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January 18th, 2019
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Glorian - Ancient Stories

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Ancient StoriesRelease by: demo

Glorian - Ancient Stories
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Rising in the Nights


2. Holy Born


3. Farewell


4. The One


5. The Legend of the Moon


Rising in the Nights
At a full moon, cloudy dark
Burning eyes warming up around
Man in black and face in white

Looking at me silently
Was to sneak up on me
Made me scared and frustrated

No place to hide...
No hope for the light...
Locked in the dark
With the unpainful bite...

Not only my blood missing in my body
But also I'm losing my soul
I remain with fire of eternity

Got much closer slightly
Cold breath filled me up
Was ready to hold my life

White hands touched me
Told me the only true is
That the word immortality
Holy Born
He was born at a cold night
Red eyes and a red mouth
Azure face and black eyebrows

Never had his mother fed
Talked on the third day
Walked on the fortieth day

He did never lose
Was the strongest one
The greatest warrior of the world

The legend of the past
Majesty of the sky
The father of the sun, moon and stars

Born to be the lord of the time
The only ruler coming from the sky
Born to be the lord of the time
The sign of the legendary light

Little boy had no dreams
Riding through the valleys
Hunting in the dark and old hills

Days, months, and years passed
He grew up very fast
Great mighty fighter at last

Holy born to rule the time...
Holy born... The Holy Light...
When I was lost in the darkness
You made me find the light set me free
It was a fight inside of me
You held me when I was scared

The only hope that I have
The only life that I belong to
For your smile, for your goodness
I would give up everything

You're the one I have ever loved
Never thought you may let me down

I see your face in the sun
Hear your voice as the wind passing me by
Feel your love in my dreams
And sleep with you all through the nights
The One
Here comes the fight again
Face to face under the rain
It's the time of will, the time of holy fail

No way! Here they are, it's too late!
He's aware of the secret gate
It's the end of all, the end of human age

Are we qualified enough to fight this war?
We are just three hundred and that's all!
And the final battle will cry for the land
At the end my kingdom will be lost

THE ONE... for the pride
THE ONE... let us try
THE ONE... signed by the lord of the light, ride with us!

The last part of the game
Now the anger will reign
They are thinking of only scream, blood and pain

Too hard to break this fate
He has just one way
To create a world, the world of dark and death
The Legend of the Moon
On a cold winter day, a young poor girl
Was looking for water around the hill
So cold lips, so wounded feet
So tired face, and cryin' eyes

The moon was watching her from the sky
Felt sorry for that miserable life
Ordered the bush just near the girl
To be a horse and bring that little girl

So long way laid on the sky
Towards the moon she flew so high
He fell in love with her face
The life he'd ever wished to embrace
And the shape of the moon started to change

The legend of the moon...
The story will go forever...

The brightest star also likes her face
They fight in the month, all through the days
The star beats the moon just in three days
So the moon scares and hides away
Hakan Kul - vocal, bass guitar
Ahmet Ucankus - guitar
Ahmet Gultekin - drums


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