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October 17th, 2018
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Icycore - Altered Feelings

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Altered FeelingsRelease by: selfproduction

Icycore - Altered Feelings
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Altered Feelings


2. Mice Trap


3. Sleeping


4. The Foul Course


5. Sands of Time


6. Bleeding Darkness


Altered Feelings
Mice Trap
Lost in the garden seems to be in a sea of green
Wider and higher
I feel the trees that grow in me
Left alone
I roam like blind inside
A different hope keeps me to another world of woods and leaves

Then I see a glowing sphere that reminds me why I'm here

Denied by the silent
I lied to believe in me
Hold me tied
Hold me tied...

Of myself I've no control
Talking persons near the wall using words I can't decipher

Help me now, I feel the void
Wired like the strangest droid
All my body seems like burning

Chasing a crooked line
To where I could be fine
Raising a cloud of dust

Can't you see my destiny it's no toy for your science
Of your words I'm growing tired
I feel like I am
Rolling, bouncing, bumping crashing glasses, falling in a pinball of my own

Odd's the illness I'm subdued
There's no cure they cab exclude find the pattern of my own disease
I can take no more this lab rest the sniper on the slab
I'd rather die than being your cavy
My sad eyes watch the world around me
I can't find a river back to your sea
The voice inside is sharp and calling you
The only picture I see is of you

Sleeping in the night

There's a child he's alone in a belfry now he cries searching a way to be free
If you want to help this child is up to you open your arms and close your eyes

Sleeping in the night

So come to my world let my dreams be your life

Now you are part of me
Of the future to be
And I dream of you here

Sleeping in the night

In my mind
The Foul Course
Collapse your heart you must not emerge expressing illness you live on the edge
Friendship and love are thing to prevent because your kind can only pervert
Entrails of time are squashed by your hate refusing laws you're building your fate
The bleeding soul the suffering growl inside your mind the heavy wind howls

In my mind
They speak loud
Hear my crying

Mad to the bone you live all alone
Inside yourself you sit on the throne corrupting rules you made by yourself
You take the gun that's left on the shelf down in the streets you feel death inside
You're on the hunt you're making a ride then find a victim who's suitable for you
You pull the trigger the bullet goes through

I'm my eyes
Schemes of blood
Sirens crying

They have found me
I'm lost what could I do?
Should I go further should I go through?
Back in the streets I'll show what I worth
The voices are screaming I'm on the right way

Come to me my friends

In your eyes
I see hate
Come to get your fate

They got me now I'm on the verge
My thoughts are lost they're starting to merge
I'm going blind, there's blood on my face
End of my run, the end of the race
Back to the wall I'm loosing my verve
Voices inside are starting to unnerve
Right here right now, there's one thing to do...
...Shootin' to me and then mocking of you

I'm my mind
My last thought

Crashing pictures of my life many visions to follow

Fading voices in my mind where are you when I call on?
Sands of Time
Burned by the passing hours
Ecstatic we observe our surroundings
While time passes in the hourglass

Unstoppable time brings us away
Takes apart and reunites us at his own will
Not caring of our desires
Insensible to our efforts

Rustling grains follow one another
Passing through the only passage
Able of taking them from now to then
Then crowd like fishes in a cage

Unstoppable time brings us away
Takes apart and reunites us at his own will
Not caring of our desires
Insensible to our efforts

Painfully we climb the dune
And through the glass we observe
The moving of real life
Unable of being more than watchers
Of a life that lives us
Instead of being lived

Unable of giving us direction
We follow the stream
Sliding softly

Unable to react
Or not caring at all
Satisfied of being unsatisfied
We wait in motionless soul
The fall... of the last grain
Bleeding Darkness
I'm filling an empty life with empty nights closed inside my fortified self

I search on the floor a reason to my own fall
And getting up was just beyond my strength

There is a day that I recall
Lies burning on the skin my brand of infamy
Tried to recover means to life
(Give us your own soul)
Fear was then like a nameless friend

Don't rely on eternal world or kingdom
'Cause when you die you will have no time
You will be no more
So believe to the words you hear from this hellish man
I'm buying the only thing you can sell

Nasty thoughts I already knew giving new sensations
Fighting now with the strength I lack the enemy I am

Forever forever I'll be
However I'm loosing my grasp
Forever forever I'll stay
And never forget my last day

Loose me from the bonds I have in this world
Free me from my mortal thoughts
I am no more but still I stay
Traces of life run through my veins
No chance to recover
No way to get over
I remember of a life I didn't love
And I want it back...

There's no way back!


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