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April 20th, 2019
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Jester's Funeral - Shifting: Skywards

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Jester's Funeral'2003

Shifting: SkywardsRelease by: TTS Media Music

Jester's Funeral - Shifting: Skywards
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Jester's Flight


2. City of Glass


3. Insomnia


4. Infinity


5. Frozen Angel


6. Intensifire


7. Fall


8. Nebula


9. Nevertheless


10. Of Ocean And Sky


11. Tomorrow


Jester's Flight
My eyes meet the ground and still I see my world.
A world I know so well that I can tell so many things about.
Blood is flowing faster as I'm taking off.
And as many miles below the only life I know vanishes I want you to know.

Even when I'm gone I always will be there for you.
Though I'm marching on I know what I'll be returning to when the time has come.

A look from high above makes me wonder why someone in this universe has been by my side for all the time.
My view is getting clearer as I drift away.
And as many miles below the only life I know vanishes I want you to know.

From world to world I fly. As I got empires to raise. I fly away.
City of Glass
A city built of glass. Lost in this transparent maze reflections taunting me with a stranger's face.
Remember who I am. Clothed myself in hollow names. A non-identity swimming in neon seas.

Like a vapour trail, insubstantial.
Like a vapour trail I will fade away.

City of Glass, mirroring me.
City of Glass, refracted dream.

Reference points erased. Cathartic anonymity.
When every step's retraced patterns will emerge.
Disappearances sliding down the surfaces.
This world is a design I will redefine.

I'm vanishing, escaping the locked room. Emancipate!
Incarnating, language becoming flesh. Regenerate!

City of Glass, mirroring me, but I don't know the person (that) I'm forced to see.
City of Glass, refracted dream. A translucent image without a scheme.
City of glass, devoid of form. I'm a ghost in a shadow, tattered and torn.
City of glass, shedding this skin. Constructing a nowhere, a nowhere within.
My sense to be: Sticking to a surface below my feet.
And when the day is done again I am a witness of setting suns.

And then I hear your call inside my narrow walls, pretending doors are open.

Stay awake - Insomnia
Face your fate - Insomnia
Stay alive - Insomnia
One more night - Insomnia

My soul explodes because I know that distance is getting near.
I will get away over hills so high and across the sea.

A landscape beyond my mind is waiting. I burn inside.
I am someone who tries not to explain I'm a fallen one.
Is there anyone who gives me a name? And there she comes.

Through dust I see something moving towards me and into my life.
From dusk 'til dawn I feel my self is growing strong. I start to fly.

Here comes the light of dawn. A message from the sun:
These are your places to be. Places for infinity.

When forgotten thoughts come back to my life I seek for the path.
I recall forgotten chapters to my mind, taught in the dark.

Through dust I see again she's moving towards me and into my life.
From dusk 'til dawn I feel my self is growing strong. I'm still alive.

Still I can't understand why I am allowed to see those peaceful lands and all about the way it's gonna end.
Frozen Angel
You sleep so tight. Your thoughts can be somewhere on this planet e.
And no one can tell you where you do belong.

As far as dreams go down on earth you should be far away.
You realise the more things change the more they stay the same.

Sleep so tight, your thoughts can be. I say something changed your name to Frozen Angel.
Come to me. I know nothing will take the dream away.

Years have passed and still you're gone. Still I know where you are from.
And no one can tell me where my dreams belong. 

As far as life goes down on earth I know you're far away.
But someone in this world will cry when you'll be back again.
"Flames, sick of burning, sick of life, see them try to die.
Flames were made for burning, baby that's what I have realised."

Woke up after nights of doubting everything I am.
Not enough of bigger stuff, I'm doubting it again.
Whispering in my brain that there still are years to come.
But never have I realised why years have passed and time is going on.

Intensify what is begun. Intensify what others haven't done.
Every sun needs a lightening flame, Intensify again.
Intensify what's still unknown. Intensify what can't be done alone.
Every sky needs a ground below, Intensify, come on and let it go.

I force the strength in me that I'll never rest again.
Too much of tears and wasted years, I'm roaming through the land.
Walking paths upon my mind I never thought I'd see.
All that I do is addicted to a future giving all my dreams to me.
I'm flying high.

That's why I want to intensify, (to) start a story one more time.
Never saw the reason why not to try, so I intensify.
I look back upon grey years of grief: to questions I received answers in which I believed.
But as days went by I came to find that feelings of another kind kept on growing in my mind.

I raised my head and whispered a dream into the sky.

Fall from the sky, I wait below to drown in you.
Blue storm winds blow. Fall from the sky and carry me far away from home.

I feel relief and fall asleep. Knowing there are hands to keep me far away from falling deep.
Hold me now and tell me everything you are feeling deep within, your thoughts, your life, the mood you're in.

When I'm away I am a million stars shining down on you.
Thanking god this dream came true.
Days go by and still I try to stand.
Though they try to rape my soul, they try to make me feel so bad again.
When will it end? I'm scared I can not take this torture anymore.
Can't remember what my life is for.

Hear me and cover my skin. Feel me and kill my nightmares deep within.
Hide me, my sorrow and greed. Guide me and make me blind so I can see.

Nebula, come cover me. Nebula, through rainy skies I see.
Nebula, come cover me. Nebula, in misty nights I do believe.

As the pain keeps hurting on and on I await the one to help me out of this, to get there I must run.
All alone. Until I come to places drowning in blue haze. Help me close my eyes on brighter days.
In the beginning of fate I was born into a world where I could be.
I was told the secrets of a history.

I can not explain it, but I know where everything is from:
My mind just creates it. I don't know why I cannot die.

Nevertheless (never) I die. Nevertheless (never) I try.

I know the stories you told, nice to listen, though it's obvious they're not true.
Do not believe anyone has lived here, been here before you.

I make no reflections about things I do not want to know.
Alone, without connection to anyone here I do not fear.
Of Ocean And Sky
Ocean: Deeply drowned in deep blue seas lies a memory which is worth a story to be told of.
Mystery, watered gravity is its sense to be for all time into eternity. And so it flows.

See the heaven open tonight. Water's growling, waves are rising high.

Far beyond your imagination you see the sense of life.
Far beyond your expectation you see the reason why. Of ocean and of sky.

Sky: High, high up in the sky, above clouds it lies: a dream dreamed too often to come true.
You wonder why it often starts to cry.
Trying to arrive at a state of life where everyone can fly. And so it goes.

Though this is the end, I can raise my head once more to see over my beloved lands.
Something slowly starts to turn my cries into blue melodies of ocean and sky.
I hear raindrops falling and I look out of my window. What do I see?
A world drowned in wet security. Cause this night will end as the nights before.
And still I wonder what could be worth waiting for.

Still I do believe in a bright tomorrow.
The faith I try to keep lives for a bright tomorrow.
But in nights like this I think of grief and sorrow.
I wonder will I be in your heart tomorrow.

I remember words and what they meant to me:
"Seize the day" they said and clothed me in mortality.
Cause what is today without a tomorrow?
And so I sit here waiting for sunlight to glow.

I look up to a cloudy sky. Yes, inside of me, there's great belief.
Gregor Hartmann (Marten Muller) - bass guitar
Stefan Schmidt - vocal, guitar
Nic Kobold - keys
Gerrit Wolf - guitar
Bastian Emig - drums, keys

Andreas von Lipinski - back-vocal
Bjorn Grune - back-vocal
Gernot Thiel - back-vocal
Produced by Jörg Rainer Friede.

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