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February 18th, 2019
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Battleroar - promo

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Battleroar - promo
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Swordbrothers


2. Almuric


3. Battleroar


4. Morituri te Salutant


5. Dragonship


Now, that so many years have passed
As a blank figure I stand, In front of my destiny's tale
And I see a divine impaler, reaching for my soul's vein

"Come my messiah I await thee
For my time has come to finally meet my Swordbrother"

A past full of pictures and greatness on my back
It's a shame to die without blood on my hands
So I bear my sword to the ground and I prayed

On cold winds of hatred I ride
From the darkest depths of hell I march
The great horns of battle call me again

An ancient oath I swore in the past
A bond of a sacred promise

Souls shine like steel, across the rainbow
In front of the golden hall, I stand still
And before tears drop down from my eyes,
I grab your hand to get you back, my Swordbrother

Bonded by honour and blood we are one,
Brothers in battle and death
Warriors in armours of shining chromed steel
Strong and immortal we soar

Ride on my warriors fight proud victorious
Onwards to battle to slay and kill
Born in a wrong age
In another dimension
In a planet of weakness
In my own desolation

Damned by my own fate
Hunted by my own race
Hiding from my destiny
An animal is crying inside me

Ironhand of Almuric

One day my destiny calls
To leave it all behind
To travel to a new world
On wings of death I ride

To a world of my powers
A world full of rage
Where life means so little
Where death leads my way

Ironhand of Almuric

Icon of barbaric fury and warlust
An ironhand raised to destroy
Warrior reborn from exile to command
Lead on your legions to conquest and to triumph
Just before darkness falls
A beast cries out a battleroar
A roar coming from the past
Warriors live again at last

Metal lives in our hearts
In our blood, in our minds
On fiery chariots from hell we ride
A conquest for eternal life

Now, open your eyes
And see the darkness turning to light
While burning fire rains from the sky
There will be no one left to survive, no

When gates shall fall
And Gods will hold the flames of those souls
Who praise and keep the faith of an oath
Of sacred metal, of Battleroar

Feel the cold steel cutting through your flesh
Into the battle
Brave to the end fight for what you believe
Into battle

Oh, never fall, standing tall
Strong raise your sword, scream and shout
Morituri te Salutant
My glory is passing through victory
My bravery will be rewarded
One day I will pass all this misery
And free I will stand to this world

I spent all my life into slavery
Hoping to see the next dawn
I am here to kill every enemy
And salute the man on the throne

My dream is to travel in foreign lands
I have dreamed that long before
I'll try to forget all this blood on sand
And mournings will sound here no more

But all these dreamed things are so far away
I'm only a gladiator
Perhaps these could be my last fighting days
And the crowd will shout for more

Morituri te Salutant

Under the stars
I see a vision a chariot of light
Heading towards me
And I realize it's time for me
To fly high in the sky
I hail you now as I die
Ride with me on the endless sea
Across the waves among the brave
And if we die don�t ask me why
'Cause this is the way of the strong and the great

Feel your eyes spiting fire and ice
Cry for your life, once you live once you die
You may live a minute you may see the light
You may face the darkness but don't fear the night

Sail onto the Dragonship
And this could be your last trip
But wisdom and glory lies ahead
As the Ancient Gods of War have said

Hoping to find them before your death
Let the wind take your last breath
And as you leave Midgard behind you
Remember all those who stood beside you

Sail across oceans of darkness and light
Demons are waiting to face their last time
When seafarers kill with all power and might
The skies become crimson as Valkyries fly

Odin come forth show the way feed the beast
Through red mist raise your steel armored fist
Under the veils of unknown oceans deep
Immortal all those who sail on Dragonships

On bow I stand, the wind blows my hair
As I walk through the halls of Valhalla
Let the flames burn away, like dust in the air
To a place where immortals may live forever
Vagelis Krouskas - vocal
Kostas Tzortzis - guitar
Manolis Karazeris - guitar
Chris Remoundos - bass guitar
Nick Papadopoulos - drums


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