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January 24th, 2019
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Beyonders - Beyonders

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BeyondersRelease by: selfproduction

Beyonders - Beyonders
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Through the Ocean


2. Dreamland


3. The Seamy Side


4. Memory


5. Escape in a Legend


Through the Ocean
From the coast of a strange land
I'm travelling in a golden age
Where my dreams dare to bring me
I'm flying to the moon of the silent sea
Beyond these wild hills
I hear the screams of another world
Far away from my life
I want to run for endless miles

Scream for me
If you leave with me

Since the day I've seen this land
I've lost my sadness and my pain
The birds sing me the song of the trees
Which have led me the way to be free
And now the sun lights up my face
In these new skies there's no disgrace
Trust in me I give you all
You are always in my soul

Just in peace without question
I find my words in your eyes
And now I know the wind can blow
The way of my life brings to you
Sometimes a story has no end
Together we are not the same
So let me dream
Let me sing
Let me scream

After the mountains, across vast woodlands
I can fly high to the other blue sky
If you can hear the whispers of the waves
You will forget all your sorrow
Try to find the endless peace
In this new world where you can dream
Trust in me I give you all
You are always in my soul
The Seamy Side
Sometimes I feel something enter in me
A power coming from deep inside me
It leads me like puppet that's gone blind
I can't escape from my other mind
Wherever I may go away
This thing will find me anyway
I can't wake from this nightmare
The devil follows me anywhere
I don't know what happened to me
I don't manage to control me

I have lost the sense of reality
Cos' a fiend shows me the dark way to be
It impels me to fall deep down
There's no place for me to the underground
And now I want to run away
Alone in the dark I have lost my way
I have become my own slave
In a gloomy world without life's breath

Lost in a dream I can't feel the pain
No one can hear my call from this hell
When I feel it enter my mind
It impels me to commit crimes
I don't think I am still myself
And now I must succumb to death
It's a story of my past life
Everyday walking along my way
In memory of all that time
I'm writing my tears and my smiles
I sing forever the songs sang by all of us
All of us, friends sometimes like brothers
So remember this

The moon slept on this beach that night
Free in our minds but slave in our hearts
The wind blew this time far away
And I remember what I have lost
A strange light shines in my thoughts
And I believe I have left all my pains
Behind my mask

Still slave of my thoughts
In my mind all these questions
Afraid of the future
Where is my way?
Still slave of my thoughts
In my mind all these questions
What will my be life?
I must be brave
Afraid of the future
Where is my way?

I want to know how to make you smile
Shadow of my nights, mirror of my eyes
I want to feel the breath of your fortune
Little fairy using of your power
Give me the strength to live
The nicest story of my life
Don't taint my hopes, my faith and my dreams

But sometimes, some pictures that I can't stand
...Sometimes, some pictures that I can't see
When dreams are worst than the reality
A distance falls around our bodies
Look all these people who are in a burry
Who are running without seeing time lapsing
Why do you want to imitate them
If their whole life is an illusion?
Escape in a Legend
I'm afraid to live in their world
Where our life is tainted by the silence
I'm afraid to perceive all these blinds
Who search for their way in their prayer
Without love, love and hope

When I see all around me
I just see a man who seems to be alone
No more memory remains from this time
I want to run outside my world
and live another life

I crossed the valley of lost dreams
To search for the peace of my muddy brain
Suddenly arrived on the edge of the world
Could I break the string with my magic sword?

I rise with my boat across the sea
Faster the daemons who are following me
will I finally escape of my tragedy?
I bought a ticket to the road of my dreams

Escaped in a legend, I've found a promised land
Escaped in a legend, I've found a promised land

Between the shadows, the thunder and chaos
I control my ride on the good way of life
Looking at hell in the back of the windows
Far from me, it will be the sea of lies

I will appear in country of God
When the end of my quest will be before my eyes
This day is coming, I'm waiting for tomorrow
When I'll walk free on the ways of the heroes
Guillaume Drivierre - vocal
Guillaume Seznec - keys
Mathias Minquet - guitar


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