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January 24th, 2019
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Division - Paradise Lost

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Paradise LostRelease by: independent

Division - Paradise Lost
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Society's Child


2. Winter's Rain


3. Free


4. In the Name of Honour


5. Ultra-Sane


6. Paradise Lost


7. Beginnings


8. Time Between Times


9. My Life


10. Break Down (the Walls)
    (For BJ, with love...)


Society's Child
I have seen the coming of the end of our time
The city streets have become the blood fields of today
Our children die, no reason why, society's fault they say

Pray for us, the children scream, it falls upon deaf ears
Another one the system takes, another life gone to waste

A number on computer screens, what's your name, who knows?
John Doe's who they say you are, feel the hope just drift away
Take your place just down the hall, they'll come for you someday
All the why your heart decays, wondering if you'll live today

Take your place among the chosen, society's child
See us all our hearts are frozen, society's child
Find yourself among the ruins, society's child

Make your mark upon the world, that's not the way it works
The world's not such a friendly place, it's not as easy as it seems
Count the days until the end, the chair's your only friend
Conscience clouds tomorrow's coming, taste the blood upon your hands

Walk among the shadows child and see the damage wrought
Time is not your savior now, lost is the battle fought

I have seen the coming of the end of our time
Winter's Rain
In the hour before dawn, darkness falls around me
The sky begins to cry, a cold winter rain
Your face now plagues me, a vision from the past
Our last conversation, a haunting melody

Where do I go, without you guiding hand?
What do I do, without you in my life?

I stare into the mirror, the emptiness inside
Everything around me, seems to fade to gray
Blackness brings the tears, saying I love you

Why did you go, and leave me all alone?
Where do I go, to try and carry on?

I stand alone, and face the night
The pain I feel, your fading light
I've lost my will, you lost the fight
I turn and scream, into the winter's rain
The night draws close as you used to be
See my own eyes reflecting back
From the dark, shadowed by hate, my need overpowering all

I see my face in the black reflection
Still showing the cracks in my veneer of emotion
Mirroring those in my soul

Here I stand at war with myself
Hiding from the pain around me now
Here I fall crushed by your blows
Wanting just to be free for a while

Too late to change the patterns of hate
Too late to shorten the hour, floating free
In a sea of blissful pain, need and hurt becoming one
Beautiful, in their aberration
And trapped by my nature, I return

Here I stand shattered by your words
Hiding from the pain around me now
Here I fall crushed by your blows
Wanting just to be free for a while
In the Name of Honour
Toy soldier sent to die, given no reason why
Woke up to foreign land, with a gun in my hand
Hope I live to see nineteen, so many sights left unseen

But the war rages on and all my friends have gone
Now I pay the price, of child sacrifice
And the deed is done, to the only son

Call me unknown, for I lie forgotten
Call me unborn, life sent to waste
Call me unheard, cries fade away
Call me to die, in the name of honor

Fire flash in the night, seems we've lost the fight
Closing in from every side, there's nowhere left to hide
Trained not to feel pain, my assailant takes his aim

Shots fired from the gun, into the mother's son
Now I pay the price, of child sacrifice
And the deed is done, to the only son
Five year-old's father shot, standing by as his body fell
Killed for crimes unfulfilled, destroyed legality
Sent to live in rural hell, the brother of her father's home
Crying out from the barn, the silence of the lambs

Look inside his mind, and tell me what you see
Distorted visions, of true reality
Twisted and perverse, running evil lives
Bathing in the blood, of what he has consumed

Run - for your life, or you will die
Turn - out the lights, a stab in the dark
Lust - for your flesh, as it peels away
Trapped, inside a mind, you're ultra-sane

Volunteer academy, learn to lose your life
Masters in psychology, to analyze his strife
Orders unexplained, lead you to his lair
He can read your mind, through his icy stare

Scared of what he is, and what he may become
Running from his life, what he's told is done
Decapitated victims, hear the Monarch's call
Killing for the flesh, his work isn't done
Paradise Lost
Looking back, on the way things were when innocence was mine
The holy one, guided me to see the light of righteousness
Screaming pain, in the silence my tattered life passed away
Truth denied, the pariah's deed my only sacred rite

Paradise is lost
Behind the twisted cross
Paradise is lost
Beware, the man in cloth

"Forgive me, it's been thirteen days since I last confessed"
My penance, "Come with me child" and eel my endless agony
The rosary, wrapped tight around my neck so that I can't scream
Bitterness, the salt of my blood as it streams down my face
All the ghosts of yesterday stand before you now
While your mind lies wrapped in sleep
Remembrance of these shades of memories
Become the waking dream that clouds your days

Are you ready for the truth?
Can you face the answers that you seek?
When the limelight of reality falls upon you
Will you face what you see?

Tomorrow's shining bright at the bottom
Of the abyss that you must cross today
Reminders of your past await you there
Reaching out, talons shining in the dark

Are you ready for the new day?
Will it bring the promise that you think?
When the harsh light of reality falls upon you
Will you face what you see?

Question burns, driven on by what has gone before
Can you face the answer that is just beyond your reach?
You're on fire with passion now that the memories take hold
Then lost in cold repentance of your imagined sins

The answer's in her smiling eyes and the tears that stain you cheeks
The regrets that twist your waking dream, into this horror of life...
Time Between Times
For two souls who refused to be separated

Red are the skies of morning as I lay next to you
Division spinning in my head though I feel rightness in my bones
A thousand years' oppressor is their sole view of me
Damn them straight to hell, I'll have you for my own!

These are some truths in life and you know
That I see all of these in clear when I look at you

Father, please forgive me for I can't help what I do
My heart and soul are open now to one of the other side

I can't avoid my destiny and this time I will not try
This time it's my life to live and this I will not hide

These are some truths in life, and you know
That I see all of these in clear when I look at you

We stand at the time between times
Love and war the balance point for what tomorrow holds
We can't expect forgiveness for them to understand
For we will face our future and what it holds, hand in hand

Tomorrow is the other side of promise made today
Are we what the future holds or already in our graves?
Some will walk in anger, and some will act in hate,
But I believe our joined hands will be the ones that save!
My Life
Hatred builds within me, swells within my heart
I won't be a puppet, I can not play their part
Anger rises up, rushing through my veins
Nothing else is real, except for all the pain

Violence overtakes me, I can not get my fill
Brutality and savagery, they dominate my will
Death becomes my partner, is my one true friend
Helps me overcome, and bring this to an end

Taking my life by my own hands
Leaving the pain all behind
Taking my life by my own hands
Darkness descend on me now

Confusion surges endlessly, I can't control my life
Mental maelstrom drives me, to agony and strife
Darkness settles down, clouding up my mind
Lights shining clearly, as a leave it all behind

Looking through the dark, reflection in the mirror
At the apparition, that is standing here
Is this what I've become, or what is to be?
I can't face the horror, staring back at me
Break Down (the Walls)
(For BJ, with love...)
Child's innocence gone away
Sanctity the price to pay
Desecrate her very soul
Violation is his only goal

A scream for help unfulfilled
The child within is killed
Raped before she was fourteen
Torment inside is unseen

Break down, break down the walls
Learn to fight, it's not your fault
Break down, break down the walls
Face the night, break down the walls

Child's unborn came too soon
Death the embryonic doom
Mother nevermore, she cries
As her newborn child dies

A tear drop shed in vain
Reveals her inner pain
An empty bottle her only friend
Her own hands bring her end
Scott Stewart - vocal
Michael Blevins - guitar
Matt Crooks - guitar
Alex Lyman - bass guitar
Steve Miller (1) - drums

Chris Welborn - bass guitar

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