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February 18th, 2019
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Dream Child - Reaching the Golden Gates

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Dream Child'1998

Reaching the Golden GatesRelease by: Metal Blade Records

Dream Child - Reaching the Golden Gates
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. To Our Dreams


2. Bells of Nemesis


3. The Search


4. Acalmy


5. Alchemy


6. Fly Again


7. Kadesh Battle


8. Crystal Lady


9. Shade on Your Sun


10. Answers


To Our Dreams
So you say, that we shouldn't go to that way,
That we will have a price to pay,
What is this game that you play?
While you think, we are still taking all the risks,
We have still reasons to exist,
Why do you think we resist?
You present us your plans, but you don't understand,
They're like castles made of sand.
You wanna build us a cage, but we're not your hostages,
You'll never tear down our rage!

Your empty world is only cold!
Would you defy our identity?
Proud we will keep our dignity,
That's why we say:

We have to hold on to our dreams
They're here forever, they are still strong, we have to carry on
It's now or never!
Now or, now or, now or, never!
Now or, now or, now or, when?

It's now or never!
We have to hold on to our dreams!

Reversing the tide, this will be our pride,
Don't wanna be shunt off the side,
Nothing will change us even largest bribes,
Money doesn't run our live.
Who are you to tell us what to do!
There's nothing left to say,
We're going on our way.

Your only goal, won't ease your soul
Would you defy our identity?
Proud we will keep our dignity,
That's why we say:


Even when times are hard
We let the passion runs through our veins
We didn't use all the cards,
You'll see that all was not in vain.
We'll face the fears, and dry our tears,
They're just a souvenir,
What shall be remembered,
Is what's inside our heads.
Bells of Nemesis
What have you done to your land?
What have you done to your people?
And can't you give an helping hand?
Can't you hear all those cries?
Don't you have something to share?
See them suffering don't you care?
But now these days are gone,
The time has come to leave your crown.
We choose to keep our pride
And there is no place you can hide...

You are the man with no mercy,
Your power reach infinity
But now you meet your destiny
We close the door you've lost the key
We close the chapter and you bleed
You thought that you possessed our heart
That we could never live your path
The hate for you became an art
We hide it from the very start
Now it's dark!

You can hear the bells are ringing,
You can hear their call.
Their sound means, they are the signal,
Soon you will fall
Reminding just what has been done...

All those lives you have taken
You can be sure they're not forgotten,
How can you ask to be forgiven?
No more times for the lies!
We just want to live our life,
Soon you'll be the one who cry!!!

Your end has just begun
Never again you'll see the sun
We'll send black clouds away
Our wind won't bring you back again.
The Search
I've been searchin', to release my feelings,
I've been trying, but there's rust in my being.
In the night, awakened by my own screams!
Something's missing, can't you see the state I'm in?
Trying to recall the events that made me so special ain't easy
Memories in a labyrinth,
(It's) not easy to find the passage back.

The search

Sometimes I feel, that I'm lost in a dream!
Sometimes I kneel, so heavy are my tears.
It's a circle, that never ends, it's a nonsense.
It's a story, that no one here can understand.

The search goes on and on
Tell me what went wrong
Never answered questions
The search goes on and on
Deliverance hasn't shown
To end my own destruction!

Voices in my head screaming in madness
They will never stop they're here to possess.
Good and evil fighting in my body
Leaving me defeated they've shown their fury!
What's the secret of the unity?
Is this magic or some alchemy?
Who holds the fire that burns inside our being?
It could be you or it could be fears.
Balance is not easy to keep:
One world, one movement could ruin it all.
If you don't get yourself a grip,
Then you will fall in a hole!
Don't you know that you're a part of me
Don't you know that I can set you free?
Even though it's not easy to see,
We have the same dreams.

Your power and mine will be melting into one,
Together as one we will reach a, new horizon.

Try to understand,
And we'll shape diamonds from the sands.
Try to understand,
And we'll build a world in a no man's land.
Try to realize, I see trough your eyes,
And if you were blind I would read your mind.
Reach the melting point, it's time to make the joint
Change your heart so cold,
From stone to gold.

Don't you know that you're part of me?
Don't you know that you can set me free?
Maybe it was just our destiny,
To share the same dream.

Your power and mine will be melting into one,
Together as one we will reach a new horizon.
We're not really the same but we're playing the same game
The perfect reunion to reach a new horizon...

We're like the wind, the fire, the water, the stone
Different elements fusing in one!
We unleash a power that create a sun!
And we will spread our rays.
All for one, one for all!
Fly Again
Can you save my soul a little while?
Your words and sins will cure it
If you just try.
Can you be the guardian of my flame?
Don't ever let it be appeased by the rain.
I am an angel
Who's burned his wings staying too close to hell

Can you help me find my way back to myself
Sometimes I feel I'm lost inside someone else.
Can you bring back colors into my world?
You're like the rainbow in the winter's cold.

I am an angel
Who cannot seem to be in phase with heaven

Teach how to fly again,
My wings are trapped inside my brain.
You're the one who ease my pain
You can help me fly again.

Take me to your own universe,
And put an end to this curse.

Thee used to be a time
When I could reach the stars at the speed of light
But like Icarus, I've been too close, too soon,
To a burning sun...

Kadesh Battle
Crystal Lady
There is a statue, enlightening the garden.
A beautiful lady, shaped into crystal
At the place of the heart,
There's a mirror reflecting the state of your soul.
She mesmerizes me,
(That's in her eyes)
I'm under the spell,
(It's so unreal)
There's a real person inside this crystal cell.
But if you look in her eyes,
They are far from being cold as ice.
Instead there's a fire inside,
That's burning!
And when the wind blows through her hair
You can hear melodies in the air.
With a strange song of despair,
She's calling you to:

Ride on the wings of her dream
It's not as far as it seems.
Shine on and enter her realm,
With her you'll become a king.
With a look in the mirror,
My soul is begging to open the door,
That would lead me inside her world.
Now that I have felt her,
Life without her would be so cold.
She's sending me
(Listen and learn)
Strange incantations
(Magical words)
I must repeat, to enter her dimension.

As I say these words without age,
I'm crossing the edge,
I'm feeling the change...

I've never felt, such an immense sense of love,
I'm lost in her arms, it's unreal, a delight from above.
I ask her where we are and what's her name
She answers me with a kiss and I fall in a soul abyss.

Ride on the wings of her dreams
Shine on and enter her realm.
Shade on Your Sun
Even though you don't know me,
It don't prevent you to judge me.
All your prejudices,
Are as sweet as serpent's kisses.
You think you are superior,
But your ideals are such a bore.
You fear the difference,
I show indifference as a defense to your offence.
But don't expect me,
To turn the other cheek,
Your attitude can really make me sick.
I don't need to answer so you think I'm weak,
But just touch me and I'll show you a few tricks.

I'm the shade on your sun,
And I have no fear
You'll never see me run.
I'm the shade on your sun,
Don't try to retire me stay away or you'll burn
You'll burn!

You only live through hate
For you it's like a faith.
Do you know,
What an open mind is or you think it's a disease?
Ignorance, the rule of the fool.
I am immoral, and I'm breaking down your rules.

I don't have any lesson,
To receive from people who are only there to deceive.
I don't even think of taking part of your world,
Cause apart of your world
You think there should be nothing at all.


All your thoughts are no fun,
Delicate as a shot from a gun.
I'm the shade on your sun
Don't try to retire me stay away or you'll burn.

You want your world so pure,
For me you have a cure,
All traces of me you want to erase,
But you will never, get my will to fade!
You say that time will work for us,
But you don't take the time to work for us.
You say that time is making changes.
But you don't make the changes right in time!
(You say that)
"Time will hold the answers"
But we don't wanna waste a life time.
"Time will hold the answers"
Give us back our precious time.

Act now before it is too late,
Or my patience will turn to hate.
Too many times, too many things you forget,
We don't wanna live a life full of regrets
This is the time don't hesitate!

You are sinking into the quicksands of time,
It's too late for you as I write this rhythm.

Future is now and we don't want to lose eternally
We pave the road, answers are written on this very ground.
Gerard Fois - vocal, back-vocal, keys, guitar
Dominique Leurquin - guitar, back-vocal
Sylvain Cochet - bass guitar, back-vocal
Alain Blanc - drums, back-vocal, keys

Produced by NSR Production.

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