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February 18th, 2019
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Battleroar - Battleroar

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BattleroarRelease by: Omicron Music

Battleroar - Battleroar
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Swordbrothers


2. Victorious Path


3. Egyptian Doom


4. Mourning Sword


5. Almuric


6. Battleroar


7. Morituri te Salutant


8. Megaloman


9. Berzerker


Now, that so many years have passed
As a blank figure I stand, In front of my destiny's tale
And I see a divine impaler, reaching for my soul's vein

"Come my messiah I await thee
For my time has come to finally meet my Swordbrother"

A past full of pictures and greatness on my back
It's a shame to die without blood on my hands
So I bear my sword to the ground and I prayed

On cold winds of hatred I ride
From the darkest depths of hell I march
The great horns of battle call me again

An ancient oath I swore in the past
A bond of a sacred promise

Souls shine like steel, across the rainbow
In front of the golden hall, I stand still
And before tears drop down from my eyes,
I grab your hand to get you back, my Swordbrother

Bonded by honour and blood we are one,
Brothers in battle and death
Warriors in armours of shining chromed steel
Strong and immortal we soar

Ride on my warriors fight proud victorious
Onwards to battle to slay and kill
Victorious Path
Scanned bodies fall to the ground
A flash by the blade as the sword cuts the speed of the sound

And the titans shall scream and cry out
Valhallan warriors, masters of battle

We know our fate lies in the hands of the gods
Armed for battle, forces of fire and frost

Inside my dreams I have seen
My death, my glory and a life full of hatred

Trapped in a cage with my sword and my shield
Destiny calls so I'm flying away to the gods

Fight, we stand strong full of might
Victorious path we ride

Bearing the mark of destruction and triumph
Unchained and victorious we rise
Bursting the nightsky with red glowing metal
We march on the Road of the Light

Fight, we stand strong full of might
Victorious path we ride
Egyptian Doom
Burns a magic fire on the shores of river Nile
Guardian of the secrets of the pyramids
Pharaohs and Queens, they rest in ancient crypts
Protected by the spells of evil priests

Spins the wheel of time, towards the Enlightenment
The bright age of discoveries and wars
Conquerors of Egypt, Napoleonic troops
Plundering the land taken by storm
Explorers through the mist of reigns unknown

Gods, men and demons and beasts with powers divine
The final frontiers, are ruled and sealed by Horus hawkeyes
Sandstorms rise from the desert, a kingdom too proud to be tamed
The vengeance will strike, the jackals of night will howl once again

Torches cast their firelight on mystic glyphs of old
Hammer smashes royal chamber's walls
Violators brutalize and profanate with no remorse
Soon they will be stricken by the curse

Winged is the fly that bites when cowards fall asleep
Silent is the cobra, lethal venom on its teeth
Deadly pointed scorpion tails, nail victims to the ground
Legions of the dark are on the prowl
Children of the sand will hunt you down

Gods, men and demons and beasts with powers divine
The final frontiers, are ruled and sealed by Horus hawkeyes
Sandstorms rise from the desert, a kingdom too proud to be tamed
The vengeance will strike, the jackals of night will howl once again

This is not a legend, but a page of history
Still the fire burns, this land to keep
Scavengers of human lust for glory and for gold
Don't cross again the point of no return
Powers of the Nile will steal your soul

Gods, men and demons and beasts with powers divine
The final frontiers, are ruled and sealed by Horus hawkeyes
Sandstorms rise from the desert, a kingdom too proud to be tamed
The vengeance will strike, the jackals of night will howl once again

Rises from the horizon, the majestic fire of the sun
Its challenging light reflects on the Nile, bringing new life
Caravans across the desert, nomads and tribes they all know
Forces of Egypt will serve and protect the secrets of old
Mourning Sword
Forged into a world, of endless war,
Baptised in the cold blood of thousand men and gods

Runes over its blade, showing the way
Of how this doomed world will reach its final day

Slave to his fate, Elric the great will carry this sword and a steel chain of hate

Mighty duke of Chaos, Arioch, lord of hell
When the moon brings tides of war I call thee
Dragonisle will collapse, bane of the dark sword,
Scythes of doom will strike tonight, the curtain descends

Sailors of fate, dragons will chase
Ships crushed in flames
End of an age, Gods scream in pain
Cry of the mourning blade

I am the sword called Stormbringer
With horror in their eyes, they called me souldrinker
Made to kill everything in my way
Even some Gods have felt my blade

I can see the agony in your eyes
As my powers begin to rise
Your soul farewell body and mind
And it becomes totally mine
Born in a wrong age
In another dimension
In a planet of weakness
In my own desolation

Damned by my own fate
Hunted by my own race
Hiding from my destiny
An animal is crying inside me

Ironhand of Almuric

One day my destiny calls
To leave it all behind
To travel to a new world
On wings of death I ride

To a world of my powers
A world full of rage
Where life means so little
Where death leads my way

Ironhand of Almuric

Icon of barbaric fury and warlust
An ironhand raised to destroy
Warrior reborn from exile to command
Lead on your legions to conquest and to triumph
Just before darkness falls
A beast cries out a battleroar
A roar coming from the past
Warriors live again at last

Metal lives in our hearts
In our blood, in our minds
On fiery chariots from hell we ride
A conquest for eternal life

Now, open your eyes
And see the darkness turning to light
While burning fire rains from the sky
There will be no one left to survive, no

When gates shall fall
And Gods will hold the flames of those souls
Who praise and keep the faith of an oath
Of sacred metal, of Battleroar

Feel the cold steel cutting through your flesh
Into the battle
Brave to the end fight for what you believe
Into battle

Oh, never fall, standing tall
Strong raise your sword, scream and shout
Morituri te Salutant
My glory is passing through victory
My bravery will be rewarded
One day I will pass all this misery
And free I will stand to this world

I spent all my life into slavery
Hoping to see the next dawn
I am here to kill every enemy
And salute the man on the throne

My dream is to travel in foreign lands
I have dreamed that long before
I'll try to forget all this blood on sand
And mournings will sound here no more

But all these dreamed things are so far away
I'm only a gladiator
Perhaps these could be my last fighting days
And the crowd will shout for more

Morituri te Salutant

Under the stars
I see a vision a chariot of light
Heading towards me
And I realize it's time for me
To fly high in the sky
I hail you now as I die
Hurricane of fire, flame of Megalopolis
Fighting for all mankind,
He's the chosen last Mane king

Black blood tribe is planning conquest
Of the planet Earth
He's the one who wields the power
Master of starforce


Mystical bladefighter, swinger of the firesword
Cybernetic warrior, ruler from a distant star

Captain Dagger's sending monsters
From the evil dome
Towns are crushed and torn in chaos,
Screaming out their call


Mighty mane's the final weapon, deflagrating force
Iron masked champion, rider of the firestorm

Shining bracelets, freedom fighters
Guardians of the world,
Crossed arms unleash the powers
Surging one and all

The shaman dances around the fire
The thought of blood becomes desire
All is lost, out of my sight
I start to tremble, from lust for fight

Oh, inside my dreams, the things I've seen, they pull me within

I'm calling Tyr, to come ashore
To turn my voice into a mighty roar
Finally I can see the red mist
And the axe starts to live in my fist

On an endless war, I heard a roar
Through frost and ice, from a distant shore

Now there is no meaning upon the earth
And my salvation will come through death
But my fury will go on
Until Valhalla becomes my home

Oh, warriors stood there, with skins of bear
Letting their screams into the air

I have seen men attack, on certain death
And mutilated warriors keep fight to their last breath
But only now I can understand
The ultimate wrath that makes them stand

Oh, now they let me see, all that they can see
In front of a frozen sea...
...Beyond the realms of pain I stand
Marco Congoreggi (Marco Concoreggi) - vocal
Kostas Tzortzis - guitar
Manolis Karazeris - guitar
Kostas Makrikostas (Gus Macricostas) - bass guitar
Nick Papadopoulos - drums

The lyrics

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