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January 17th, 2019
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Nasty Savage - Penetration Point

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Nasty Savage'1989

Penetration PointRelease by: Rotten Records

Nasty Savage - Penetration Point
Nasty Savage - Penetration Point
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Welcome Wagon


2. Irrational


3. Ritual Submission


4. Powerslam


5. Sin Eater


6. Penetration Point


7. Puzzled


8. Horizertical


9. Family Circus


Welcome Wagon
Ding dong
Is anyone home
Welcome to the block
I didn't knock
Where're you from
Were you in Vietnam
Or were you
Smart enough to duck
What about 
Something for lunch
By the way
What do you weigh
You must come to my church
I know you'll
Give and give
So welcome to the block
On Saturday mornings
I mow the yard
Saturday mornings
He mows the yard

Welcome wagon, welcome wagon
Won't you be my friend
Welcome wagon, welcome wagon
Till the bitter end

I'd like to go back
To Sao Paulo
South America
Down in Brazil
Then it was off
To Rio De Janeiro
I was still thinking
About Sao Paulo
The beautiful beaches
Of Ipanemia
Wasn't long
We saw the Tonga
Over the mountains
Through the jungles
On our way to
Humberto's place
South America down in Brazil

Welcome wagon, welcome wagon
Won't you be my friend
Welcome wagon, welcome wagon
Till the bitter end

No one is home
Next time
Leave a message
On my telephone
Can you hear
Scottish bagpipes
Listen now
Take a Ride

Don't you remember
From back in '83
You had a crush
On me
Now you won't look my way
Just yesterday
I won the lottery
Now you remember
Follow me
Like a cat
I'm with the in crowd
Drive a Rolls Royce
Let the butler
Take your hat
Whoever thought
Reality could be a dream
Just yesterday
I won the lottery

Welcome wagon, welcome wagon
Won't you be my friend
Welcome wagon, welcome wagon
Till the bitter end
The color
Of Money
Is the
Color of greed
What you can
What you need
A wishful
In the past
Climbed on
The world
That went by
Too fast
More temper
Portrait of
A losing side
Opinions formed
Taking time
To care

The stone thrower
Broke the windows of his glass house
Thoughtless search 
For a scapegoat
A human coin
On edge
For a time
Having a fallout
All of his own
Hungry for 
Want of gentleness
A carnival story
With absence
Of scenes
Slightly tilt
And left
Of center
He can rum
A four minute mile
Just as long as
He was chasing
A fast buck

Sour man
Sit in the rubble
Of your own making
Feed off your own

When your irrational
It's always a sorrow
A thin line into
The dust

Sour man
Feed off your own
Sit in the rubble
Of your own makings
Ritual Submission
Face to face
Proposition is made
All your rights
As a human
With no risk
At all
Hard facts
His word is
His bond
A hot sweaty
Grip of fear
Her cruelty
Can't be controlled
She's your mistress
Body and soul
You signed
A contract to die
She took you
In hand
The spin of her
Web began

Ritual submission
It happens everyday

Welcome pain
In a different
Kind of way
Bite the bullet
To open
Up your brain
Narrow shallow
Closed minds
Always run a
Step off time
Four followers
And no leader
Daddy's boy
And a teacher
Breath deep
The poison gas
Living in
The working class

Ritual submission
Ritual Submission

Black sky night
Spin in a 
Moon lit woods
The dogs
Were howling
In disbelief
Quail Hollow
Send no flowers
For the
Head of the
He'll get the
Grand tribute
When they
Scatter the ashes
So Van Der car
And Salvador
An open door
Ritual submission
Ritual ritual
Got your gimmick
It's time to go
Walk the aisle
Another show
Crawl through
The ring ropes
Promoter's dream
The house is full
Hope to get
A good pat off
Ring announcer
Ring the bell
Born with a bent
For brutality
Prince of Darkness says
Pleasure is pain
Forearm smash
Squared Circle
A piledriver
On the floor
No holds
In anguish
Hit with
A chair
As it opens
Up your
Raging barks of
Bruiser Brody
In cold blood
He was
Taken away
The invader
Must pay

Come at me
Make a stand
Put you in a

The Lunatic is Luna
Or is she an angel
A thumb in the eye
Never say die
Blood brings a crazy
Light to the sky
Come at me
Make a stand
Put you in a
Sin Eater
Organized sanctuary
Perfect alibi
Of the frenzy
Spawn watcher
Self disorder
Spring silver
Autumn gold
In it's wake
To be set free
The morning after
The story was told

You ate up all
The flattery
You received it eagerly
Harmony lies hidden
From the 
Immoral exhibition

Desperate culture
Shutting the windows
Of your dishonest soul

Waste away
How amusing
Behind our eyes
No escape
You face looks
Hard and strained
Ate up all the inheritance
Chew and swallow
Have a meal
You're not funny anymore

Take your broken wings
Learn to fly
The deeper you go
The harder you try
Search for perfection
Varying dimension
Terrified suspicion
Answer lies hidden
Like a seed
In the Earth
You ate a sin today
Just like yesterday
What's wrong with yourself
Or is it someone else
Take back
What you said
You are lying
Like in bed
The mirror looks at you
It says you are the fool

Sin eater
Loves to eat the sins
It's where the fun begins
Inside we are all the same
Eat your words everyday
Who is right
Who is wrong
To tell someone
How to sing their song
Penetration Point
Live in the night
To wake up this morning
Weapons of thought
From the
Clouds of unknowing
Naked target on the
Beam of life
Your personality
Comes with the sunlight

Dogday dreamscape
Woven into conjunction
Snake to strike
Bitten to die
Step back a few paces 
Oh no
The flow of situations
Dealer in fantasy
With your
Life style factories

It must be tight tonight
Did you penetrate
Act of power of entering
Couldn't you make a way

Live in the night
To wake up this morning
Weapons of thought
From the
Clouds of unknowing
Naked target on the
Beam of life
Your personality
Comes with the sunlight

Is this the last stop
Penetration point
In this vast design of things
A dead run all the way
Tired now
Running, waiting, wanting
Maybe it's
Wishful thinking
In this tree line
Little world
Never know what you're doing
Don't know where you're going
Wondering where you're at
Can't remember where you've been
What are you going to do
Don't know when you'll do it
You don't really know how
You would rather let things go
Can't make up your mind
Trapped by indecision
Confusion surrounds you
Chaos all around

No established system
No such thing as goals
Never have a plan
Lacking direction
Constantly forgetting
People's names
Not saying what you mean
Not getting to the point
Wandering around
Everywhere you go
Calling up the locksmith
Cause you lost your keys

Never understanding
The ones you love
Is it real
Or just for money
Unexpected moments
Always around
That look you have tells me
You're just rather puzzled
Family Circus
There's a way it ought to be
And there's a way it is
Love and hate at the same moment
Never agree about anything
Not another broken promise
No such thing as privacy
Screaming at the top of your lungs
To get someone's attention
Life is often difficult
Another miserable child
No one ever changes
This routine never ends

Family circus, daddy's little lave
Family circus, he'll put you in the grave
Family circus, mother wants to run away
Family circus, another unpleasant day

The dog got ran over
And he's still OK
The cat jumps on the table
And starts to eat your dinner
Little sister's pregnant
Brother got put in jail
Mom screams and yells at her kids
Dad screams and yells at her
A holiday is here
A day of guilt and grace
Grandma keeps telling you
How it was in her day

Family circus, arguing every day
Family circus, not another emotional wave
Family circus, it keeps going in circles
Family circus, even when you're old and grey

Kiss and hug a relative
You hardly even know
Affection, attention, concern
Is never shown around here
A psycho babysitter
Took the dog for a walk
Oh! Not another lecture
You can't make your own decision
Go out and get a job
And cut off all your hair
Or work at the garbage dump
And keep playing guitar

Family circus, endless frustration
Family circus, yelling and aggravation
Family circus, the dog never stops barking
Family circus, he just wants to take a walk
Ronnie Galetti (Nasty) - vocal
David Austin - guitar
Ben Meyer - guitar
Richard Bateman - bass guitar
Curtis Beeson - drums

Produced by Nasty Savage.

Reissued in 1999 by Crook'd Records.

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