Dust
My friend in sickness toils
He sees all those futures sad and soiled
Can't dwell on what could be
While you've got health and youth enjoy it
Time deals but feels no pain
Embrace your life cause it's one quick campaign
Sound the bells
Sounds like a death knell
For every child down one parent
It's hard enough to learn
Life's pure and realtime versions
Can't discern them from the virtual
Responsible, Be Responsible
It's cool to be the anti-norm
Ultimately we are all alone
Slippery slope slide
Down the hatch, sleep it off
Next day the world's the same
Our troubles right there
Where we threw them yesterday
The Me That Might Have Been
Because I wonder what makes us tick
Why some are sane while some stay sick
I see the saint, I see the sin, I see the me that might have been
The struggling layman, the lazy lush
Boisterous bragging or modest hush
A suit and tie life, tied down in debt
Or penniless with no regrets
Content to stagnate or get ahead
Much time to rest when we are dead

Alter reality see that me that might have been
High on his luck or rotting in a coffin
Cacophonous sound of our diverse voices
Where would you be now
Had you made different choices?
Ground Zero
It's a shame really, that humankind cannot advance
On social and civil levels as a single race
With the same rampant and voracious growth of its technology.
We can create some of the most awe inspiring machines,
But we're so naive in other ways that we may well wind up
Victims of our own knowledge one day.
That's the downside. The upside? Overpopulation problem solved.
The Downside
Alan Tecchio - vocal
Dan Lorenzo - guitar, back-vocal, bass guitar
Ed Fuhrman - guitar, bass guitar
Dave Lescinsky - drums, vocal

Scott lePage - bass guitar
Carlo Verni (D.D.) - bass guitar
Billy Milano - back-vocal
Mike Cristi - percussion
Produced by Tim Gilles.

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