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February 23rd, 2019
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DAM - Inside Out

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Inside OutRelease by: Noise Records

DAM - Inside Out
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Man of Violence


2. House of Cards


3. Appointment with Fear


4. Winter's Tear


5. The Innocent One


6. My Twisted Mind


7. No Escape


8. Beneath Closed Eyes


9. Inside Out(ro)


4. Thought for the Day


8. Circles


Man of Violence
Intro Solo: Dave

My life is ruled by feelings of hate,
Influenced by my mind's state
The memories I can't ignore,
Of the life, I lived before
So don't you fuckin' look at me,
Who said you could speak to me?
I haven't thought of what you said,
'Cause my actions show what's in my head.

Where was your love when
Univers-condensed light feel is hate
My life has no sense of direction
Univers-Condensed light

My wife can't do anything for me.
The more she nags the worse it seems.
The way I relieve my stress
Is taking it out on someone's face.
I've taken it out on her before,
I hit her, she fell to the floor.
That's when she walked out on me,
Intensive care soon she will need.

Where was your love when I needed it most, all I feel is hate.
My life has no sense of direction, going nowhere at this rate.
When did you show you cared for me, you hurt me by neglect.
Other kids knew I wasn't like them, different from the rest.

No mummy's kisses no daddy's smiles,
I never seemed to get it tight.
The only feelings that I felt
Was the buckle of my father's belt.

Solo: Dave

So getting my kicks out of kicking in your head
Means someone will be dead.
That's when they'll put me away for good,
My fists washed of the blood.
I realise there's something wrong.
My temperament that's not so strong.
Nothing hurts me anymore.
Nothing bothered me before.
(Based on a BBC2 documentary called 'Men of Violence')
House of Cards
Never a day that passes by
With no breath without a sigh
No feeling, quite like this,
Of one's life that's gone a miss
It's been said a thousand times before,
You knock you don't just walk through the door
But don't believe your fucking luck,
Some bastard doesn't give a fuck

Commit the crime!

So what was your bad deed for the day,
Whose life did you go and blow away
You had to have that last drink,
Not aware of the fact you didn't think
That rainy night was not so clear,
The slippery road made it hard to steer
The last moment you saw the face,
A pretty young girl, what a waste

Its a crime!

One blow, your life comes falling down
Pick up the pieces on the ground
In time you'll find it ain't so hard
In this life, this house of cards

Stand tall, stand firm you must resist
And though it hurts to exist
These jigsaw pieces ain't so hard
In this life, this house of cards

Solo: Dave

One blow, your life comes falling down
Pick up the pieces on the ground
In time you'll find it ain't so hard
In this life, this house of cards

Stand tall, stand firm you must resist
And though it hurts to exist
These jigsaw pieces ain't so hard
In this life, this house of cards

Solo: Dave

I bet you thought, it couldn't happen to you
Once the joker, now the fool
Your apology doesn't mean a thing
She's dead and gone and we don't see you laughing
Solo Dave
Appointment with Fear
Next door neighbour family man
Out of the blue with gun in hand
Can't forget the look in his eyes
Can't someone tell me why
Not even mother could understand
Stood there with gun in hand
They say a friend in need
Must be a friend in deed

No motive to this bloody day
No reason for the foul play
Betrayed the trust of your family
Through your eyes only you can see
Is it a question of hate?
For this long you did wait
Silent rage deep inside
All built up feelings hide

The strangest feeling when I woke today
Something will happen but I can't say

Friends: No time to runaway
No No. Your lives will end today
Friends Your end is drawing near
It's your appointment with fear

Solo: John (with chorus words)

Solo: Dave

Strangest feeling churned  inside
As I turned and looked in his eyes
Trigger happy mad man loose
Visions of death come into view
Michael what have you done
Now you've nowhere to run
Now this choice you must make
End it now for God's sake

The guilty stand.
(Note: The above is a true story. No names have been changed.)
Winter's Tear
Of mice and man, and all the way to the bitter end.
Will ever end?
These lour walls hold no comfort,
No warmth at all, only the cold.
I could show you a place that would make you sad,
Where man stood proud.
But the sights reduce all.
And the most frightening thing of all,
Is what's held in your hand.

I try to forget, but the memory of war
Is stronger now than It was before.
And when I (all asleep at night,
I wake and reach for my gun.
But there's nothing there,
And there's noone there.
It's just another nightmare,
From which I can l run.

The sweat runs cold as a bitter chill bites from the night,
It's another one of those nights.
Sleep doesn't come easy now,
And when it does it doesn't last long.
And these sleepless nights are all I have to show,
No medal is worth its weight in gold.
The scars on my flesh are nothing
Compared to the nightmares, so cold

Solo: Dave

I could almost be there, I could taste the air
Running so real through the killing fields
Machine gun fire, shredded by barbed wire
Then I see my friend, and the nightmare ends

But will these nightmares ever end!

Johnny was my only friend.
We swore to be there until the end.
Side by side for days we fought
And end it all if we were caught
And as I stared into his eyes,
Upon his face appeared a smile
Then he fell into my arms,
And died right there in my arms.

Solo: John

His blood dripping from my hands
And what I could not understand
Is why my friend so brave so tall
Should be the one who's made to fall?
I lost the best friend that I had,
He died with pride, that's not all he had,
His little boy will have to know
Why Daddy won't be coming home

I relive it all every night of my life,
Noone can help, not even my wife
It all keeps flooding back,
The blood and bullet in my friend's back
The screams, the tears, the tormented cries,
The pain to show the white of an eye
And to have seen what I had seen,
Would make the hardest man cry

Outro melody: Dave
(Note: The names and events in the above are fictional. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.)
The Innocent One
You enjoyed yourselves, you were having fun
In lust you didn't care what you had done
Careless not to use anything
And agreed too young to hear wedding bells ring

In the back of the car is where it's happening
A secluded place noone will see a thing
A fit of giggles is how it went
And he whipped it out at the last moment

Don't you forget your responsibility
Don't you regret if you start a family
It's your fault, screw your head on tight
The difference between wrong or right

Solo: Dave

She finds out later she missed a month
And it's coming to light what they have done
You don't want your parents to find out
So you decide to take the easy way out

Solo: Dave

You've done it now no turning back
Carry on with your life on the straight track
Now you imagine what might have been
The small pitter patter of tiny feet

Little hands and little eyes
This little person was alive
Because the guilt is in your mind
This little person says goodbye

Solo: John

Is it because you feel pressurised
Responsibility too early in your lives?
Don't want to be tied down this way
Your reputation you must save
Regretting now what you had done
You just look after number one
Rejecting a part of your lives
You'll bare the scars all your life

It's irresponsibility
Making a mistake with your body
The law should say that you can't run
A chance of life for the innocent one
My Twisted Mind
I'm sat in this chair
Staring into nowhere
I'm happy as can be,
Because of the thing I see
You can't come in my brain
And you mustn't know my name
'Cause of the things I know this world must not be told

I long to hear your screams,
I'm living off these sick dreams
It's not reality, it's in my mind what I see
You'll know what I feel,
If and when I make it all real
This feeling of lust,
To know your flesh I must touch

I watch you from afar
And I know where you are
All the moves you make
And the steps you take
My motives are sick but true,
The things I want to do to you
Give in to my will,
Don't make me have to kill

My twisted mind - My twisted mind
My twisted mind - My twisted mind

I follow you through the day
And film you at night
You've never seen me
I stay right out of sight
But one day you'll turn around
And look straight into my eyes
And succumb to my desires
As I hypnotise

Solo: Dave

I replace the receiver
When you pick up the phone
You've never heard my voice,
Just my breath on its own
One day I'll say "I'm coming to get you"
So just lie there and
Let me do what I want to do
No Escape
Intro Solo, Dave

Terrified, this life of hate
Brainwashed, scarred, but it's too late
Outcast in this concrete waste
Rotting souls all in one place
Wasted hope, my life goes by
Demolition before my eyes
Scared, confused for what's in store
My life could end outside the door
Trapped, alone, no escape
Caged within this state
Trapped, alone, no escape
No way out of this place

Distressed by the things I see
Afraid, I feel their eyes on me
Mortified of their attack
No escape, no turning back
Terrorised, I turn and run
Immortal fear that drives me on
Blinding pain reels in my head
Battered, robbed, I'm left for dead

As I bolt the door, late at night
Through my spy hole there in my sight

Solo: Dave

Warped with agony, try to stand
Noone cares to lend hand
Stagger helpless to my cell
Lock my door, shut out the hell
Depressed and hurt, no point to this
Don't they know that we exist
No escape from violent crime
In my world I waste my time
Beneath Closed Eyes
When you close your eyes you realise
that you're safe from the world on the outside
But the worse fear of all is the darkness
that lurks not on the out, but the inside

You're sleeping, you're dreaming, you're screaming,
It's creepy, it's deepening unbelieving
You're twisting, you're turning, you're bending
It's frightening and scaring, never ending
You're falling, you're calling, and shouting
And trying to wake, no mistake
You're spinning, you're drifting, you're losing
This battle to wake, you can't wait

You're locked, in your blocked in, you're tied down,
you're trying to escape, from mind rape
You're crawling, then walking, then running,
From what's deep inside your own mind
You reach out for crying out,
Won't someone drag me out
No one's there, no one cares
As you're pulled down much deeper, it's darker,
Nothing is bright, eyelids shut tight

You're spinning around and then you fall down
And the sweat starts to pour
And it screams as it hits the ground
You fall off the edge, and you jump up in bed
And the bottom draws near and you scream in fear

Solo: Dave

You're sleeping, you're dreaming, you're screaming,
It's creepy, it's deepening, unbelieving
You're twisting, you're turning, you're bending, it's frightening
And scaring, never ending

When you close your eyes you realise
That you're safe from the world on the outside
But the worst fear of all is the darkness
That lurks on the out, but the inside

Classical Outro: Dave
Inside Out(ro)
Thought for the Day
Intro Solo: John

It's not as strange as it may seem
That your life has not changed totally
And as many as a man has said
Before "your life could end outside the door".
But still you just carry on without a care
For what's going on
You take everything for granted.
You get up and eat, then you go to bed
And you watch the news on TV,
Come in from work and eat your tea
And starving millions watch and wait,
As you plunge your knife into your steak
You see world leaders meet demands
And say world peace is at our hands
You walk on the street to be attacked,
Come home with a knife in your back.

Next door neighbour is beating his wife,
You don't see at her throat there's a knife
Let them sort their problems out for themselves,
There's a saying keep yourself to yourself
Across the street you hear a little girl cry,
Still you think that everything is alright
Then you find out the very next day,
Her innocence was taken away

Solo: Dave

You've got problems of your own
And charity begins at home
And about the shit you have nothing to say,
You read the paper every day
I guess you 're just an every day man,
You always do the best that you can
And we all make the same mistakes,
For being human is what it takes

What would you say if your wife
Walked out today, taking the kids?
Would you go and live with your mistress,
With whom you've risked?
What would you say when caught red-handed,
Doing it in your own bed?

I hear this every day,
It doesn't matter what you say
The same things all the time.
It's not praying on my mind
It's not praying on my mind

Solo: John

Look at the clock running out of time.
You've got your eyes end I've got mine.
Hands in pockets to check your wealth.
Full view mirror the state of your health.
Out with your best friend on a Saturday night,
Come home drunk to argue with your wife.
Then up early you've got to go to work.
What you think you don't want to talk.

What would you do if your brother caught AIDS,
Hide your face?
Open your mind a little bit more,
They're looking for a cure.
And he's not the only one,
There are many many more

I hear this every day,
It doesn't matter what you say
The same things all the time.
It's not praying on my mind
It's not praying on my mind
Oh shit! Look at the time
I must get up, got to be on time
Another day, another piece of me
Is falling away
Because I've got a job
The family think that I'm the lucky one
But I'll just tell you this,
There must be something better than this

Well I'm going round in circles,
I don't know who the fuck I am
I get up and go to work, get up and go to work,
Then go home at night
My life revolves around one thing,
The way I make my daily bread
And there's nothing to say
I won't be doing this until the day I'm dead

You say work by the rules,
I thought I'd fucked that off when I left school
Please don't hassle me, I've done my work,
Give me my pay at the end of the week
Friday night I'll go out, relieving my stress
On a night out on the town
In my pocket there's a hole,
I've pissed my pay up against the wall

Round and around I go
Where I stop nobody knows
I'm getting nowhere fast,
Just how long can I last
There must be a way to make
Something better of my days
I'm going round in a rutt one off
These days III self-destruct

Solo: Dave

I stopped. locked around
And realised I m in a spin
But noone would ever know
The mess that I m in
You can't be serious to say
I've made a mistake
I don't think there s much more
Of this I can take

Solo: Dave

Days turn to weeks turn to months
And what have I done?
Lived for a weekend and a week in the sun
Made some money enough
To pay my daily needs
But I can't buy a fulfilling life for me

The bosses hassle me making me feel
That my will snot free
Please cut your hair comply
To the order or the doors over there
Suck my dick, I don't want to be
Another arse lick
Because if you lick their arse
In their eyes you'll be top of the class
Jason McLaughin - vocal, back-vocal
Dave Pugh - guitar, back-vocal
John Bury - guitar, back-vocal
Andy Elliot - bass guitar, back-vocal
Phil Bury - drums, percussion, back-vocal

The lyrics were typed by FaST.

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