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February 15th, 2019
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Jag Panzer - The Fourth Judgement

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Jag Panzer'1997

The Fourth JudgementRelease by: Century Media Records

Jag Panzer - The Fourth Judgement
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Black


2. Call of the Wild


3. Despair


4. Future Shock


5. Recompense


6. Ready to Strike


7. Tyranny


8. Shadow Thief


9. Sonet of Sorrow


10. Judgement Day


Born out of flames descending upon the earth
The master of games for what they are worth
One with the darkness, one with my soul
Black is all power, black is control
It is my control

Black is the meaning of life
I hunger for the black of the night

The color of greed
The answer of hope
The essence of light

The heart inside you
The soul inside me
The power of night
'Tis the answer for life

I hold the keys to unlock your dreams
Pleasures beyond this world has ever seen
I am desire. I am control
I am the light and darkness inside your soul
I'm inside your soul
Call of the Wild
Raised on leather, weaned on war
A hell bent rebel overload
The gleam of a spike, the stain of blood
All the power contained in a raging flood

Conjure the power down below
Control is loss of control
Unleashed from the cage
Out bursting with rage
Overflowing force of desire
Come heed the call
Inside of us all
Cast all inhibitions in the fire
It's the call of the wild

Skin tight latex is my sin
Crack of the whip, I love to sting
Jump into the fire
The whirlwind of the ring
Survival of the fittest
Who's the next to be crowned the king?
There is a place that no one goes about
Or fears to conjure in the mind
Sacred chants heard whispered in the dark
Watch for your shadow behind

Hands of time wind in reverse
Mirrors reflect a lie
When you find yourself alone in the dark
You know you've been left behind
Down in the depths of despair

Is it laughter or lamenting that you hear
A host of insanity all around
A chill of terror surrounds you standing there
Shackles of fear have you bound

Doors slam shut and you feel no return
Many voices have your head spinning around
Find yourself in the center of a circle
Something tugging at your soul, pulling it down

Patient pupil have you learned now any spells
And incantations from this life
Have you opened every door that's come to an end
Then ventured inside
Future Shock
I see and I know there's something awry
They see and they know with laser eyes
Digital dreams on digital screens
Creating life as they glow
Nightmares forming without a warning,
There's no one to patrol

What securities will the future hold
It's getting out of control
I'm in future shock

Overlapping textures of pain
Nightmares race through information veins
Who claims what's wrong, who controls what's right
And who cares anyway
The information highway will take you there
For such a small price to pay

Our lives are on a screen
(Who knows what the other side sees)
Secret lives we all lead
(Who knows what the other side needs)
Secure these lives with a digital lock
(Who hold the other side's keys)
I'm living in future shock
(The other side has me on my knees)

Pulses scanning at the speed of light
Draining our life flow with every megabyte
The beast, all seeing master minds
Rule the Internet
Who knows their means beyond our screens
They will have you yet
All the years, fears and tears from the past
Lessons for all to learn
Clinging to life, how long will it all last?
As long as there is fire we'll burn

There's a hole in this world
A hole in the soul of mankind
The whole of this world
Is pulling down and leaving waste behind

Tell me, son, is the street where you call home?
Will a weapon calm your nerves?
Is your mother crying for a fix
While your father lays in the curb?

We must be brave
And make another way

Culminate all the forces of this life
Hold them deep inside
Till one day time comes for its release
Time will change for you and I

Fill the hole in this world
Block the hole in the soul of mankind
The whole of this world
Must be strong and change for all time
Ready to Strike
Fires blazing electricity racing boiling my veins
Strength without ending the message we're sending
Is no pain no gain

Arm in arm and one mind together
We're ready to strike!

No time for forgiveness or empty tomorrow
We live without shame
The world is so thirsty for pleasure and torment
They're one in the same

Arm in arm and one mind together
We're ready to strike!

Now is time like none in history
We must become brave
Make our mark forever there to stay
Now we pave the way

Some things we are changing and some rearranging
We've brought down the walls
Forging tomorrow through history's sorrow
We're setting new laws

Arm in arm and one mind together
We're ready to strike at the world

We fear for our lands, fear for our lives
Fear for the sake of the world
A terrorist strike unforgiving and rude
Rapes this shell of its pearl

Terrible tyranny goes undetected
Though thousands of souls are now lost
Terrible tyranny asks for a price
The innocent all pay the cost

Their evil is darkness, it steals all the light
That shines from our purified souls
Their evil is wrong with no sense of right
It spoils, ruins and controls

Our time is now to make a stand
Take matters in our own hands
We'll strike at the core of this tyrant's heart
Win back the pride of our land
Shadow Thief
Figures fly across a moonlit bay
Without a sound a figure slips away

Terror strikes a child inside my soul
Shadow Thief will soon play a role

Silent assassin clothed in black
Who will play the pawn in his next attack

Many men have lost their lives
At the hands of Shadow Thief
A master of an ancient skill handed down by priests
Trained in every weapon
Known to man and known to beast
Shadow Thief becomes the night
The night becomes Shadow Thief

Silent assassin clothed in black,
I can see his next attack
A dozen men have all gathered round
One by one they hit the ground
Shadow Thief cannot be found

Many men have lost their lives
At the hands of Shadow Thief
A master of an ancient skill handed down by priests
Trained in every weapon
Known to man and known to beast
Shadow Thief becomes the night
The night becomes Shadow Thief

Unit #12, we have a code #3 at Mayborne and Blythe
Suspect may be dangerous, we suggest extreme caution
Base, Unit #12 has spotted suspect
Seems to be climbing the wall like a fly
I've never seen anything like it
One moment, Base, suspect somehow vanished
The shadow figure is gone, gone, gone, gone
Sonet of Sorrow
I see the remnants of our past
Were we there?
I see no light, no hope, we fall
Are we here?
We see our aspirations fail

I feel the winters growing cold
No sign, no light, our lives are growing old
I feel the winters growing cold
No sign, no light, no hope, growing cold

The dove of dreams is flying overhead
Her wings are spreading softly signs of dread
So cold inside the earthly bounds below
Singing out her somber tales of woe

Her sorrow covers me
The somber tales of old
The sorrow covers me
'Tis somber tales of woe
Judgement Day
I've walked into the light on the other side
Beyond the door of life I've left behind
Followed a path I did not know
Washed by many tears
Read the pages of my life
Retraced the wasted years
That scarred my soul
Now I must go, someone calls me
Someone is tugging at my soul
Won't let go. Let me go!

When the seal is opened on the book of life
Will your name be written there?
To be remembered and follow into the light
Or cast down in despair

Sign of the times and things yet to come
The truth now revealed
Shall condemn every son
Some will be blessed
Others turned away
Who will be honored on judgement day?

Time is now... To face your fears
Time has come... Wash away the tears
Time is now... For all to kneel
Time has come... Judgement you will feel

In my vision every head and hand
Will retain some kind of code
Inventory read by a laser scan
For everything bought or sold

Accept the way... Come get in line
Accept the new age... Don't be left behind
Accept the way... Do it now today
Accept the new age... Or be cast away

One monetary system for the world
A do or die sort of thing
All computations flowing through the beast
Have we forgotten who is king?

Show me the sign, the sign of the times
It's time for a sign

The press of a key is easy for me
That's the way it should be
What is the cost? Will I be lost?
To the hands of the beast

Show me the sign, the sign of the times
It's time for a sign
Don't be afraid. The future is paved
The mark's on it's way

Bank by the phone you'll never leave home
A scan is all you'll need
Automation in every nation
The future is ours to be
Harry Conklin (The Tyrant, Leviathan Thisiren) - vocal
Mark Briody - guitar, keys, back-vocal
Joey Tafolla - guitar
John Tetley - bass guitar
Rikard Stjernquist - drums

Todd Ehle - violin
Karen Kennedy - back-vocal
Produced by Jim Morris and Jag Panzer.

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