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February 20th, 2019
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Dream Child - Torn Between Two Worlds

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Dream Child'1996

Torn Between Two WorldsRelease by: NSR Records

Dream Child - Torn Between Two Worlds
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Waves of Chaos


2. Train of Fools


3. You Shall Lie in Hell


4. Same Old Song


5. Eternal Flight


6. Torn Between Two Worlds


7. Reign Is Grumbling


8. Join Us


9. Heavy Dance of Chaos


10. Roll the Dice


11. No More Darkness


12. Create a New World


Waves of Chaos
Train of Fools
Have you ever imagined
Our human destiny,
Placed on a dangerous railway,
Headed by lying leaders?!?
The more we live,
The more we destroy,
If we follow the way,
Oh!!! We'll jump the rails!

Don't follow this apathy,
Open tour eyes and see.

Train of fools
Blind lead the blind!
Train of fools.
With an evil mind...

So, I'm wondering again,
Do we aim to die in pain?
There's no easy solution,
But it seems like it's vain,

We're slaves of the machine,
That we must feed.
Tacking, rejecting more,
Than what we need.

High speed on earth,
Control it before we hurt.


Oh! No! No! No! No! No! No

Train of fools
Blind lead the blind!
Train of fools,
Yes, they, are, evil!!!
Yes the blind lead the blind!!!
You Shall Lie in Hell
Like a razor's edge,
Your words cut me deep inside.
There's no "raison d'etre",
If you keep telling me lies!
The truth never comes out from you!
It's hard to feel real fine...
And it's sad but true:
You're a deceiver in disguise.
You're still telling,
That it's not you're fault.
All your excuses,
Won't mesmerize me.
You're only building,
A wall, made of wind,
And I watch it crumbling
Tired of waiting...

You shall lie in hell...
You shall lie in hell!!!

You should make me laugh,
But enough is just enough!
You'd destroy my soul,
You should know I won't get fooled!
Don't play with fire just stay away!
You'd always play, a dead end game!
You should think again:
I won't stay to feel the pain!


You should try to understand,
You are, just totally, insane...
The filth embraces your brain,
You're not the one you claim.
If there's a place where you will dwell well,
Then you just, shall lie in hell!!!
You shall lie in hell!!!

Disgusting! Amusing!
You're just a shadow of what you used to be!
You're alone! And you're lost!
You won't control again the situation!
Abuser! Deceiver!
You know you won't be back into my heart!
You'll perish! You'll vanish!
You shall lie in hell...

You shall lie, in hell!!!
Same Old Song
We think we die for our ideals,
We only die for business deals.
One, two, you march,
One, two, you die!!!
Oohohooho! Oohohooho!
Oh, noooooo... Right!

Nations say they don't want war,
Why do they build weapons for,
If it's not to even the score?

They want to increase their industries
Giving birth to new technologies
That will end people's life.

Their mouth is full of lies,
When they need you and I.

Their needs of power,
Will set the world in fire.
If we don't stand, we'll reach the end,
So understand, come on my friends...

When will they realize,
That all they do is wrong,
We'll refuse to hold their guns,
To satisfy their will,
It's just the same old song, nooh...

For them it seems it's just a game
Every day their rules are more insane,
Leading us to pain.

They like to build and to destroy,
Treating us just as their toys,
They easily employ.

For them the agony,
Was just necessary!

They will make, the history,
Just repeat again.
If we don't stand, we'll lose our aim.
So understand, come on my friends...

Is there someone out there,
To stop this road to nowhere.
Do the power, change the wise men
In merciless greedy men?
It's just the same old song...
Just the same, old!(six times)
It's just the same old song...

What will be left for children,
If war's an education?
Will they be, heartless persons,
That just need a gun?

Money is, just the name of,
The game they play so well,
They want us to stand,
For their pure ideal,
But their Heaven is just Hell!
It's just the same old song...
The Same Old Song...
Eternal Flight
The future of earth has ceased to exist, to exist.
Destruction has come, we're on the judgement day, the judgement day.
Based in our starship we watch the disaster, The disaster.
Sons of the earth there'll be no morning after, Morning after.
We stand alone, you know,
There's no return, return, return!!!

Like children of the stars,
We carry on, to the unknown.
A journey without end,
What will future send?

We must avoid the panic in ourselves,
The moral must kept high!
To find a place in this vast universe,
Unknown worlds to be seen!
We'll reach for the sky at the speed of light,
Faster and faster we go!
As a phoenix we'll be kissing the sky,
Higher and higher!



Eternal flight!
When we will reach the end, now
Eternal flight!
Can someone tell us where's our aim!!?

We have escaped, the prophecy.
Was it our destiny?
We'll never surrender,
We'll overcome this nightmare!
We're stellar riders,
Traveling to nowhere!



Ooh, Yeah!!!

Chorus (x2)

Can someone tell us?
Torn Between Two Worlds
And now the time has come for us,
To find the force to carry on,
We had the optimism, but time has shown us realism.
We remember, the green, the seas, blue skies.
All of it is now reduced to nothing,
A dust of diamonds left in the cosmic wind...
Innocent victims died in agony,
Murdered in the name of power and greed!
We hold! The reins of tomorrow.
We try! Not to fall on sorrow.
We have! To be organized.
We will! Now open our eyes.
Bridges have been burned,
Between us, and our past.
Ultimate humans,
But how long will we last?

We wear a crown of thorns,
Our cross is the unknown.
When will end our calvary?
Will we find harmony?
We'll search 'til our kingdom come.

Torn between two worlds!
One exists no more,
One is to explore,
Torn between two worlds!
We cannot see their shores...

The madness! Menaces us,
But it's too soon to fall into his darkness.
We won't do! The same error,
To let one deeds us into the horror.
We have reached technological dreams,
But still we're searching for the peaceful seeds.
If we find, a place to be,
Wisdom will prevail,
That's what we wish.



We are prisoners, of this infinite universe.
We must find our place, or disappear, without a trace.
At the gates, of new worlds,
We're under mutations,
We're torn between two worlds!!!

Reign Is Grumbling
Come from the skies,
Humans cannot see.
Some kind of spy,
Analyzing things;
For millions of year,
I watch the situation,
With no bad intentions,
I see what's going on.
I don't want to guide you or to help you.
I could, but you're not wise enough...

You've inherited,
Of a real paradise,
You twisted it,
In a world of cries!
Using science,
In some horrifying ways,
Always turning, the right things to wrong.

Your fall is coming,
But you turn your back,
On truth, of the event I see.

The fire, the water, the stone,
Will fall all over you!
But you don't seem to realize;
Oh no, your reign is crumbling...
You send machines,
And men to stars.
But maybe the future,
Will bring stellar wars.
You want to conquer some new worlds,
As if you that the earth was dying.
You want to rule the universe,
To me, it makes no sense.



You think you're powerful,
I feel you're power fools.
You want to be the biggest,
Soon you'll be the bleedest!
Wake up! Still time to change.
And build peace again.
Do it! While you still have, all the choices.
I've warned but still I can't help you.
I could but you're not wise enough.

Chorus (x2)
Join Us
How more evil must be met?
How many times 'til we forget?
I don't know who has the answer,
All these times are so sinister.
They promised us a new world,
All I see is that it's worst:
New order, what a joke,
I can't even laugh...
They control us more everyday,
And the facts are here,
Can't you sense the fear?
They will know every move you made,
They will know every word you said.
Together! Just say no to this nightmare...

In the name of life, we are strong and free,
We like what we are, it's our way to be.
No one again will control our mind.
The masses have fallen.
Can't you hear us screaming?!?

Join us!
We hold the key to our destiny,
It belongs to ourselves,
It's our strength to be.
Join us!
Refuse and resist, don't accept their will!
We will not compromise, we will fight,
We will cry, we will die but not as slaves...

As the darkness falls,
Don't believe their lies,
Act now, and waste no time...
'Cause they won't forget you,
They're hunter and they will get you,
Anytime, anywhere!
Try to do the best you can,
To avoid their conformism,
You are free to chose your life,
Don't let the chance pass you by.
If you do want to be someone,
Join us, you should not regret.
Stand up! And find yourself free again!



What will make them realize
That their kingdom of certitude
Is just a kingdom of lies!

Chorus (x2)
Heavy Dance of Chaos
Looking at the road we paved,
I try to think how good will be our way.
The future is not,
What it used to be.
And we just say goodbye to the past.
We've traveled the times, in search of the answers.
And still we hang around
Like dog without a bone...
The times are here,
The call is near,
It's time to choose, to do,
Or die!!!
The chaos sings a melody,
And they sing along...
They stand to fall, in a dance of madness.
Enslaved to the rhythm...
They stand to fall!
Driven by the song!
They stand to fall!
Chained by this sound!
The chaos sings a melody,
Until we end, its song!!!
Roll the Dice
To fight all the fears in your life.
That something has to be done.
To make them see you're here!
To give birth to what you stand.
You will have to learn,
More than once or twice.
That chance can help you too!
You will have to fight,
Hard for your rights,
Yes believe it too!

Cards were all dealt,
On the day I was born,
And I choose, the ones
To go on and on...

Winning, Falling,
It's like, when you roll the dice,
Winning, Falling,
It can happens to your life,
When you roll the dice!

I can hear the calling of destinity,
Even tough I will face the difficulties,
You have to make more than one sacrifice,
If you really want,
To break the ice,
Sometimes you'll have to ask yourself:
No More Darkness
And then I woke up,
Put on this dimension so new
That understanding cannot explain.
I have to find a pure way,
To reach my new existence.
And I have to born again.
Sure, the road is long!
But I have to succeed,
In erasing my past tragedies,
Ghosts of the past won't rise again,
And I'm the one to win this fight!
Enlightening my soul,
Forever and ever.

A real force is rising in me,
In this time warped "carrousel"...

Tears in my eyes won't fall down again,
These days of darkness won't come back again,
Dreams in my soul now can live forever,
These days of darkness won't come back again!

I remind,
The message was clear,
Twisted things of the past,
I understand now.
It's not a mind puzzle anymore, and
I feel revitalized,
I'm a new entity,
Free for ever and ever...



New sounds invite me,
For an astral ballet...

A real force, have risen in me
In this time warped "carrousel"...

Chorus (x2)

Tears won't fall down again,
Dreams can now live forever...
Create a New World
All your dreams,
Are falling to pieces,
So much to give,
But so little to achieve,
All of the warnings,
Can't you see the signs?
Taking part of a game,
Playing it without shame.
Can't you feel the pain,
That is facing your mirror?
All of the madness,
Swirls in your eyes...
But if you create a new world,
Free you'll fly as the wind.
There is no sense keeping life cold...

A distant thunder
You'll be his lightning
Your high potential,
Don't let it die, Oh no...
Please never give up,
Stop hearing their lies.

Now you're creating a new world,
Free you fly as the wind,
There was a sense keeping life strong...

Live for what you believe...
Don't hear what they say.
Conquer your rights,
Turn the page on the past.

There's nothing unconceivable for you.
Believe in your life,
Say what you have to say.
Your dreams will grow fast
In beautiful reality.
There's nothing unconceivable for you.

Like a midnight star,
Night by night,
You will be brighter,
As strong as the sun

There'll be times they put you down,
There'll be times no one's around,
But one thing you got to know:
If the soul survives,
No chains will bound you again...

Chorus (x2)

You will survive too,
You will come back too,
And I'll be there too,
Gerard Fois - vocal, back-vocal, keys
Dominique Leurquin - guitar, back-vocal
Sylvain Cochet - bass guitar, back-vocal
Philippe Carrupt - bass guitar
Alain Blanc - drums, back-vocal

Produced by NSR Productions.

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