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January 19th, 2019
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Division - Ascension to Eternity

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Ascension to EternityRelease by: Siegen Records

Division - Ascension to Eternity
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Children of the Stone


2. Departed


3. Risen


4. Heaven And Hell
    (by Black Sabbath.)


5. Common Bonds


6. Articles of Faith


7. All of Our Yesterdays


8. Temptation


9. Eraser


10. Veiled


11. Rememberance


12. Winter's Rain


13. Free


14. Time Between Times


Children of the Stone
From a distant time they came, riding winds of silence
A mothership from our tomorrow, to show us the way
We saw the great stone rising, our children coming home
Bring our future to us

They forged the way, for the new tomorrow
Bring our future to us, children of the stone

The stone held its secrets, then we saw the signs they left
Our own world was burnt below
A wave of crimson fury, firestorm swept the earth
They had come to warn us

We walked into the starship, abandoned and alone
Saw a new tomorrow, in another space and time
He came from the way, a path between the worlds
Bringing us the knowledge
Come inside the silence of my world
Solace found in the gifts of the muse
Searching for the answer. The one you've never found
Searching for my voice. The one I've never found
The fire of damnation in your eyes
Tranquillity severed from my soul
Tattered dreams he bleeding, the product of your rage
The silent voice is screaming, the product of my rage

Darkness, take me away. I can't face the pain
For all that I lived, stripped from me now
Silence my friend, show me the way
Dearly departed, I am with you

Shattered dreams and broken hopes my world
It's time to end the injustice of my life
The water rushes past. Choking out the light
The air escapes my lungs. Choking out my life
Memories of a life that used to be
Echoing in a heart that used to care
The dream is coming true. For a soul that can not care
The discourse laid to rest. For a voice that can not scream

And the poet's song remains the same
As the actors take their final bow
A selfish act - a thoughtless voice, a hardening of the heart
A careless word - an act denied without a thought
My heart defiled - my world destroyed, but you don't see

I raise my hands to plead with you
You don't seem to care
Another mistake in your life

Left alone, long forgotten
A victim of compulsive lies
My heart is just a pile of ashes
From this pain I will rise

A heart in mind - tossed away, watching from afar
Our worlds collide - your only touch, will leave the scars
My heart defiled - my anger grows, but you don't care

A selfish act - a thoughtless voice, a hardening of the heart
A careless word - an act denied without a thought
Your love defiled - your world destroyed, and now I laugh
Heaven And Hell
(by Black Sabbath.)
Sing me a song, you're a singer
Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil
The Devil is never a maker
The less that you give, you're a taker
So it's on and on and on, it's Heaven and Hell, oh well

The lover of life's not a sinner
The ending is just a beginner
The closer you get to the meaning
The sooner you'll know that you're dreaming
So it's on and on and on, oh it's on and on and on
It goes on and on and on, Heaven and Hell
I can tell, fool, fool!

Well if it seems to be real, it's illusion
For every moment of truth, there's confusion in life
Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer
And it's on and on, on and on and on....

They say that life's a carousel
Spinning fast, you've got to ride it well
The world is full of Kings and Queens
Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams
It's Heaven and Hell, oh well
And they'll tell you black is really white
The moon is just the sun at night
And when you walk in golden halls
You get to keep the gold that falls
It's Heaven and Hell, oh no!
Fool, fool!
You've got to bleed for the dancer!
Fool, fool!
Look for the answer!
Fool, fool, fool!
Common Bonds
I cut we bleed, underneath it's all the same
Adaptation breeds division, pointless thoughts to a
Hopeless end

Genetics collision, man is man, one the same
Malcontention of humankind, poison words our
Cross to bear

Common bonds, the life we lead
Chalice of life makes us all the same
Hatred comes from misunderstanding
Common bonds, only time will tell

I hate, we kill, violence justified by intolerance
Anonymous in our mob, the guilt colors us all the same

Words spoken, a litany of self-deception
Crossing the line of generations, and they call us civilized?

If foresight passes this mortal shell, if souls
Collide on a higher plane
Stand together in the end, power comes from
Articles of Faith
On a dying autumn evening - surrounded by daily memorials
I shed a tear of remembrance - this is my hour of despair

Alone in my darkness now, your eyes fade away
My covenant of suffering, the cross I have to bear

The trapping of grief are gone now - the wreaths have turned to dust
Nothing left to warm the soul - just the memory, and the pain

Alone in my darkness now, your eyes fade away
My covenant of suffering, the cross I have to bear
All alone

My penance unfolds before me now - my soul an empty shell
My vestments, cut from sorrow - are no comfort to me now

Dear god, my faith abandoned now - in my time of need

I gird myself in my lament - to hold out the night
Reflection my confessor now - for my imagined sins

Dear god, my faith abandoned now - in my time of need
Atonement - that remains for me - that I must achieve

Another morning, another beginning, another time of need
Another chance to lose myself, another tear to cry
Another hour for my repentance, another sin to bear
Another day of living, breathing, dying
Haunted by my past

My faith unrolled before me now - my heart an empty shell
The path I must follow - my sorrows drive me on
All of Our Yesterdays
Perverse in our warp and weave, through this press of daily being
How easy to forget the consequence, the path of least resistance

Life marches on and we don't know where we'll be led to tomorrow
We walk alone afraid to drop the ruse we play so well

In our sleep discontent surrounds us, waiting for its time
To fill the spotlight

Will we ever learn? All our lessons are so soon forgotten
The memories burn, all our yesterdays drawing us back

A private goad for familiar paths, where and why are soon unremembered
Selective memory lighting the way, together our final quiescence

History in our eyes nothing more
Than a tale told by an idiot signifying nothing
I can't leave you alone, even though I know I should
You dominate my thoughts, dreams recalled in sudden fury
When I close my eyes in the night, you're there every minute
Forcing me to remember the first time and relive the first

Lead me not into temptation
After all I'm only human

I see you from a distance, memories flooding back
Obsession twisting my resistance, concealing the pain that you bring me
My pain and fear seem as distant as childhood, nightmare
Visions overwhelm my senses
Feel you filling me with your essence, pulling me under yet again

Drag me down into temptation
After all I'm only human

And when the time comes around again that I'm too weak to resist you
You'll take another piece of my life away, slowly draining my will dry

Another day another dream, another hour closer to my end
My life's a spinning pool of regret, the anger fills my head
I can't resist, I can't refuse, I can't control my impulse
My life unrolls in shades of gray, fading slowly into the darkness

Smother me with your temptation
After all I'm only human
Lost myself in your temptation
After all, I'm only human
A common man with a normal life, well respected and well known
A pillar of his piece of the world, friends and family that depend
Departs the path one day, leaving a self-shaped hole behind

Pretty and popular, known to all, a jewel in her parents' lives
A teenager that always smiles, never comes home one day
Like the chalk from the blackboard, only traces remain, fading every day
Drifting away

Who knows who erases them, and why?
Empty spaces slowly fade away
Walk out that door one last time, never to be seen again

A wife cries, alone in the night, mother and father look at the remains of memories
Time and place forgotten as the years fade away, no hand to hold, no tears to cry
Just a face and a name, no substance and no form, a picture in a frame
Drifting away

An unknown hand to guide their fate
A wisp of smoke carried on the breeze
Insidious traces of life tantalize, leading to who knows where?

A need to know long forgotten, a search for closure of the whole
A hint, a hope, a sign, a token, no remains are ever found

Never seen again, never seen again
Never seen again - erased like yesterday's chalk
Never seen again - a self-shaped hole remains
Never seen again - traces of life tantalize
Never seen again - out that door one last time
I'm never going back. The footprints in the snow will start to melt away
I'm never looking back. The visions of their faces will start to fade away
It's time to seize the day, my design has been achieved

I wrap my life in secrecy, identity unknown
I pass my days in shadows, a veil of deceit
I live my life, the way I've wanted to
I live my life, free from you

I'll never be seen again. Clandestine plans to escape the shackled life I lead
I'll never hurt again. The lies that cut and scared my soul are nevermore
I'm never to be seen again, it's a time to live my life

Have you seen me? Have you seen me they say
Have you seen me? I'm the one that you don't see
Have you seen me? You won't ever see me again

My past can never change. My thoughts drift to a parallel life
Free from this choice
I can never go back. I want to hold on to my black and white memories
I'll never see them again, seems I've wasted my life

I've wrapped my life in secrecy, identity unknown
I've passed my days in shadows, a veil of deceit
I regret my life, the way I left the past
I regret my life, free from you
Looking at the past through open eyes. And I see the world
From a different point of view
Feeling the regret of love denied. The pain of my enigma, the choice of a child

Black and white memories, of that fateful day
No tracks in the snow, to help me find my way

My soul's become a wasteland, love's become unknown
The life I left was pointless, when will this one end?
Before I end my journey, I must return home
I've lived my life in shadows, not knowing who I am

Looking at the pictures on the wall. And I see the ends to all
That I've done wrong
Regretting the promise never kept. The pain of never knowing,
The choices of my child

Black and white memories, of that fateful day
The tracks in the snow, slowly fade away
I've lived my life in anguish, not knowing what went wrong
The life I've led is pointless, soon my time will end
At the end of my journey, and he was never seen again
Who knows who erases them, and who knows why?

Looking at the ground through melancholy eyes. And I see the
Stone that tells me of his final end
Wishing for just one day in the past. The pain that I've
Accepted, will never be released

Black and white memories, of that face faded gray
A day too late, too much too say

Questions still unanswered, I will never know
This life I leave is pointless, no one will understand
Looking to the future, and leave regrets behind
I walk out that door, for the final time
Winter's Rain
In the hour before dawn, darkness falls around me
The sky begins to cry, a cold winter rain
Your face now plagues me, a vision from the past
Our last conversation, a haunting melody

Where do I go, without you guiding hand?
What do I do, without you in my life?

I stare into the mirror, the emptiness inside
Everything around me, seems to fade to gray
Blackness brings the tears, saying I love you

Why did you go, and leave me all alone?
Where do I go, to try and carry on?

I stand alone, and face the night
The pain I feel, your fading light
I've lost my will, you lost the fight
I turn and scream, into the winter's rain
The night draws close as you used to be
See my own eyes reflecting back
From the dark, shadowed by hate, my need overpowering all

I see my face in the black reflection
Still showing the cracks in my veneer of emotion
Mirroring those in my soul

Here I stand at war with myself
Hiding from the pain around me now
Here I fall crushed by your blows
Wanting just to be free for a while

Too late to change the patterns of hate
Too late to shorten the hour, floating free
In a sea of blissful pain, need and hurt becoming one
Beautiful, in their aberration
And trapped by my nature, I return

Here I stand shattered by your words
Hiding from the pain around me now
Here I fall crushed by your blows
Wanting just to be free for a while
Time Between Times
For two souls who refused to be separated

Red are the skies of morning as I lay next to you
Division spinning in my head though I feel rightness in my bones
A thousand years' oppressor is their sole view of me
Damn them straight to hell, I'll have you for my own!

These are some truths in life and you know
That I see all of these in clear when I look at you

Father, please forgive me for I can't help what I do
My heart and soul are open now to one of the other side

I can't avoid my destiny and this time I will not try
This time it's my life to live and this I will not hide

These are some truths in life, and you know
That I see all of these in clear when I look at you

We stand at the time between times
Love and war the balance point for what tomorrow holds
We can't expect forgiveness for them to understand
For we will face our future and what it holds, hand in hand

Tomorrow is the other side of promise made today
Are we what the future holds or already in our graves?
Some will walk in anger, and some will act in hate,
But I believe our joined hands will be the ones that save!
Scott Stewart - vocal
Michael Blevins - guitar, back-vocal
Matt Crooks - guitar, keys, back-vocal
Dan Plunkett - bass guitar
E. J. Ripple - drums


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