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January 21st, 2019
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Maninnya Blade - Merchants in Metal

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Maninnya Blade'1986

Merchants in MetalRelease by: Killerwatt Records

Maninnya Blade - Merchants in Metal
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Live Life at Speed


2. Fireborn


3. Bearer of the Ring


4. Attilla the Hun


5. Raiders


6. Dance to Evil


7. No Pax Romana


8. Nosferatu


9. A Voyage to Hades


10. Metal Pride


Live Life at Speed
This is the plague
A dangerous meeting
The joker is dancing again

Fast as a jet
That girl got no morals
And I like it better profane

I love
I need
No time to slow down
I wanna live life at speed

Ahead of the blast
Is hell for a lady
And heaven for those who can't wait

Since time out of mind
This ain't God's children
The truth is just too hard to take

And I bring the heat of a thousand degrees Fahrenheit

Now you'll get it hot
The call of mechanics
The hunger of animal eyes

Time and again
The lasers are burning
This is the plague we all like
I gave the Judas kiss
Year to year means nothing at all
This is the animal
Still the demons are taking toll

It's the pride of the blade
And the love of the laid
I'll get over you

I am electrified
I am the second sight

I am the unforeseen
It's the thrill of the broken line
To make it physical
Not to fight the fire of mine

- When she makes it right:

I've got the fire breed
All the scars you are ready to take
And still the animal
Can't believe it's ever too late
Bearer of the Ring
There's one of a kind
For the dark to ever last
The fate of the blind
In the shadows of the past

To walk away, invisible to eye - O, precious
This fear, this pain in the twilight

Forever under my wing - Bearer of the ring
You'll never be king - Bearer of the ring

There's one of a kind
Face the master and the reign
Possessor of minds
And the towers will remain

So fade to black, darkness will devour - O, precious
No need to run, to come home no more

- To the land of Mordor where the shadows lie -

There's one of a kind
Never made for mortal man
Tonight ride the nine
The clouds are gathering again

Before goodbye, my pleasure is the pain - O, precious
When love is death and death is my name
Attilla the Hun
We lived from day to day
Had the gods by our side
We loved the open space
It was time for us to ride:

We rode with Attila the Hun
We brought the millions on the run

With metal pride
And swords held high
We ruled the night
We broke the tide
And struck the gates
The time was right
- For Attila the Hun

We fought with Attila the Hun
In blood our victories were done

With surgeon skill
To take their lives
We came to strike
We brought them death
And fearsome pain
The time was right
- For Attila the Hun

We killed with Attila the Hun
We slew the victims to the ground

A demons rage
Pure ecstasy
With steel so bright
A lust for blood
A death in vain
The time was right
- For Attila the Hun
You hit the bank by nine o'clock
Shoot the porter and force the block
You make your way with loaded gun
Break the walls, the money is gone

You start the car in drunken thrill
The cop ahead is not hard to kill
Drive him down in hundred and ten
Another whiskey makes it a game

Raiders don't stop
You love the game that is easy to play
Raiders don't stop
You know the rules, you are ready to pay

You make your way to the country side
Hit top speed on the highway ride
Let the radio play out loud
Got a million cash, feel mighty proud

There's patrol cars beside the road
See the cops, the guns they blow
All exploding, burning red
Raiders don't stop before they're dead
Dance to Evil
Forget the prophets of mankind
The innocence you've left behind
The snake is back to let you bite
Now is the time to move on blind

So close your eyes
You won't see them looking at you
Not believing
Dance to evil

Accept the beast you want to see
The sinful love for you and me
No need to fear what you've got clear
The difference we need to be

So when you hear them load to strike
The things you value most in life
You give them hell 'cause they won't know
You're loaded anyway you like
No Pax Romana
Hey ladies, hey gentlemen
Let me take you to the show
I think you'll like it
Don't you know
Power and luxury
Let's get high in wonderland
You don't have to worry
And you don't have to know

You think it's a good life
Peace of mind is all you need
In love with the order
Satisfaction guaranteed

There's no Pax Romana
The children of justice
Were never born
There's no Pax Romana at all

You think it's a good life
You say you are happy here
Got no need for changes
Gods forbid your time is near

You think it's a good life
You don't mind and you don't care
Pretend it's forever
Close your eyes and say your prayers
Now the light is out and so is the thunder
The wizard has no more to say
I'm the king of all nightmares and wonders
The winter has now come to stay

I can't see the reason
They're coming for me now
They're calling my name now

When the hundreds are hidden by zeros
The secrets are kept in my mind
I'm the death of all enemies heroes
You can't understand 'cause you're blind

Now the winds are still blowing my powers
I will never more die each dawn
So you come to me full of desire
In love with the world of our own
A Voyage to Hades
Metal Pride
So you seek satisfaction
Over the limit
A piece of the action
You won't believe it

Your lust is our pleasure
You will love it loud

Got metal pride
Gold and aces high
Metal pride

So you want your sensations
Under the blade now
The physical tensions
Are too late to tame now

So now all hell is lose
It is just as you want it
The fool has to choose
The fool has to take it

Got metal pride
Like do it or die
Metal pride
Leif Eriksson - vocal
Jerry Rutstrom - guitar
Nicklas Johansson (Ripper) - guitar
Jan Blomqvist (Blomman) - bass guitar
Ingemar Lundberg - drums


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