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February 15th, 2019
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Zed Yago - From Over Yonder

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Zed Yago'1988

From Over YonderRelease by: Steamhammer

Zed Yago - From Over Yonder
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Spell from Over Yonder


2. The Flying Dutchman


3. Zed Yago


4. Queen And Priest


5. Revenge


6. United Pirate Kingdom


7. Stay the Course


8. Rebel Ladies


9. Rockin' for the Nation


The Spell from Over Yonder
When the raven's colour's white
And a cross turns upside down
Dead end don't walk keep out
Anchor's turning the inside out

After all this ship of life
Couldn't find a resting-place
And a spell from over yonder
Took the wind out of the sails

Remember all those hungry years
The elder left behind
Just look at all those hungry years
They come to be in the next century

Underneath the surface is
A wound that never heals
And the salt of all oceans is
The essence of your tears

I wish there could be a future
Without a past
I wish there could be green roses
In Alice's Wonderland

Remember all those hungry years
The elders left behind
Just look at all those hungry years
They come to be in the next century

It's business the mighty claim
For selfish power
No culture say the old
Ignoring Rock and Roll
Ignoring Rock and Roll
The Flying Dutchman
There is a world not world,
Beyond the water
Where nothing is but what is not,
Where she live.

Unreal creature
But her father was a man
Wicked and cursed
Her mother was the water
Formless form.

She has a ship and sails the sea
Year in year out the Flying Dutchman's daughter
More than a ghost and less who will redeem her,
And those hopeless souls that cry about her
Those twilight creatures in a tortured chaos.

Pink fog turns purple, in the slime
The daughter and the lords of chaos meet
Oh, give me form,
And I'll bring back sweet fantasy
She cries, give me a human body, heaven
Give me a human body, hell.

And it is done a female body goes ashore
In search of fantasy, a mysterious,
Beautiful woman leaves the sea.
Zed Yago
Zed Yago's bound
To sail across the water
Because her father sold his soul
And left that curse on her he
Left that curse on his daughter
By ghosts from the past
They're crying out in agony
All those forgotten hearts
Gliding along the ocean waves
Beg for release waiting for these days

Zed Yago from the twilight zone
Bound to sail the sea
She wants to move heaven
And hell she wants to break free

She took the sin
Of her fathers gruesome life
Helpless in the shroud of mist
Hear the breathless sigh
A dream and one aim in mind
To save the good, the bad and all mankind.
Queen And Priest
When the nights come on
Darkness breaks through
Say, baby, what you're gonna do.

Priest of the light
Moving away
Nothing at all can make him stay
Queen of the dark
Is leaving her cage
She's on the way to turn the page
Sleeves all in black
Red lips, real hot
She always gets what she wants.

No release for queen and priest,
No guilt no sacrifice

Never ending black and white good old days and nights.

The hunter in space
Hunting the days
No chance to win whatever way
A sight of relief
And with the morning rain
The day will give you shelter once again
Priest of the light
Is ready to start
Against the dark the same old fight
Call it the sun
Lets call it the moon
The same old game we forgot to soon.
Behind the backyard down in the dust
Every night the same old fuss
No cash for trash the painted wall
Bursts into flames out of control
You're a creature,
Got to be stronger, than a wise man
But your life wont last longer,
Than five years plus ten.

No illusions emotions in chains
Underground dangerous games
Wake up in this circumstance
Avenging angel making advance.

Even a worm will turn,
And its crying out for revenge,

All the children will burn
When you set them on a fire dance,
A bitter life romance, surviving just for revenge.

Ready to fight at the edge of a crime
A fairy tale at first sight
You're deeper in it than you think you might.
United Pirate Kingdom
Welcome to the edge of the world
Where the horizon meets the great water
No doubt about the material world
It hasn't manifested itself
Shadows form monstrous shapes
Over and over again
Never tired, never ending
The outlines burst in to pieces of pain.

Its the place where all forms of life
Dwell and await their return
A timeless life between real and unreal is,
Where she endlessly burns
The magic rope a gift from the past
Won't let her free never
She moves in the middle of this misty fog
Oh, that's forever.

United pirate kingdom ruled by a pirate queen,
That's where she keeps on dreaming
Building up her fantasy for ecstasy.

Obsessed by revolution against the slimy cloud,
Wait for incarnation that's all she
Dreams about, the misty fog and the twilight zone
You can't destroy throughout
Eternity, a creation without end
A reckless rider on the sea
At the edge of the world.

Chased by the dream to be able to live
Inside a human body
Only one amazing miracle could achieve
This innermost wish of the lady
If two great opposites such as good and bad
Would go together and unite
Heaven and hell is only one thing
This cannot be denied.
Stay the Course
You're not born to beg somebody
You're not a great big lie.
You know, you need somebody
Who is gonna taking your high
You know what you need
Do you know what you can get
Down and out in the street
White sheets in a cold sweat.

Shout it out, shout, stay the course,
Shout it out, shout,
Don't beg someone just to give
Shout it out, shout,
Them all down, it's a great relief
If you don't beg somebody just to live.

An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
Only say good bye
Before you're bound to loose,
And than when you have to hit the road.

Rebel Ladies
Her name was Ann Boney
She made history
She was the famous pirate
Ill famed for tragedy

Rebel ladies breaking the rule,
Rebel babies take over entering you

Another lady in that age
Who was called Mary Reed
She wore man's dress
And fought for what she needed.

They decided to live, totally free,
Out of woman's traditional life
They decided to be mutinous speeding up the fight.

There was a little woman
With a slit of an eye
"Evil" was the name
Blood thirsty the game.
Rockin' for the Nation
She has the night
To get her thrills
Her sole delight
She'll pop a pill
He's the night
A pagan right
She'll blow a line
Don't need a rhyme
She's a backseat lover

Rocking for the nation, she's a backstage prop,
Keep on rolling thunder and Lightning for the nation,
Keep on rocking thunder and lightning all over.

Hungry for love
She'll get her way
Hunting for more
But she won't stay
Town after town
Where she belongs
Backstage prop
She's having fun.
Jutta Weinhold - vocal
Jimmy Durand - guitar
Gunnar - guitar
Tatch - bass guitar
Claus Reinholdt (Bubi der Schmied) - drums

Produced by Zed Yago and Colonel Basten.

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