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February 22nd, 2019
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E-X-E - Stricken by Might

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Stricken by MightRelease by: Axis Records

E-X-E - Stricken by Might
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Slaughter Disorder


2. Stricken by Might


3. Autopsy


4. Metal Hell


5. Slayer


6. Martial Law


7. Warchild


8. Fatally Wounded


9. Seek And Destroy


10. Crib Death


Slaughter Disorder
Hallowed caves, empty graves
Of corpses, still unrest
Wandering the darkened night
With craving to ingest

Moss covered walls, torch lit halls
Are pungent, with the smell, of decay
They'll turn on their masters
As halls fill with laughter
Then they'll cease, from nighttime till day

Fightin' with they darkened curse
Their hunger will not be denied
They'll ravage through the unknown corpse
Their souls as one will die
Their souls as one have died

Hear the hordes, of lifeless corpses
As they, seem to, draw near
The stench, of rottin' sinful flesh
You're paralyzed with fear

Feel the burning, through your heart
As the acid, runs through your vein
All at once, you're torn apart
Screams pour down like rain

Stricken by Might
Living too fast, dying so young
Out go the living
- Heroes unsung -

Life is to live, for all that its worth
Taken by death
- Removed from the earth -

Priests bear the cross, all mourn the dead
A life lived too fast
- Death lies ahead -

No time to slow down, your fight for your life
Dazed by comparison
- Stricken by might -

-Hatred - no force to be denied
- The last - to reckon with, you're set on fire
- Sacred - a heart that you hold so dear
- Fighting - toward hell, engulfed by your fear
Surgical steel
Cutting the flesh
Enter non-living
Keepers of death
Cold steel table
On which your body lies
Nothing left is sacred
Nothing left inside

Death - creation - death
Death - cremation - death

White robed priests work sordid
Sending you toward hell
Inside surgeons scrape at

What is now a hollow shell
High above you lying
Your soul is kept in earth
Your wounded body lies rested
Awaiting its rebirth

Solos Marigliano / Perialas / Tavora / Canedy

Your body's now awakening
No malice left inside
The scalpel is now upon you
To tear you open wide
Metal Hell
Metal hell
Metal hell
Metal hell
When you seek the light
From the burning night
Your world will fall in a spell
Weary dreams you'll find
Seem to come to life
That world is called - metal hell

Blackness comes in a flash
Your soul will come to clash
With a force, that's known to us all
Well take my hand and see
The flames of victory
Join the pack and you'll never fall

Metal hell -
Stand up and shout
Metal hell -
Shout it out loud
Metal hell -
Together we'll see
Metal hell -
That forever it shall be

You've felt the razors edge
Your soul to satan pledge
Since the day, you were spit to the world
Your dreams have turned to dirt
So called friends wear a smirk
With a blade your thoughts have unfurled

Wasted nights you spent
Your thoughts were not heaven sent
Reality's not your way to be
So pack your lies instead
The hate that fills your head
Hold my hand you'll stay with me


Moving hard, moving fast
Breaking bones, your life wont last
He's rising when, all the nights aglow
In the black of night, he'll see you stir
He's lost control, you'll feel the burn
His hate for all, is such he cannot speak

He's on your track
He's on your back
And you can't stop him
He's on the attack

Feel the heat, blazing steel
Glowing lust, he's unreal
He'll take control, you cannot think or see
Heads will roll, lungs will bleed
Flesh will rot, on which he'll feed
You are no more, it's the end for all


Heads will roll, lungs will bleed
Flesh will rot, on which he'll feed
He'll take control, you cannot think or see

Feel the heat, blazing steel
Glowing lust, he's unreal
You are no more, it's the end for all

Martial Law
Running all night
Content to hide, in shadow's of the day
Bearing the cross
Wishing, for clear skies to turn grey

Your souls have been traded
- To a Marxist regime -
Revolution ill faded
- Freedom is but a dream -

Rebels run free
Searching for the door to be unlocked
They long to be free
Fighting for the cause that means so much

Stand up and fight
Against oppression that hangs onto your back
Forfeit your life
To fight against the communist attack


Solos - Tavora / Marigliano
See the dawn, on a new horizon
Morning comes, watch the children cry
Noone left, to give them warning
Mankind is gone, and left them to die

Some will grow, to seek the vengeance
For the pain, they were put through
They'll arrive, to seek their glory
And spit their curse, upon you

They're the ones who rule the night
In the streets running wild, so wild
You can't escape the wrath
Of the warchild

Through the night, there will be destruction
Those to blame, they will run and hide
Twisted lies, government, corruption
They're to blame for the lives that died

Now in the dawn there will be a silence
All is done nothing left to say
Warchild's gone, but they left a warning
To those who hide, they will have to pay


Solo - Tavora


The warchild, yeah
The warchild, warchild
The war, the war, the war
The war, the war, the war
Fatally Wounded
Cross burned at night
Heat that you feel
Smoke in the night
Nightmare's so unreal

Bodies are raised

Chant's ringing high
Black priests are praised
Tonight all must die

- Sleeping - in your own dream
Feel the knife cut, as you let out a scream
- Awaking - now you will find
Your mind is astray, but your body is left behind
- Fatally wounded -

Slaying the young
They torture the old
Violate their bodies
Before they are cold

Nothing is sacred
None is spared
Raping the dead
Destroy those who dared

- Fatally wounded
Seek And Destroy
Sacred nights, I've seen hailed hallowed
Memories still remain
Gathered masses, faith they follow
All to lose, nothing to gain

Evil minds, hellbent on destruction
Round up fools, of which they'll deploy
Midnight madness, chants of the lost souls
Gather up all men
To seek and destroy - seek and destroy
To seek and destroy - seek and destroy

Thunder roll's across the horizon
Ironical, the soldiers will wait
Dark skies, fill their tomorrows
Soul's re bred, to guard the gates


Seek and destroy -

Raging thoughts, hail destruction
For a cause, noone will see
Shackled fools, they'll seek the passage
Death to those, who hold the key


Seek and destroy -
Crib Death
Life that is given
Torturous gift bestowed
Newborn that is living
Denial to grow old

Fiery breath of satan
Death so near
Heaven is one with Hades
For one you hold so dear

Fingers of death, slowly surround
A shadowed white mist, that circles around
Detested hate, malicious fate
Taken, without a sound
Crib death

Innocent bliss
A precious sign of life
Scavengeous kiss
Meant for the young and trite

Life that is not given
Songs that go unsung
For one that is so young
Joseph Palma - vocal
Adam Marigliano (Muammar) - guitar
Rui Tavora - guitar
Rick Bockel (R.H.) - bass guitar
Charles Lopez - drums

Produced by Carl Canedy.

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