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October 20th, 2018
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Holy Dragons - Thunder in the Night

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Holy Dragons'2000

Thunder in the NightRelease by: selfproduction

(Reissued in Russian in 2003 (Polunochniy Grom) by Metalism Records with new art-cover and another line-up.

  1. V Poiskah Edinoroga
  2. Zvyozdnyy Svet
  3. Yarost' pod Kontrolem
  4. Turbo 911
  5. G-n P'yankenshtein
  6. Sekretnye Materialy
  7. Legenda o Voinah
  8. Voiny Ledyanuh Pustyn'
  9. Polunochnyy Grom

      Holy Dragons - Thunder in the Night
      Holy Dragons - Thunder in the Night
      The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
      1. In the Search of the Unknown


      2. Starlight Race


      3. Fury Under Control


      4. Turbo, 911


      5. Mr. Drunkenstein


      6. X-Files


      7. Legend of the Warriors


      8. Glory War


      9. Thunder in the Night


      In the Search of the Unknown
      1.I feel that some danger is crossing my way,
      Somebody is making the game that I play,
      Creating the rules that I don't understand,
      But I've got the ace in my hand.
      Through the Labyrinth, far beyond the hills
      At the place where I belong
      I'll take the fight, in the name of light
      In the search of unicorn
      2.They're pushing my soul from black to the white
      I'm caught in the battle of dark and the light.
      My life's just reflection in the mirror of fate,
      My card is at stake and heaven can wait!
      3.Through the world,
      Ages fly
      Ashes left,
      War of minds!
      Be yourself,
      All will pass.
      Ashes left
      Dust to dust!
      4.I feel that some danger is crossing my way
      Somebody is making the game that I play,
      But this time I feel that I'm changing the rules
      And finally I'll know the truth!
      Starlight Race
      1.If your dreams have faded away,
      In the autumn twilight 
      Don't listen to what people say
      But just look at the sky!
      There can be a lot of lies
      Different wise people say
      Only stars they will tell you the truth
      And will tell you the way! 
      Hitch your wagon to a star
      Doesn't matter who you are
      Never hesitate and make your choice
      Cast away your foolish doubts
      Never think of falling down
      Struggle with your fate and raise your voice!
      Raising up from bended knees
      Never no one try to please,
      Be yourself no matter what they say!
      Life can bring you up and down
      Don't worry much about.
      Everything will be all right some day!
      2. There can be a lot of lies
      Different wise people say
      Only stars they will tell you the truth
      And will tell you the way!
      Fury Under Control
      1.Fast live, fast die
      With fear, with lie
      You sleep, you cry!
      You want, you try...
      Never end!!! 
      In God we lust...
      Our lives for dust!
      You loose reality
      Faith in future disappear...
      This is hell!!!
      Strong is the wall,
      Never will fall,
      Till Gods keep my Fury
      Under control!!!
      Strong is the wall,
      Unjustice for all
      Till Gods keep my fury
      Under control!!!
      2.You blast your world
      No trust for all
      You want to gain
      You fail again
      Day by day!!!
      Your soul in flames...
      You loose this game!
      You risk you chance
      To hell with that...
      Free yourself!!! 
      Turbo, 911
      1.Hey, I'm a rebel on the road,
      Cause I've got a beast on wheels
      My "Porsche" has no speeding limit
      You'll never know how it feels.
      In my "turbo" running free,
      Running free tonight!
      Feeling like a crazy dream,
      Faster than the light!
      2.I touch the flames, I play with fire,
      I live one life with this machine
      My heart beats with the roaring engine
      My flesh is almost made of steel.
      3.Nobody can compit with "turbo"
      I'm breaking through the time and space
      Can make a challenge to the devil
      But he will lose this crazy race!
      Mr. Drunkenstein
      1. Black moon is rising, midnight has come.
      Friday, the thirteenth, calls.
      Spirits of darkness, creatures from hell
      Crawling for their ball.
      Everyone's waiting for this beastly freak
      By name Drunkenstain!
      His scary face can give you a thrill,
      Fear and pain.
      It's Drunkenstain, king of all drunkards.
      It's Drunkenstain, dipsomaniac.
      It's Drunkenstain spirit of strong drinks.
      Reeling and singing from overdose.
      2. Vodka and whisky, beer and skittles,
      Making the people strange.
      Join this crowd, it's calling for you 
      Alcohol can make you change.
      Now you are the lord of this world,
      You're Drunkenstain!
      Now you have no problems at all,
      No fear, no pain!
      Take a look at your face,
      You will see a pig!
      But you're feeling great tonight
      Till you're feeling sick!
      1.Looking at night at the dark silent skies,
      There can you see the mysterious lights
      Coming so close to set your nightmares free,
      Whispering voices and wild fantasies.
      Somewhere far away the truth is out there,
      Out there in the depth of human mind.
      Mysteries of Universe and our existence
      Have been hidden in the labyrinths of time!
      2.The sphinxes keep silence of gods in Egypt.
      Millennium ghosts on the edge of abyss.
      I see that the time is going too fast,
      And truth's being covered with centuries' dust.
      3.Darkness of mystery looks in your eyes
      Trusting no one and infinity lies
      Shadows of destiny, world's on the edge
      Future is silent, this time is strange!
      Legend of the Warriors
      1.Clouds dark in the sky
      We're going to die
      Lightning strikes the Bell
      Warlock casts the spell 
      Fury on the swords
      In the name of gods
      Magic power you feel
      Know the secret of steel
      It's you challenge
      You challenge the sky!
      Play with fire, demons lie!
      Hell and Heaven will take revenge
      Play with destiny,
      Pay with rage!
      2.We are heading the East
      Kill the blood thirsty beast
      For dark castle of stone
      Where he stays all alone. 
      He invaded the plains
      With his black magic chains
      But he will have to pay
      Waiting for his judgement day!
      3.So, we came to Dark Side
      We are longing to fight
      Lighting strikes the bell
      Warlock casts the spell. 
      Crushed the black magic mage
      With holy power and rage
      Set his dark soul on fire 
      Flag of freedom goes higher!
      Glory War
      1. Our life is just a game,
      Game of life and death
      Warriors of ice lands
      Starting their quest.
      Our life is holy battle,
      Battle we want more,
      Hand to hand and sword to sword,
      Our life's the clash of steel
      Spirit of the fight 
      None can live without it,
      Gods with us tonight.
      Our life's to spill the blood,
      Stronger will take more!
      Our thirst for victory
      Wings of the victory,
      Shining in the sky,
      Skies of Eternity
      And you will never die!
      Never die!!!
      2. Enemies get stronger
      Stronger day and night
      Battle takes a heavy toll
      Odin sends the sign.
      Feel the power of the steel,
      We will get the score,
      We were born to fight and win,
      We're the kings of power,
      Hear the last command!
      Warriors from Northern lands,
      Fight the Evil one!
      We've been living in this fight
      Since the world was born
      We're protecting life from death
      IT'S OUR WAR!!!
      Thunder in the Night
      1.Running wild
      Are the spirits of the wind.
      Silver swords of lightnings
      Cross the sky
      Sacred fire takes me higher,
      Thunder in the night!
      Raising power in this hour
      Thunder in the night!
      2.Balance between good and evil
      Is destroyed!
      We are doomed to fight forever,
      Save this world.
      Sacred fire takes me higher,
      Thunder in the night!
      Raising power in this hour
      Thunder in the night!
      3.Warriors arising
      From the ageless sleep
      Flashing silver armour
      Battle steel.
      Sacred fire takes me higher,
      Thunder in the night!
      Raising power in this hour
      Thunder in the night!
      Daniel Throne (Daniel Throne) - vocal, back-vocal
      Chris Caine (Chris Caine, Thorheim) - guitar
      Jurgen Thunderson (Jurgen Thunderson) - guitar, bass guitar, drums

      Produced by Jurgen Thunderson.

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