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December 17th, 2018
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Dominus Praelii - Holding the Flag of War

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Dominus Praelii'2001

Holding the Flag of WarRelease by: Metal Fighters

(includes The First Battle demo as the bonus tracks.)

Dominus Praelii - Holding the Flag of War
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Hard Deadly Wheels


2. Scent of Death


3. Khan's Warriors


4. Khan's Legacy


5. Cold Winds


6. Knight of the Silver Moon


7. Saga of Killing Riders


8. Hall of Power


9. Waves of War


10. Intro


11. Waves of War


12. Khan's Warriors


13. Might Odin


Hard Deadly Wheels
Hatred in my mind
Riding Alone among hot mist
On the road in a high speed
I have flying wings

Rage into my spirit
Iron around my fist
I never say its too late
Where is booze, I am too

Hard Deadly Wheels - Lost and far from Paradise
Shooting at their heels - When beasts show their claws
Hard Deadly Wheels - They haunt and they arise
Shooting at their heels - Time Of learning the laws

No blood on my hand
Imposing destiny
Nothing can be better
Than a life in a custom bike

The sound of the engine
The smell of burnt tires
The freedom that it give
Feel like I can do anything

Hard Deadly Wheels - Lost and far from Paradise...

Hatred in my mind...

The sound of the engine...

Hard Deadly Wheels - Lost and far from Paradise...
Scent of Death
I am your creed disbelief of tomorrow
I'm the tenebrous wind that blows cold in the night
I will come to decompose your flesh
Someday you will feel my breath in your nape
And smell the scent of the rottenness
That takes to turn you bones into dust

I'm the last sight of man, deadly hurt in the battle field
The horror and pain of his brothers in sword
I'm in your dreams when you sweet in your bed
Turning all them into a nightmare

Cause' I'm the suffering and the fear of all
I am the last judgement but not the end
You'll never know when but be sure, I'll come for you!

You try to run from me, every man does
But not even witchcraft avoid me at all
It's an illusion thinking you can escape from me
So why to last, just lay down and wait

'Cause I'm the suffering and the fear of all...

I put the end in your life as you know
Dry the last drop of blood that runs in your veins
Putrefy your skin till remain just ashes
Release your soul from that so
That called human form

'Cause I'm the suffering and the fear of all...
Khan's Warriors
Yet, boys and fathers separated
Lived for years in a endless battle
In the heat of the desert, in the cold of the mountains
They fight
For the glory of your Khan

To take away in the cities terror and hate
Their mark: the massacre, fire and scuffle
Slaved the children
Raped the woman with pleasure
For the glory of your khan

In the plains they march - For your Khan
With violence they kill - For your Khan
With out conscience they die - For your Khan

Crush the enemies head, their bodies deface
Drinking their blood quarter with mettle
Anthropophagic banquet on they helmets they eat
For the glory of your Khan

Yet, boys and fathers separated...

To take away in the cities terror and hate...

In the plains they march...
Khan's Legacy
The cowards poisoned Yesugei, my father
Very young I stood orphan and alone
Had everything to be a simple man
But I had a world to conquer on my own

By fire and sword I've taken China's sea
Drunk the blood of the Asian warrior
India paid tribute to me

I'm a leader without blame
My fear I turned into flame
On my trace there is no shame
Ilya Temujiyn is my name

I am Kha'agan
The Ulan Bator
I'm the first Khan
From Orient to Europe
I'm Genghis Khan
I've taken the terror

I had four sons with Borte my wife
Worn with perfection the weapons and accessories
But was Sacha, my bastard who saved my life
Nevertheless that's another history

I'm a leader without blame...

I am Kha'agan...
Cold Winds
Do you know an ancient, battle that has done
Where the forces of rage, stood on
A chalice of blood was just welcome
And a spell of disgrace, has ever gone

Warriors have felt, those cold winds
They made us cry, they made us brave
Don't try to hide, from cold wilds
And death won't lead you to your grave

Our armies carry on their destiny
To change the dark night into a clear day
Whenever they need to use their ability
Claim to magic forces, don't let it stray

Warriors have felt, those cold winds...

We fought the last battle in the east
Running so fast, spreading vengeance
We saw many enemies behind the mist
We took the lead, to spread allegiance

Warriors have felt, those cold winds...

And when we lay down our heads tonight
It seems to us that everything gets to real
We thought that was finished your fight
But we invite you to prove the taste of the steel
Knight of the Silver Moon
Like a wave of flames in the grass
The legend started and spread
He carried the glory in his soul
And his prize was extreme force

The creatures of land he takes care
With power he brought liberty
His blessing was beyond our knowledge
And applied against evil was his rage

The tale of the Knight of the Silver Moon
Was told across many centuries
And his journey will not end soon
It will hold on to the memories

When his life was ripped and torn
By his old enemies
Our hero raised up his sword
In the sky, till of blood it was filled

To accomplish the promise he made
For years he has been on this fight
And he will not rest before
Justice reign, and his vengeance is complete

The tale of the Knight of the Silver Moon...
Saga of Killing Riders
We left our homes behind
Running out inside the night
We were weak that time
But now we grown strong
Ready to conquer freedom
And rebuilt our kingdom
Possessing armored bodies
Without any fragile streams

The legion came, using the dark ways
Brought death, misery and flames
But their sorcery won't keep them in power for so long
Yes, we claim for vengeance

Is time for our vengeance
Is time for we to strike!
The Saga of Killing Riders!!!

Holding heavy swords and strong shields
As we arrive the dark legions frighten scream:
Run cause they're back, claiming for what we stealed
The Lords of Battle comes, and this time we can't win.

Is time for our vengeance...
Hall of Power
They used to arouse the spark
Setting on fire the unholy flame
Crossing trenches in the dark
Ruthless legion is their name
Brought axes on their back
With shield fought the wind
Wielding swords for attack
And carrying out their stint

Soldiers sated at the same table
Where the blood was spilled
Pride and honor are they label
One more mission is fulfilled
The sage blessed all then
From the top of the old mound
Bended knees those men
To spurn every curse around

When the night come apart
Enter the Hall of Power
Join the heroes for a start
Raise your sword in the Hall of Power

In search for true victory
They delivered the magic seed
Retribution of history
The mighty army marched with greed
To consecrate the final decree
They got to destroy the last clash
From inside that hall they see
And, kill the enemies like a flash

When the night come apart...
Waves of War
Coming fast, within the night
Raging off the sound of drums
Brighter than hell, shine rays of light
Battalions of power carrying their weapons

Claiming for throne, they want more and more
On danger zone is the Wave of War
Kings of dawn, victory in mind
Stand to join them and glory you will find

Waves of War - Soldiers loosing their lives
Waves of War - Blood on the battle field
Waves of War - Screams of pain everywhere
Waves of War - Kill your enemy with no mercy

Taking their vengeance over the hills
Armies of Metal want to take your life
They going down, keepers of skulls
Bending the bell, try to survive

Claiming for throne, they want more and more...

Waves of War - Soldiers loosing their lives...
Waves of War
Khan's Warriors
Might Odin
Ricardo Pigatto - vocal
Evandro Romero - guitar
Silvio Rocha - guitar
Rene Neves (Rene Warrior) - bass guitar
Wagner - drums

Produced by Silvio Rocha and Rildo.

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