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March 21st, 2019
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Various Artists - The History of Rock

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Various Artists'2001

The History of Rock

(9 CD box

Disk 1: tracks 1-12; disk 2: tracks 13-22; disk 3: tracks 23-34; disk 4: tracks 35-47; disk 5: tracks 48-57; disk 6: tracks 58-67; disk 7: tracks 68-79; disk 8: tracks 80-90; disk 9: tracks 91-99)

1. Steppenwolf "Born to Be Wild"
2. Quireboys "Roses And Rings"
3. Groundhogs "Snowstorm"
4. Atomic Rooster "Ear in the Snow"
5. Tzuke, Judie "Wonderland"
6. Tygers of Pan Tang "Paris by Air"
7. Hawkwind "Levitation"
8. Little Angels "Bad Or Just No Good"
9. Dirty Strangers "Biggest Mouth"
10. Saxon "747 (Strangers in the Night)"
11. Red Dogs "Lizzy Gone Bad"
12. Lindisfarne "Lady Eleanor"
13. Sepultura "Bestial Devastation"
14. Suffocation "Mass Obliteration"
15. Type O Negative "Kill All the White People"
16. Biohazard "Tears of Blood"
17. Fear Factory "New Breed"
18. King Diamond "Eye of the Witch"
19. KMFDM "A Drug Against War"
20. Pro-Pain "Make War (Not Love)"
21. Type O Negative "I Know You'Re Fucking Someone Else"
22. Swarf Sisters "Fatman for the Fatman"
23. Girlschool "Yeah Right"
24. Tempest "Living in Fear"
25. Colloseum "Those About to Die"
26. Pat Travers Band "Daddy Long Legs"
27. Tattooed Love Boys "Why Waltz When You Can..."
28. Richman, Jonathan "Road Runner"
29. Voivod "Fix My Heart"
30. Status Quo "Down the Dustpipe"
31. Lynyrd Skynyrd "T for Texas"
32. Bowie, David "I Dig Everything"
33. Moore, Gary "Back on the Street"
34. Motorhead "Deaf Forever"
35. Clapton, Eric "Tribute to Elmore"
36. Page, Jimmy "Don't Send Me No Flowers"
37. Beck, Jeff "Jeff's Blues"
38. King, B.B. "The Thrill Is Gone"
39. Santana, Carlos "Soul Sacrifice"
40. Marriott, Steve "Itchycoo Park"
41. Mayall, John "Putty in Your Hands"
42. Berg, Rene "Fast Car"
43. Stevenson, James "In a..."
    (Featured Beki Bondage.)
44. Roth, Uli Jon "Burning Wheels Turning"
45. Ronson, Mick "Belgique Blue"
46. Green, Peter "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head..."
47. Hendrix, Jimi "Wild Thing"
48. Selfish Gene "Whole Lotta Love"
49. Chapter Eleven "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"
50. Kyle And Vee "Battle of Evermore"
51. Bee, Johnny "Stairway to Heaven"
52. Pain Killer "Friends"
53. Paper Parrot "Immigrant's Song"
54. Top Banana "Brony' Aur"
55. Spike "Heartbreaker"
56. Children, The "Kashmir"
57. Lunch, Lydia "In My Time of Dying"
58. Annihilator "W.T.Y.D. (Welcome to Your Death)"
    (Death seen through the eyes of the dying and a summons from the great beyond to join the masses of lapsed lives. mystery and, sometimes, fantasy. Theory and legend. The plight of dying or the fight to freedom? A supernatural transition to a world that is known only in dreams and in death. welcome...)
59. Biohazard "Punishment"
60. Malevolent Creation "Sacrificial Annihilation"
61. Disincarnate "Beyond the Flesh"
62. Death "Symbolic"
63. Deicide "Satan Spawn, Caco-Daemon"
64. Skin Chamber "Carved in Skin"
65. Gorguts "Hideous Infirmity"
66. Face Down "Demon Seed"
67. Fear Factory "Big God / Raped Souls"
68. Persian Risk "Jane"
69. Red Dogs "Wrong Side of Town"
70. Uriah Heep "Too Scared to Run"
71. Motorhead "Iron Horse"
72. Alice Cooper "Teenage Frankenstein"
73. UFO "Love to Love"
74. Ralphs, Mick "All It Takes"
75. Samson "The Silver Screen"
76. Man "Back into the Future"
77. Magnum "Back to Earth"
78. Mott the Hoople "Dear Louise"
79. Nazareth "This Flight Tonight"
80. Flotsam & Jetsam "Dreams of Death"
81. Front Line Assembly "Toxic"
82. Mercyful Fate "A Dangerous Meeting"
83. Obituary "Internal Bleeding"
84. Sepultura "Arise"
85. Lost Souls "Body to Concrete"
86. Machine Head "Blood for Blood"
87. Sadus "Certain Death"
88. Nailbomb "Religious Cancer"
89. Obituary "Back from the Dead"
90. Pestilence "Presence of the Dead"
91. Grip, The "Vera Daydream"
92. Hardline "Takin' Me Down"
93. Humble Pie "Bang"
94. Lofgren, Nils "Secrets in the Street"
95. Spider "Rock Tonight"
96. Electric Sun "Cast Away Your..."
97. Prelude "After the Gold Rush"
98. Tyler, Bonnie "It's a Heartache"
99. Moody Marsden "Fool for Your Lovin'"


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