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March 24th, 2019
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Spastic Ink - Ink Compatible

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Spastic Ink'2004

Ink CompatibleRelease by: Electric Electric

Spastic Ink - Ink Compatible
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Aquanet


2. Just a Little Bit


3. Words for Nerds


4. Melissa's Friend


5. Read Me


6. Multi-Masking


7. In Memory of


8. ACRONYM (A Chaotic Realization Of Nothing Yet Misunderstood)


9. The Cereal Mouse


I struck the key, prepared to launch beyond the colored glass
A pseudonym used in disguise with a secret word to pass
It took a few tries to get through the line of maniacs
Now I just have to wait when they verify the facts

I finally had gained access, so what's the fuss about?
I thought I'd browse around, then investigate throughout
Who's ahead in the rat race?
Who was killed in the crime?
What's cool, what's hot?
What's a waste of time?

We're informed and entwined by checking out the sights
Designed to view in a flash with glitz and neon lights
Play for real and catch the waves streaming in my ear
Watch every move in quick time
Get the spots out of here

I'd navigate, try to escape
Something like that
I looked out, bound to explore, to go to where it's at
Looking for an address
I didn't have to ask for directions
In search for what I was after
Led to linked connections

Who hit the last shot?
Take a chance, roll the dice
I couldn't decide where to apply, what to choose, and name a price
Had I been framed, it was written in the code
If I don't get cooperation,
I just might have to reload

What would excite?
Who is the latest attraction?
She said, "Come inside if you think you're up for some action!"
In heels and lace or wrapped in chains
I must be on the right page
She wanted my number, then she asked,
"Are you at least of the age?"

It's not for me if it's not for free
I didn't want it that much
It doesn't cost a thing to chat and keep in touch
Sleet or snow is not a concern to have a thought expressed
Get attached to who you reply: it's already self-addressed

Knowledge gained, entertained and mindlessly roam
I've had my share, now I'm where
I'd like to get back home
One by one, the windows closed
Turned around the sign
OK'd to disconnect and get off the line

"If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again.
If you need help, hang up and then dial your operator."
Just a Little Bit
Tear it!
Get burned in flames, then hold it back
Keep it!
The hands are set to knock or crack
Flake my ears bleed and refuse to stay
Too busy to bother
I can't get away

Just a little bit of this and that, like a scaredy-cat
So afraid
No, I never quit
I was cleared from work
I'm not the jerk getting paid

It's now closed when I'm talking
Analyze, 'cause she's stalking
Him to size into fine pieces
The number Increases

I'd seen her just the other week, but now we're in a fight
My head bowed, to the sky I looked, checking left to right
Then passed as the cut was made
It hit between the eights
A fragile, lonely heart edging close to the delirious gates

Just a little bit
Out and depressed
I didn't ace the test to an extent
I'm not a hypocrite
You need to think twice to reduce the price a percent

At the end, the victim changed just before he rips
He screamed after he let it fly off his fingertips
Repeat, and continue again, and again repeat
With ice in the scorching sun to escape the heat
And that would be sweet!

Just a little bit
Too much to take
I'm wide awake, bent and creased
Don't start to spit out that 4-letter word
They've been used and blurred to be quite the opposite,
And make a difference while not making sense in the least
Words for Nerds
"Hmmm... what's this?
A 80-jigawatt hard driver...uh, an LSD monitor...
512 MB - OH, it's a computer!"

"Excuse me, sir. I'm looking for a word processor.
I want to be able to control page breaks, and cut, copy and paste,
Change the preset tab stops... oh, yeah, and create bookmarks.
Do you have anything like that, sir?"

"My webpage address is (STATIC) / um, org?"

"Okay. (Heh) You want me to back up both fixed hard drives? (Heh) Hard! Reconfigure your dot matrix?
(Heh) Is that something like my bed matrix? (chuckle) Then install DOS 30 over your XP (heh) ABC (heh) IOE (heh) 123 IOU, uh...oh, wait!"
Melissa's Friend
My sweet Melissa came to me
And attached was a friend
I wondered with curiosity
Is it real, or pretend?
She appeared to be so pretty
So nice and polite
To neglect would be such a pity
Get too close, she might bite

The little girl is possessed
At first, I didn't realize
A shadow lurks in the dark
It's evil in disguise

Played for a puppet
Taken for a fool
I'm yours to intimidate
Enrage and ridicule

...Scared and in a panic
With horror and fear
Beware of a predator
The enemy is near

I should have been suspicious
But I didn't see the signs
A plan too cruel and malicious
That harms and undermines
Unprotected?.. suicide
As I've always known
But access would be denied
Just leave me alone

So you want blood
And damage done
I'm not too impressed
And I'm not the only one
You've got something to hide
Get off of my back
Such a leech, and a parasite
Primed for attack

What's that smile on your face
Innocence that you can't explain
Possibly a disturbed mental case
A pest in need of attention
A cancer in my brain
A madman's comprehension

There's no hope of a second chance
I've got you figured out
Heartbroken from a fake romance
Thus, the end of the strife
You'll be forgotten, no doubt
What's your problem get a life...
Read Me
Hey. How you doing?
If you haven't figured out the lyrics to the song yet:
Verse 1: It's a mouse and a printer.
The 2nd verse is the keyboard.
The 1st chorus is a monitor.
Hang on a second...
I'm talking like this because it sounds really scary backwards.
I just hope I don't mess up my throat.
Anyways, verse 3 is a hard drive and a floppy disk.
The 4th verse is a motherboard with integrated circuits.
The 2nd chorus is a scanner.
I'll see you later. Bye!

It's a tale that's leading the chase
A creature stirring blind
Selected choices locked in place and yet another to find
Running scared, caught in the lights with nothing left to waste
Bleeding black and blue on whites repeatedly replaced

Digits flying in the pouring rain
A brick wall collapse
The order left to explain
The convenience...perhaps
Arrange in any form or shape to carry out commands
He's got the keys, no need to escape
Control is in his hands

I gazed amazed at the TV set
Assembled dots appeared
In contrast, a silhouette
The resolution was clear
After dark, machines in flight on display to view
The scheme didn't seem too bright
Pitch black to baby blue

Reading, writing the arithmetic by retrieving heads
Tables turn as needles prick into spinning threads
A face as pale as a ghost
The information burned
And if caught, it would be toast and could not be returned

Racing at the speed of light
Prepared for the pack
Unaware of the invader's plight, all veiled in black
They crept onto the open field, the array so precise
The swarm charged, forced to yield, then got stuck in the ice

I'd screen the scene and analyze in a single pass,
Then translate and plagiarize the writing on the glass
A pretty face taken from a mag
The headlines from yesterday
To modify could be a drag to connect, plug and pray
In Memory of
So what is this? What's going on?
Is there something that I missed?
It's all I have to remember ever since I did exist
I've been wondering for a while where am I supposed to go
It's for me to find out, it's essential that I know

In memory of a life all alone
For the life in me, I can't find hope
I patiently await
I hope to feel secure before it's too late
What time would it cost?
So still I find myself lost

I've been holding on to reality and what I have in store
Not in demand, a mystery not worth much anymore
Things would change for the better if I were to be replaced
To be cut off, I'd be gone
What we have would be erased

In memory of a life all alone
For the life in me, I can't find hope
I patiently await
I hope to feel secure before it's too late
What time would it cost?
So still I find myself lost

A lesson dance up in the air, still drifting out of space
You seem to find where I belong is to move from place to place
I'd get me passing on to rest and be something of the past,
Or get something clean and finally save me at last

In memory of a life all alone
For the life in me, I just found hope
I patiently await
Until I was secure, it was not too late
What time did it cost?
So now I found myself
ACRONYM (A Chaotic Realization Of Nothing Yet Misunderstood)
"For your information, I could be wrong.
On the other hand, if I remember correctly,
What you see is what you get, or words to that effect.
In any case, read between the lines, tell it like it is.
In other words, don't believe everything you read.
Know what I mean?
As far as I'm concerned, don't even think it. Don't go there.
So what do you think?
Never mind. In my opinion, it's not my problem.
For what it's worth, it works for me.
But what do I know? I don't know. I don't get it.
If you know what I mean, and I think you do, let me know.
Enough said. That's all for now. I'm out of here.
End of discussion."

Impatient sarcasm declared naive
Indicate by motive, make believe
Preventing conditional innocence
Sudden change suggested ignorance
Indifferent solutions procrastinate
Could persistently underestimate
Understood sensitivities belong
Has the meaning left? What went wrong?

Acute systematic corrupt in insanity
Chronically decrepit, repulsed over misery
Helpless to the pressure, detainment so ludicrous
Perceived coefficient, fearing the preposterous

Irate death evasive, vicious grave accelerates
Mendacious suppression, danger often suffocates
Ratted and mephitic, insistence self-assured
Benign indiscretion, obsessed, secured
The Cereal Mouse
Jason McMaster - vocal
Ron Jarzombek - guitar, keys, voice
Pete Perez - bass guitar
Bobby Jarzombek - drums

Jens Johansson - keys
Bill Dawson - vocal
Ray Riendeau - bass guitar
David Penna - drums
Michael Manring - bass guitar
David Bagsby - keys, voice
Amanda Wheatley - voice
Mike Schlaf - voice
Daniel Gildenlow (Daniel Gildenlow) - vocal
Bill Stalcup - voice
Doug Keyser - bass guitar
Jimmy Pitts - keys
Sean Malone - bass guitar
Jeff Eber - drums
Marty Friedman - guitar
Jennifer Jarzombek - voice
Produced by Ron Jarzombek.

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