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April 20th, 2018
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Lord Weird Slough Feg, The - Down Among the Deadmen

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Lord Weird Slough Feg, The'2000

Down Among the DeadmenRelease by: Dragonheart Records

Lord Weird Slough Feg, The - Down Among the Deadmen
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Sky Chariots


2. Walls of Shame


3. Warriors Dawn


4. Beast in the Broch


5. Heavy Metal Monk


6. Fergus Mac Roich


7. Cauldron of Blood


8. Troll Pack


9. Traders And Gunboats


10. Psionic Illumination


11. Marauder


12. High Season


13. Death Machine


Sky Chariots
Coming in swarms
Out of the sky
Forming an iron cross
Then they divide

Only the smells of death will follow them

Galleys that fly
Out of the north
Painting the sky-ways red
Plundering forth

Only the swiftest will challenge them

Carrying chains
Iron and swords
Poisonous arrows fly
Into the hordes

Only the stoutest stock of northern men

Battling trees
Wrestling rocks
Summoning Voden's strength
Enemies drop

Only the trials of flesh will challenge them

Voden's call
One and all
Thor's winds blow
North we go

Coming in swarms
Out of the sky
Forming an iron cross
Then they divide

Only the smells of death will follow them

Galleys that fly
Into the sun
Carrying rogues and slaves
Enemies fallen

Only the trails of blood remember them
Walls of Shame
While you stay
Behind the walls of gray
While you pray
The black and white won't stay

The end will haunt your cradle every night
Black and white
The lies that make you stable burn in the rite
Black and white

While you hide
Behind the walls of shame
Deep inside
You know your master's game

The end will haunt your cradle every night
Black and white
The lies that make you stable burn in the rite
Black and white

"Look down below your feet
And down there is a well
Let Obscuranists cry
That down there's only hell"
Warriors Dawn
Coming home from sacrifice to meet our long-nosed wives
Rifles in the twisted canyons summon their surprise
Waking up the silent breeze puts shivers in their hearts
Crazed to death by casualties the calvary departs

We are the red men
Feathers-in-our-head men
Down among the deadmen

In bitter stars that cast their shrine upon the wilderness
Rabid eyes of shamen flood the moon's descending crest
Creeping in clairvoyance painted savaged are drawn
Lost in dire sacrifice to dance and die at dawn

We are the red men
Feathers-in-our-head men
Down among the deadmen

I was born to walk on the plains
I was born to run in the hills
I was tough enough to spawn and die

Towards summer's end
And as you walk through the arid wilderness
You can hear my battle cry

We were torn from shackles and chains
We were born to run in the hills
We were tough enough to spawn and die

Towards summer's end
And as you walk through the arid wilderness
You can hear my battle cry
Beast in the Broch
Heavy Metal Monk
What kind of a fool do you take me for?
The lust of a monk or a troubadour

I must be the last of a dying race
What virtue is wrought from a man who is chaste?
And spiteful enough for a holy war

What kind of a man do you think I am?
A master who's failed at his own exam

This knowledge of life has become a cage
A prison where reason has turned to rage
A hawk that circles a pentagram

What kind of a face do these people see?
A creature enslaved by his inquiry

A chain of thought that will never stop
Perhaps a bull in a china shop
A monster trapped in a library

I'm caught in this race's own graveyard
I'm piecing together unholy shards

A man that died of his mental health
An age that turned it against himself
And left to gather his own reward

What ever does this world want from me?
A martyr for a moral tragedy
Fergus Mac Roich
"Long live Fergus!", they scream from the valley
Searching the ranks for a king
Moments of glory are all but forgotten
They wait for tomorrow to bring

Outcast and lonely since Connor was smitter
The tribes of the Sesair lament
Chaos abounds in the Land of the Young
As the dark one prepares his descent

Chaos abounding on the breeze
Tangled and twisted in the trees
Dark runes painted on his brow
As the wretched scream out loud

Passing the test of a tribesman and warrior
Fergus Mac Roich stands alone
Paintings that tell of his future misfortune
Are cast on a canvas of stone

Bathed in the Cauldron of Blood
As the ritual knowledge is passed through the gates
Unholy secrets lie under the surface
As silently father awaits
Cauldron of Blood
The red sky has turned to gray to spell out our doom
The walls closing in on this forgotten tomb
A stag's head that hangs on the wall
Tells me what's to befall

The knights of the Red Branch add fuel to the fire
A Careless decision, a Mason's desire
They keep me enslaved 'till the ancestors answer my call

In voices that summon the worms of the earth
The headdress and antlers that turn tears to mirth
A bull's head that lays on the floor shows me what I abhor

The beasts of the forest unite and conspire
A careful decision, unholy desire
Forever enslaved on the walls of the Cauldron of Blood

Peeling the mask as we rise and destroy
Incantations aroused by your sign
Cast in the earth by the light of your eyes
I'm immortal as you are divine
Troll Pack
Circling 'round to my lair
We come in packs so beware

Marching in this labyrinth village
Troll-king claims his maverick home
Wretching in his cavernous castle
Chewing on flesh, gnawing on bones!

Creeping fast through my halls 
Scraping blood from the walls

Games and crafts performed by my fathers
Tossing heads of curious dwarves
Called us cruel and heartless marauders
Invading our caves, starting our wars

Burn the path to my lair

Around each corner they bark
Red eyes
They glow like jewels in the dark

Troglodytes are curious creatures
Marching through reptilian realms
Smell the blood of human invaders
Feast on their limbs, bury their helms

Chopping limbs from the beasts
Bathed in the blood of the priest

Slaughtering this humanoid village
Females kneel and bark at my throne
Wretching in my cavernous castle
Chewing on flesh, gnawing on bones!
Traders And Gunboats
Down and out on the Solomani Rim
Now the spinward marches don't look so grim

I hear the X-boats on my trail
Engines always on the run

I'm mercenary, live in hyper-drive
Traders and Gunboats keeping me alive
On route to Pscias always on the run
Busted in the Sword-Worlds with a loaded Gauss-Gun
Psionic Illumination
It came like a burning spiral
I thought that it would never end
But down in the whirling center
Where time and distances all bend
We shot through the black horizon
Escape this hopeless galaxy

Ship-wrecked on a plastic planet
My mind was fractured by the sound
Psionic Illuminations
Dead thoughts are driven from the ground
Now trapped in a burning synapse
I've reached a singularity

Now trapped in the burning spiral
It seems that time will never end
I wrestled the raging vortex
But infinite density don't mend
Abandon the solo savior
Escape this hopeless galaxy
The dark lord will ride in his rags on this morbid new day
The village of wisemen consulting each other to pray
There is no hope left in the stars to save them at hand
On this black day only blood will flow through the white sand

I'm a proud warrior sunken low
I've got no place to go
I can run, I can steal, I can hide
But you know I'll never lose my pride

You can see me in the forest at night
With my eyes wide open and my leather pulled tight
You can see me in the village at dawn
Hiding in the shadows with my battle-beak drawn
High Season
From the snow and rolling thunder
From the frost and pouring rain
From the darkness, passing wonder
To illuminate again

Comes the highest of the seasons
When the crown of dawn returns
To collide in timeless reason
From the darkness as it burns

And when all your dreams discover
The future has eyes within you
And when all the paths uncovered
Are all you have left to turn to
The arrows of sun come dancing on your head
A flame that will burn until you're dead

Sunlight dries on your brow
Time to rise from the ground
Heaven cries, claim your crown
Death Machine
Ankar Moor:
"I guard the city Helix
I ride the Death Machine
And serving Lord Zirpola
I keep the ranges clean

I am my only master
I keep the ranges clean"

Kaz Oshay:
"Immortal gladiator
Never a Statesmen's slave
I'm born to guide the ranges
Below the mutant caves

I am my only master
My mother was Oshay
She heard the flashwind coming
A thousand miles away"

Burning cross the wastelands of this lost society
My name is Ankar Moor, I keep the ranges clean
Racing through the burnt-out shells, I must keep up the pace
Iron wheels like thunder in this Heavy Metal race!!!

Lady of the Range-guides, Oh won't you ride with me
Across the plains to Triton our union can be free
Hiding from the flashwind underneath the ancient caves
Battling mutants, sending Statesmen to their graves

I was a Range-guide
You were riding by my side
Out on the wastelands, all on your side
Battling Statesmen to kill Ankar Moor

Escaped city Helix
And no more Death Machines
The Statesmen's reign is over
I ride the ranges free

I am my only master
My mother was Oshay
Once more I ride the ranges
Immortal tracks I lay
Mike Scalzi - guitar, vocal
John Cobbett - guitar
John Torres (Jon Torres) - bass guitar
Greg Haa - drums


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