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February 17th, 2019
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Mystik - Perpetual Being

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Perpetual BeingRelease by: Massacre Records

Mystik - Perpetual Being
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Perpetual Being


2. Silent Anger


3. Born to Be Hanged


4. Buried Alive


5. Here Today Gone Tomorrow


6. Black Thing


7. Ball And Chain


8. Politically Incorrect


9. Lord of the Thighs


10. Curse of the Damned


11. To Be Continued


Perpetual Being
Come and die with us it's a helluva cause
So I'm joining up
And I got my gun
The official reason
And it's plain to see
We do it for the freedom for you and me

The common thread throughout history
Keeps drivin' men to misery
They're only told what they need to know
There ain't no oil in Sarajevo

We must fly and give them aid
And hold those responsible to blame
They said they are just takin' orders
Who gave these men the right to take
So many rights away

Found you again on the field of another
Battle my friend
And I recall we were once
Lovers in some other lifetime
You got no choice but to be mine
You're standing here full of hate

Just a poor boy was I
They said God was on our side
Licensed me to kill and rape
Found what I was looking for
These values I don't trust no more
Never will I go to war

I think it's our duty to step in
And stop these crimes against our fellow man
Atrocities before your eyes
Yet no one's jumpin' up to stop this fight

Shed not a tear
Together we'll never die
Journey stands right here
Take my hand and we will fly

We've got to stop all this killing
We are just one world
And one must answer for oneself
Silent Anger
You keep on coming to the back of my mind
Tearing like a wolf on the dead prey
I'm scared and alone and I don't know what to do
I can hear your voice will leave me black and blue

What makes you
Do this to me
You're not him
I don't know you anymore

I could not get out of my back door
It took three of us just to move you
There is someone coming with a gun to my house
Oh my God what am I gonna do

I don't want
To see you again
We can't live
Our lives this way
You're not him
I don't know you anymore
What makes you
Do this to me

I can't stop the pain no more
It's coming thru my bedroom floor
Before you hit here once again
I'll clench my fist
And cover my head

Get out of my house
You cannot live here you are just a lie
Not part of me
I feel so worthless I don't want to be alive

Silent anger silent fear
The pain is ours no one will hear
You hurt us all
You hurt us deep
These nightmares now
We'll have to keep

Silent anger
No one can tell
You try to talk
But you need to yell
Silent Fears
Are deep inside
You have to hate
But yer full of pride
Born to Be Hanged
I'm just like the world
My days of youth slip by
As I struggle to find my place
Under polluted skies
A victim of my own insecurity
I never seem to fit in
Am I gonna lose myself
Or am I gonna win

Master of my destiny born to be hanged

There has got to be a reason for me somewhere
In this vicious circle we call life
Filled with pain

Love honor courage happiness
Hate shame coward I must confess
I'm not dealing with this all that well
I'm not feeling too damn swell

Born to be hanged you can't drown me

No peace have I got
Always searching for the anger
All boxed up like a child's puzzle
I got several pieces missing
If I only knew my mind
I'd know all of the answers
Secrets kept lost lock guards
Or where to put my key in

Born to be hanged you can't drown me

For me fate holds something or someone
I've got to find it set my course
Falter not life's a sea

Needs alive my instinct drives
To honor oaths now long forgotten
I rage inside four walls can't hide
The flames of my frustration
I remember long ago
We would stare into the sun
Faces shade shadows long
Forever on the run

Master of my destiny

Born to be hanged you can't drown me
Buried Alive
Tired she lays her head back
And she says
Would you like to take a trip with me
Thru the trackless waste and space
Of endless time

Lay down our heads to die
I wanna burn my bones with you
Together at the very end
All my dreams have come true

Someone just walked over my grave
Alternate reality at my door
I remember just like yesterday
Knowing damn well I was here before

Screaming was all around
I raised my head up to the sky
Bleeding in my arms she lay
The day I watched my lover die

This is not Deja Vu
That's haunting me
I'm searching for you
Will ya search for me
Though it may appear
That I wander aimless lost
The lost don't always wander
And wanderers ain't always lost
Here Today Gone Tomorrow
Got a call from a friend just the other day
He said I've got something I really need to say
I died last night and this is my last call
I just want you to know that it ain't no one's fault

Never will I love never will I fight
Never will I laugh or cry
I should have taken the time to say
Not to love not to fight not to laugh or cry
Here today gone tomorrow
Forever hurts forever more
For when it comes
It means never
On and on the years go and the only
Sure thing in life is that you change

When I woke deep inside
A silent scream
I realized it was more
Than just a dream
Sudden truth hit me hard
It cut me deep inside
When it's time for you to die
There's nowhere to hide

Now your dyin' has me really feelin'
Left behind
Thinkin' about what could have been
And it brings me no peace of mind

Not to love not to fight
Not to laugh or cry
Here today gone tomorrow
Forever hurts forever more
For when it comes
It means never
And all the regrets
That I once had now flood my mind
And I never got to tell you goodbye

When your friends start dyin'
It makes you feel mortal
And the fear of the unknown
Is why I'm scared for you
Black Thing
Bad feelings are rising in the city streets again
I hear some people cryin'
We need more rights if we're to win
Over compensating our policy seems to be
I know the future is certain
I'll be a minority

This is my world
And nobody handed me no job
Busted last night for long hair and an old car
Set the city aflame there's a 7-11 I wanna rob

With hatred on our sleeves
And an X on your hat
Displaying aggressive racial pride
We don't need no more of that
Learned the finer points of racism

On the Phil and Oprah show
Your talking way too much then most people just don't want to know

Hey man the blues ain't your monopoly
Don't blame me I don't owe you shit
Just as good ain't good enough
To pay them back
We always give forever for crimes of the past
Equal rights ain't what they want
Revenge is where they're at

Oh yeah I said
Freedom is dead
Ball And Chain
Well I said to shut yer mouth and listen
I know you don't know what I'm givin'
I can't live with or without you
And I know there's a better way

And if you ask me why I don't love you anymore
I'll tell ya why
I think it's time that we shook the ball and chain
I think it's time we said goodbye

You keep me down but you never hurt me
I can't even talk my thoughts desert me
You're always around there's no escapin' you
I feel so dumb now I've got something to say

Out of control's my role with you
Insecure when I let ya thru
I can't relate to my friends no more
Without you my life's a bore

Ya leave me hoarse leave me short of breath as you lead me to my mental death

Hold me till the end of time I'll see you in my dreams
And though we'll have to sacrifice
With you my mind's obscene

My time's a waste and my money's gone
I cannot face a life alone
I lost all focus on my goals ahead
I got to motivate myself instead

You came into my life and let me die
I know with you I'm only feelin' down
Politically Incorrect
Decadence ain't what it used to be
It's getting hard to even have some fun
I'm the carcass they're the wretched birds of battlefied
Soon there's nothing more for them to feed upon

I get in line at the right time
In department number three
It wait my turn patiently
I pay my fee in green
I'm walkin' up to a nameless face
I'm throwin' my money down
She shakes her head and looks at me
With a big ugly frown

Go away can't get that here
And besides you're out of time
And furthermore for reasons forthwith
I'm gonna slap you with a fine
Pay up now and we'll file you
And if you sacrifice
We'll sell you back the rights we stole
But you'll have to pay our price
We let the few of mind

Control the mind of many
Some call it freedom
I call it lazy
Vocal minority tellin' me what to do
Know it drives me crazy
Just wanna' kill a few
Insurance is extortion
I'm not capable of drivin'
Can't afford to pay their bills
They'll take away your license

Well the shit keeps getting deeper
Promises are meant to keep
They keep telling us what to do
But it don't make sense
For me and you

Everyones faded, jaded, apathetic, and complacent
Fourteen year olders have seen it all
And grandfather's medicated
Don't look now
I think I too have been caught up in their trap
Shut your mouth, pay your tax
We'll find someone to take the rap
Lord of the Thighs
Down to who knows who just to socialize
I'm waitin' for my girls, when you caught my eyes
You got your ways to make a man
Honey, you got to understand
I'm your man, child, lord of the thighs

Well, well, lordie my god
What do we got here
She's flashin' 'cross the floor
Make it perfectly clear
You're the bait and you're the hook
Someone bound to take a look
I'm your man, child, lord of the thighs

You must have come here to find me
You've got the look in your eyes
Although you really don't mind it
I am the lord of the thighs

You must have come here to find me
You've got the look in your eyes
Although you really don't mind it
I am the lord of the thighs
Curse of the Damned
This place is such a dreary place
And the waters wear a sickly hue
Spirits whisper one unto the other
And a black pit affords the only view
Grey clouds rush forever west
And tall trees drop eternal dew
There's neither quiet nor silence there
It's a graveyard of dreams that never come true

Now you have entered
A God forsaken land
Be prepared for misery
As you assume the curse of the damned

Restless souls stalk the night
And regret make the pitch black
Life was a grand march to nowhere
Now you know there's no turning back
Desolation comes on like a storm
Your fear of failure is realized
There's neither quiet nor silence there
Just broken promise and meaningless lies

To Be Continued
Patrick Hughes - vocal
Roy Gerstenberger (Roy Gursten) - guitar
Joe Kilcoyne - bass guitar
Kenny Easterly - drums

Bill Korecky - guitar
Produced by Mystik.

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