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March 21st, 2019
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Halloween - No One Gets Out

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No One Gets OutRelease by: Motor City Metal

Halloween - No One Gets Out
Halloween - No One Gets Out
Halloween - No One Gets Out
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. No One Gets Out


2. If I Die You Die


3. Crawl to the Altar


4. 7 Years


5. The Death of Love


6. Kings


7. Sanity in Danger


8. Miss Eerie's Child


9. The Thing That Creeps


10. Halloween


11. Detroit Rock City
    (by Kiss.)


12. A.B.F.$.


13. I Confess


14. Vicious Lies


15. Evil Nation


16. Agony


17. Black Skies


No One Gets Out
As the winds blow violently
I see a fate only the mirror knows
And the crashing sounds of thunder
Brutal Endings, that's how the story goes
My conscience begs me to look away
Still I look right into his eyes
I feel the power in his stare
It's only then I realise

No One Gets Out!
Face the truth leave your world behind
All your questions gone
Lost in the Unknown
Night and day
Among the unmankind

Everybody wants to know
But who'd believe your story anyway
Dark tales of the vast beyond
Laughing mobs who would turn on you
You have no reason to turn your back
Still you look away believing your own lies
And though they could crush you with their attack
They let your excuse materialise


There's no escape death and rape
Now your in Hell's grasp
No desire we drown in the fire
No more breath for you to grasp
No belief eternal grief
Wishing you'd survive
No more life wrong or right
No One Gets Out alive!!!

If I Die You Die
When I wake up in the morning
And look outside my door
I see hatred, destruction, and pain
When I fall into depression
I don't know what's in store
And i wonder will we ever wake again
Will anybody breathe my name again
If I die you die
There's no disguise
From their judging eyes
If I die you die
Doesn't anybody hurt inside
I don't want to die
If I make it through this year
Will there be anybody here
Or will they give for just one day
And leave this place
And if no one feels the guilt
Will they push us to the hilt
Will we all disappear without a trace
Is it possible to fall from disgrace
If I die you die
Can we justify global suicide
We return to mother earth
Praying for another birth
You better think about it
If I die you die
You won't get a second chance
Not if fate has tied your hands
Will someone teach the losers
Have the winners become users
I dare someone to try and explain
Do our leaders need excuses
Do our own thoughts confuse us
Tell me what we have to gain
Are all the words we speak in vain
Have we all gone insane?
If I die you die
You could make a change
But you close your eyes
Isn't anybody able
To defy the prophets fable of doom
All I know is that
If I die you die
If I die you die

If I die you die
If I die you die
If I die you die
If I die you die, you die, you die!!!
Crawl to the Altar
Crawl to the altar
To preach molded lies
All confessions
Pray your sins goodbye
Cauldron brewing
Full of holy blood
Who killed the angel
Falling from above
Crawl to the Altar
Crawl to the Altar
A burning cross temptation's cost
He drinks the blood
Of those who lost
Cesspool of death
Puts you to rest
You live a dream
You fail the test

Crawl to the altar
How deceiving
Total blasphemy
Your collar's bleeding
But only you can see
Raped of your innocence
By your evil greed
Crawl to the Altar
Crawl to the Altar
Where you feed us lies
False confessions
No one hears your cries
Crawl to the Altar
Crawl to the Altar
The altar, unholy altar, the altar
7 Years
Downfall, spinning toward the ground
It's only on the screen
They say that's all
No use hangin' round
To live what used to be
I won't hide
I won't run with the pack
I stand alone, moving on
I won't look back
At seven years
Uproar, we all want the fame
Just 15 minutes more
We're all sorry
Too late to make a change
And get up off the floor
It's all what we long for
We all want better days
But there are no more
I disagree
I refuse to accept, defeat
'Til I die
I will live out all my dreams
Another seven years
One million times
Another seven years

It's only time gone by
While bad luck holds you captive
We al learn how to die
We should learn how to live
Downfall, crashing to the ground
It is only make believe
They say that's all
Might as well not hang around
It can't be like it used to be...
I won't die
I won't stand back and fail
No broken mirrors
No bad luck to avail
Not anymore, no way
I look forward to...
Another Seven Years!!!
The Death of Love
I see your face when I awake, I see mistakes that we will make
I feel your pain when you're not strong
I hear your cries, I hear you, long for love...
When all your smiles, turn to pain
When all your world turns to rain...
When no one's there to call your name... I watch love die...
We all know everybody lies, I know that love will always die
Then the loneliness sets in, just let the crumbling begin
No way to stop the pain...
With all the promises we break
With all our greed we steal and take
With all the other loves we make... we make love die...

Oh god, who heals the broken in heart and blindest up their wounds
Look in tender pity and compassion upon thy servants
Whose joy has been turned into mourning...
Grant unto them such a vision of that life
Wherein all mysteries, shall be revealed
And all tears be wiped away...
So dwell with them, and be their god
Until the day break, and the shadows flee away forever... amen...

It seems that no one knows the rules, we all end up pleading fools
Just a broken hearted crowd, where pain it cries out loud, too many times...
And when you think that it can last, love walks into the past
It's so hard to keep it strong, when everybody does you wrong
Nobody loves forever...

When all your love binds come undone...
When all your secrets become known...
When no ones there to keep you strong...
When all your nights are spent alone...
When you can't make it on your own...
When pain and suffering become one...
We watch love die...
Too many times without glory, you get up again and again
There is no end to the story, if you're willing to fight for your dreams
If you could stand on top of the world, if you could look at the view
You'd see an empire ready to conquer, a kingdom waiting for you

Kings, rulers of glory, who never say die
Kings, who stand up together, and hold their heads high...

No one cares about losers, and quitters never win
If you fail with the cowards, then what's the message you send
If you fight for respect every day, one day glory sets in
If you're willing to die for your dreams, you will win in the end

Kings, rulers of glory, who never say die
Kings, who stand up together, and hold their heads high...

Tonight you're kings!!!

Hold on... to your dreams... and you'll be... ahhh...

Kings, rulers of glory
(Kings) who never say die
(Kings) who stand up together
(Kings) and hold their heads high...
Rulers of glory... kings!!!
Sanity in Danger
I see a light every time I look away
Every time I speak I hate the words I say
They say I've gone insane, I insist I'm undermind
If time stood still, would we still be alive
If I remembered all I knew, would I lead a different life
And if I hate me like everyone else
Will I be out in time, to watch me kill myself?
I feel so lost, so alone...
I only want to be, like everyone, I made my image with a laugh and a gun
I feel ok, but I'm not too sure, my sanity in danger, am I lost, without a cure...
I wake up everyday in a cold sweat alone
Blinding white walls painted with all the things I've done
The seams of my imagination, start to come apart
My twisted memory, keeps ripping at my heart
And know my time stands still, I wonder why, confused, sedated, I try and try
I've got to get away with it, but I'm running out of time
Lost forever mentally, in sanity, I find... that
I only want to be just like everyone
My claim to fame (haha), is a laugh and a gun
I feel ok, but I'm not too sure
My sanity in danger... am I lost?!

How many times can they lock me up, I keep watching in my mind
Nothing in here makes any sense to me, it's the same, scene, 1.000 endless times
I keep waking up, but it's always still the same, so I put myself to sleep
Worried one day I might go insane, and have no soul to keep
My sanity is in danger... my sanity is in danger... my sanity is... in... danger!!!
Miss Eerie's Child
I was born like so many others, without love
Brought into this world, and left to suffer
Now I'm dying to live, but I don't know, what I'm after
Day after day, I will pay for the lies, my wicked mother told

I'm misery's child, in the night I run wild
I'm misery's child...

My mother was a sinner, she was damned to hell for life
She walked down a trail of fire, my father, would have made her his wife
In the darkness, angels of lust, came to their bed
In a burst of fury, evil rose it's head...

And I'm misery's child, every night I run wild
I'm misery's child... ohhh...

She left me to die, she wanted to teach me
I learned how to cry, (and that's all I ever learned)
From all the times that she beat me...
I need to know why... she wanted to keep me...
Was she to high... to know how to treat me...
She didn't know... how to treat me... and now she'll never know...

I'm misery's child, in the night I run wild
I'm misery's child, I've got anger inside
I'm misery's child!!!
And now I'm dying to meet you...
The Thing That Creeps
Fires breathe from the darkness, black smoke fills the air
Warnings echo in your head, there's something evil near
Who really wins, when the killing begins, o one knows my friend
If we don't fight the thing that creeps
Will conquer one and all

Vision impaired who's really there, is it evil or is it god?
How could anybody know, when so many lies are told
This thing in the dark may only be, a blessing in disguise
Freedom to live is choking you, when will you realize?
Keep in mind the thing that creeps
Brings death to those who try to change their fate

Fighting spills, the innocent blood, the enemy unseen
Creature lurks in darkness, nothing in between
No one should run from things unknown, it's not always what it seems
This thing that creeps is only, freedom, to live your dreams

You can't hide, we all must stand or fall
Will conquer one and all
Keep in mind the thing that creeps
Holds the keys to everybody's fate!!!
A wolf is howling as the full moon rises higher in the sky
Black cat scream, and it seems, very dark tonight
You don't know what's going on, everyday to us is
Jack o lanterns cry out with laughter, scattered in our view
Dressed to kill, we give you chills, we trick or treat for you
Fool you, trick you, treat you, under the moonlight
We shock you, roll you, rock you, under the spot light, tonight...
People shook about the way we look, it's written across their face
Could it be they just can't see, farther than today?
Can you see what's going on? Everyday to us is Halloween
Street light walkers, cat like stalkers, creatures of the night
Were kings of the fright world, screams can be heard, begging for more each time
Fool you, trick you, treat you, under the moonlight
We shock you, roll you, rock you, under the spot light, tonight...

Look at us now, tell me what do you think, do we still look the same
Could it be, we just can't see farther than today
Well my friends, that's our story, like dreams we bring you fright
You help us in our race to glory, and we will rule the night
Now you know what's going on, everyday to us is... Halloween!!!
Detroit Rock City
(by Kiss.)
I feel uptight on a Saturday night
9 o'clock the radio's the only light
I hear my song it pulls me through
Comes on strong
Tells me what I got to do, I got to do...

Get up
Everybody's gonna move their feet
Get down
Everybody's gonna leave their seat
You gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rock City

Getting late just can't wait
10 o'clock I know I gotta hit the road
First I drink then I do what I want
Start the car
Try to make the midnight show, let's go


Movin' fast doin' 95
Hit top speed
I'm still movin' much to slow
I feel so good, I'm so alive
I hear my song playin' on the radio... yeah right


12 o'clock, I've got to rock
There's a truck ahead
Lights staring at my eyes
Oh my God no time to turn
I've got to laugh
I know I'm gonna die... why?

I Confess
Vicious Lies
Evil Nation
Black Skies
Brian Thomas - vocal
Donny Allen - guitar, back-vocal
George Neal - bass guitar, back-vocal
Billy Adams - drums, keys, back-vocal

Tim Wright - guitar
Billy Gray - guitar
Steve Langley - guitar
Melanie Adams - voice
Produced by W.D.Adams III.
Reissued by Molten Metal in 2001 with the bonus tracks and different art-cover.
Reissued by Pure Steel Records in 2013 with the different art-cover.

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