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February 24th, 2019
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Sabbtail - Night Church

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Night ChurchRelease by: Massacre Records

(Sabbtail wish to dedicate this album to one of our own circle - Kardinal Kaos - who chose to leave the rest of us behind earlier this year. A final farewell to you! And to those who dwells on the nodes beyond - beware...)

Sabbtail - Night Church
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Night Church


2. According to


3. Wishful Thinking


4. Don't You Know


5. Contemplation


6. Your Fear


7. Outcast


8. Dragons Flight


9. Figure This


Night Church
Shine on
Chosen one
Your dreams
Never fade

No sun
No moon
Can compare
To your light

Join us for a while
Our goddess, our sign

Come now, fair child
Walk with us down the stairs

Don't cry
You're loved
Great honor
Shall come to you

We are followers, exalted ones
Our one true love is for the dead
We are followers, hidden ones
Our one true fear is for our lord

Share your blood, share your pain

Darkest fear
Iron bonds
Hold you here eternally

In death your eyes
Still sparkle, but in tears
Tender meat, hungry souls
Food and wine to celebrate
According to
According to the old ways
Our circle must be closed
Always to be hidden
From the children of the dark

According to the writings
Our wisdom can't be shared
Always to be hidden
From the spawn of your kin

According to the priesthood
Our kingdom will be damned
Always to be cast out
From the haven of your god

Join the coven pure and true
Lead your way into the light
Into order

To see beyond the past
To break through the illusion

To know beyond the lies
By heart and mind

According to the masters
Our teachings are false
Always to be evil
From dusk till dawn

According to the people
Our wish is to kill
Always planning bad deeds
From hell we enter

According to ourself
Our mission is clear
Always to find new ways
To finally make you see
Wishful Thinking
I'm so alone
It's dark and dreary, damp and cold
Missing your warmth
Wish that you were here with me
Time seems to die
Whenever you are on my mind
Do hear my plea
My yearning cannot be in vain

You are my castle, past and future
My realm that remain

I lie here forever frozen
Staring beyond my mound
It's hard to believe for certain
That my eyes are as dead as the rest

Breathing no more makes me choking
A fearing for life can't be done

My kingdom is decomposing
Leaving just earth behind

Death is just the beginning
Your mind won't be free at all
Escaping is wishful thinking
Cling on to whatever dream
(You might have)

Finding no rest, my ghost will haunt
The places lost
Ever to be trapped in
Same old evil cycle
Reaching for you
Has no meaning
I know but listen
You're all I got
My prison, my salvation
And my death
Don't You Know
Down by the brook
Sun is shining
Trickling water sing songs
Never heard before

This is the place
We will meet
Now as always...

Leaves without wind will not rustle
Suddenly I'm not alone
Moment's lost

Leaving this place
Makes me sad, makes me cry
But I know the time will come
In the end I'm sure we become one

Don't you know why I keep you my precious
Don't you know that we're two of a kind
We could summon the power of heavens
But just as easily wander through hell

Find my way through the spheres
Using circles
Travelling granted my soul
Ages before

Hear now my pledge
Lord Bael be my master
My flesh is thy boon
Yet my dreams belong to me

Through burning desires
Constructing the portal took two thousand years
Black shining marble was used
The souls that were bound to the circle still screams
Blood is essential for runes

Unseen the guardians are watching our deeds
Eternally roaming this place
The prophecy tells us that time has come near
To finally reach our lord

Fearing our doom is pointless
Realizing our deeds
Humanity is in dept, my friend
And those who pay
Are you and I...

The ideal of civilization is grand
But few know why we even try
Fulfilling the great ancient vision in truth
Is all that will count in the end

The only purpose for our struggle
Is to reach a certain point
Where we can feel were close to god
To realize corruption rules

Sometimes I can swear it's opening,
It's shifting
Sometimes I can swear it's glaring, laughing...

To realize that it all are lies
To realize that we all have to die
To realize that we all have to die
Your Fear
Our secret is obvious,
Gruesome, hilarious
Believe what you see
In your holy places

Echoes of visions
Changing my view
All that is real is tonight

Scavenger hunting,
Lurking behind
Skulking the streets out of sight

Seeking companions,
Brothers at arms
Instinct is crucial indeed

Screaming for pleasure
Blood rushing forth
Closing the fallen to feed

Worship the darkness,
Fearing the light
Running with demons,
Cringing before the gods

I'm for real
Always in presence
I'm for real
Forever (your fear)

Being a changeling, not of your kind
Wondering when you will find out
Hoping for justice, laughing out loud
Killing is living, living is dying

Worship the darkness, fearing the light
We set sails
Head for other horizons

Wait for the wind
To bring us to other shores

No use in denying
You know us far too well
No use in us lying
Nothing to be said

We are the outcast
Of your lands
We are the plague
That mar your beauty

We are the ones that you should fear
In your home, in your head

We are the outcast
Of your lands

Strange it seems
This sacrifice of fellow men
Unwritten laws
But valid where we go

Everything's a lie
Intricate illusions
Childish games it is
Castles made of sand
Dragons Flight
As I wake up I know for sure that I have been dreaming
A clouded sky, scintalling colours, molten red
There is something there I can not see it or remember

I could have sworn that something
tried to make me see it
Deep from the heart of a lair never seen

Dark glistering eyes that peer right through me
Black hulking shapes, spreading wings, starts to fly

Vile creature, erupting from pits beneath our world
Chimeare that feed on our lifeforce and more

Dragons fly again
Our masters calling forth their men
To fight these horrid beasts of old
With swords and spears as God has told

Then I recall the things I real in castle Embyr
The hidden book of elemental lord Bael
Existence of these creatures last as long as we do

Tail in hand, hand in tail - tales to be
I guess we have to have a balance to our dreaming
Melt in to one, dark and white, bless or blight
Figure This
Another year passes by
Another mark in your soul
Circles closed to an end
Cracking up as always

Mind and heart united
Mysteries revealed
Kingdom's ruled by wisdom
But then again I guess you have to
Figure this

To choose a single path
A fragment of reality
Blinding true perspectives
Forming truth to lie

Breaking through is easy
Clearing your mind
Letting free your senses
But then again I guess you have to...

...Figure this...

What became half will become whole

Mind and heart united
Mysteries revealed
Kingdom's ruled by wisdom
But then again I guess you have to
Figure this
Mats Leven (Mats Levén) - vocal
Jan Bingegard - keys
Fredrik Akesson (Fredrik Åkesson) - guitar
Janne Lund - bass guitar
Hakan Rangemo (Ring) - drums

Produced by Jan Bingegard and Janne Lund.

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