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February 20th, 2019
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Iron Savior - Iron Savior

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Iron Savior'1997

Iron Savior (promo)Release by: Noise Records


The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. The Arrival


2. Iron Savior


3. Brave New World


4. The Rage
    (by Judas Priest)


The Arrival
Iron Savior
Out of the cold you've
Been given birth
Made out of steel to protect and serve
Built for eternity you're indestructable
Free of emotions a robot miracle

Now you're up there above the clouds
Reading your sensors trace
Programmed to correct the errors
Of the human race

Iron Iron Savior - Godness in the sky
We can't hide from your cold, staring eye
Iron Iron Savior - Godness in the sky
Deadly and dangerous you'll never die
You gave us hope the Savior machine
You were supposed to be a millions dream

Circuits, chips and bits and bytes
Detecting the failure
Result of analyses
The human behavior
(I must get control)
Iron Iron Savior - Godness in the sky...

Solo Kai

The Savior knows what's wrong or right
He made up his artificial mind
Now mankind's fate is in his hand
Will he ever understand

Iron Iron Savior - Godness in the sky...

Iron Iron Savior - look what you have done
Can't you see your assesement might be wrong
Iron Iron Savior - robot of the law
End this illfated devastating war
Brave New World
Just like a machine
Programmed and built to obey
Serving the system in devotion
Faithfully day after day
Feels you do not know an unpolluted mind
In a world free of distress
Disturbing emotions of any kind
The perfect system to maintain mankind
The department of thoughts it watches your mind

Brave, brave new world
Of biogenetic design
Where the perfect people live perfect lives
And individuals get pulverized
Brave, brave new world
Where mankind is down on its knees
To the masterplan of insanity
Slaves of science in agony
Brave, brave new world

Genetic engineering created your DNA
Codes and patterns lay down your life
Define you to obey
Escape the nightmare you can't even dream
Your nature is human - you ain't no machine
Brave, brave new world...

Solo Piet

Break the chains and free your spirit
Start to be alive
Be an individual and rise
And rise!

Brave, brave new world...

Brave new world
Of biogenetic design
In this brave new world
No emotions of any kind
Brave new world
You're down to your knees
In this brave new world
The masterplan of insanity
Brave, brave new world
The Rage
(by Judas Priest)
From a fireball we came crossed sea and mountain
We were drinking beauty with our eyes
We were given all to make our own
Let us be left alone

Laid the tasks and paid the price
Everything survives
Crushed and bolted all the grain
After every wind what a stake we're in
It's paying better than the grain

When we talk without amend
We see better men
Deep inside our blood begins to boil
Like a tiger in the cage
Will begin to shake with rage


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