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January 17th, 2019
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Narcoze - Genoma

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GenomaRelease by: Zenor Recordz

Narcoze - Genoma
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Dawning


2. Genoma


3. Hunter


4. Into the Light


5. Promised Land


6. Grains of Sand


7. The Lord of Time


8. Avalon


9. Signs of the Night
    (by Viper.)


10. Immortal Warriors


The Dawning
As I took in the deep at the sky
And the clouds cover my dreams
Then I feel right through my heart
That nothing is what is seems

As I walk on sands of life
And the horizons seems to be so far
I know I can reach what I want
I have to leave my scars

There's a long path for me to go
A hard way for me to know

As I have my sorrows before me
The wind blows harder into my soul
Trying to make me see things
That I could not see before

My destiny is not what I thought it was
Now I'll have to make it on my own
Always walking towards the sun
I will do it alone
New millennium make your choice now
Would you like your son black or white?

Do you want to be
What you dream to be?
Put all your faith in my machine

Let me steal your DNA you don't have no worry,
You know I'm friend

Tell me your dreams
And they'll become true
And you'll fell the pleasure of Genoma
Tell me your dreams
And they'll become true
So we will no there I am of Genoma

Animals are clones
Soon I'll reach you
Creating perfect men
If I want so
Walking through the shadows
Waiting for the hunt
Waiting for a sign to make his move

Running through the trees
Searching for a mark
Shooting in the dark without a reason

Make your name through time
Feel the hunter wound
Shooting in the dark
Play your killing game
Smiling with the blood

The wind blows into you
Your eyes are burning fire
His gun reflects his hunger for the blood

The mark is on your sight
Sudden death is on it's way
A moment frozen in the hunter's world
Into the Light
Looking for better days
You feel something new
And then you know you're not the same anymore
So you try to hear the angel's song
You've been trying to lie yourself

You're scared to live your life
Tied to the past
Now it's time let yourself go on

Take my soul
Into the light
Say my name
So I can touch the sky

When everybody think you're down
You know deep inside
You can live better days
If you walk into the light
So I wanna be alone no more
Keep your head up make your life go on
Promised Land
Driftin' in streets that have no life
Calling people I don't know
Hoping someone to catch my fall
I'm trapped inside my own world

So I'll fly away
...Stay here wait for down
The tears I've been shedding have washed my soul
Tomorrow's no promise walking and waiting,
I stare, I'm staying

While leaves fall from the trees
I see my castles turn to sand
And I just want to get out of here
To search for my promised land

Now I wonder who I am and where I've been
Take my hand and close your eyes
Now I want you next to me
Grains of Sand
Stay a while
Take my hand
We'll shall never cry
I will - will be there
And scream out loud your name

Walking the long road to know what life means
We can't live alone

Don't look at the past grab my arms
I'll embrace you with my wings of tranquillity
My eyes can't see why you're crying
But my heart knows that I am the reason of all of your tears

When the shadows disappear
And there's nothing left to give
And the moments that we've shared
Now they turn to grains of sand
Lay down your head on me
Cause I care for you
You'll see in the feelings that I don't show
We both know we're growing old
The Lord of Time
Fall down to my feet
But don't die unjustly
Celebrate death by the right way
But don't let the candles go out

Go up the highest mountains
Feel on the skin the beauty of Gods
The breath of the Lord of Time
Shout with the furior of a tiger

Fall down to my feet
But don't cry
Fall down to my feet
But don't cry
Fall down to my feet
And drink my blood in darkness

My kingdom is great and glorious
My people strong and fighter
We don't fight against the power of darkness
But we don't fear your rage
The sword of truth shall make's victims and a new kingdom shall rise
When the weapons risen eyes stare with fear

The knight with the pain in his eyes the villages in flames
Man covered up in blood
The battle is still the same

Avalon Avalon
Waiting for Arthur
The king that will come

Arrows cross the sky
Sinkin' in the deepness of the soul
Taking the last breath of life of the knight

Elders are praying to God
In the eyes of Arthur victory glows

The man with the pain in his eyes
The woman with death in her mouth
The boy with fear in his cries

The devil with anger in his voice
The walls around us are crumbling down
Signs of the Night
(by Viper.)
In the age of fights
I'm running wild
I saw the people screaming
I need the glory
This land is bloody
Just the power had given

The wind the sound
The star the sky

Signs of the night
The fire burning bright in the air
Signs of the night
The fire burning bright till the end
Of the world

The swords are burning
You can hear the sound
Many souls has risen
The beast is rising
Death is her mate
She got the rage of the viper!
Immortal Warriors
In a far away world
From the burning soil originated alike warriors
Wild men with morbid sights

Blood was glory
Kill you not be killed
Blood was glory
Kill you not be killed

Death was only a little detail on the sharp steel of the powerful warrior
The enemies blood is the beast wine
The enemies cry is the best melody - die

Immortal warriors
I can hear the sound
Immortal warriors
Souls of lifes
Carlos Sousa - vocal, back-vocal
Andre Santos - keys
Andre Lima - guitar, vocal
Andre Veras - bass guitar
Luciano Toledo - drums

Leandro Barcellos - flute
Rhamonah Bastonets - vocal
Produced by Riti Santiago.

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