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February 23rd, 2019
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Takara - Eternal Faith

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Eternal FaithRelease by: Lion Music

Takara - Eternal Faith
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Spotlight


2. Two Hearts Together


3. Don't Walk Away


4. Just Like Yesterday


5. Restless Heart


6. First Attraction


7. I Don't Believe


8. Fallen Angel


9. Colors Fade


10. Passions of the Heart


It was a late night on the
Dark side of town,
She fled 2 find her dreams.
She took the next line of a
Thousand miles.
Nothing could stop her it seems
Stars in her eyes, guide her
Into the madness,
Blood on the line, promise u
The sky, she's living in the,

Spotlight, out of the night,
Living on the edge under the
Spotlight, out of the night,
Living on the edge.

It was a cold night in a small
Southern town.
He said his last goodbyes.
He took his six string & a
Will of fire,
And left it all behind.
He's got a rage, lonely
Hearts beware, flames in the
Sky are burning in his eyes
He's living in the,

Chorus: twice


Oh, she's got a smile,
Camera's in her eyes, stars in
The sky, now who's next in
Line, they're living in the,

Chorus: repeat
Two Hearts Together
Taken back to a place in the
Time, back to where we were
One night I could surely
Remember that foggy cold
While I was always dreaming
I could never believe that
Our love will always be
There, just to remember me.

Two hearts together
It will always be just like two hearts
Together it will always be

In a time and a moment
When I was lonely and weak
You came along and changed
That feeling and brought me
To my feet while I was
Always dreaming I could
Never believe that our love
Will always be there, just
Remember me
Don't Walk Away
In the beginning it was just u and me,
Life was one big fantasy
We cherished everything
Under the sun,
No one would ever believe
But, somehow u changed
Your feelings, cause now I find
Myself saying,

(Time and time again) don't
Walk away (don't walk away)
U know I find myself saying,
(On and on again) there's so
Much more 2 go so, don't
Walk away

Tell me how lovers just
Turn their heads,
How can they just let it go. I
Know it's just a phase that
We can defy
But one thing I've got 2 know

Baby, I don't have all the
Answers yet I still find
Myself saying,




Just Like Yesterday
It seems that I remember in
My younger days
And baby how those years
Have pasted me by-oh yeah!
When in doubt I spent those
Nights so all alone
Clinging to those endless
Summer nights
Those dreams are for
Holding on forever
Fading to memories right
Before my eyes

Young hearts free forever
Just like yesterday

Even though it's over I've
Been dying to let you know
Baby I won't let you fade
Away - oh yeah! Even though
You know I've been searching
For so long cause I'm making
Perfect time alone - oh yeah!





Restless Heart
I've been working all my
Time travelled over
Thousands of miles
Shinning as the stars I see
You could never love me
Without a doubt you know
I's true without a thought
I's running away from you

Restless hearts alone

I'm dreaming I lost my whole
World I've painted rainbows
Across the sky when
Your ready to say I'll
Pave the way
Wild willing young and free
Restless hearts are burnin'
Inside of me

Restless hearts alone


I don't know why
Cause you ain't got the time

First Attraction
I was walking down the
Street just the other day
When you caught my eye
I said baby won't you
Come with me you had
That look in your eye I love
The way you shake your
Thing it just blows my mind
Your perfume makes that
Memory who
Am I to doubt
All I need is just one time
For you to tell me I could
Have you oh baby give me
Your love tonight

First attraction I can't
Believe it I never thought I'd
End up with you
First attraction, you're my
Dream girl I'd spend the
Rest of my life to please you

I never thought a man like
Me could fall in love
But love is blind together
We learned the language
Of love who would testify
I wasn't happy with the one I
Thought - cause it wasn't mine
I guess it's true about what
They say about the language of love




I Don't Believe
I was so blind in the younger
Days thought everything
So mine 2 take I've been
Through high and low and
Everything in between
Thought I would make
Another way running around
In circles so long I lost my will
I don't know what tomorrow
Had in mind
I standing stronger now
Than ever B-4 cuz I've finally
Found all that I need.

When it comes to love, I
Don't believe there's
Nothing can move in the way
When u break it down,
I don't believe it's more than
I can say

Thru all the years alone I've
Learned a thing or 2,
'Bout empty souls lost in the
Rain till one day the sun
Gave me another light
It shone upon my never
Ending pain
I'm holding on 4ever, I'm
Never letting go cuz I've got
The chance, I've got the will



Fallen Angel
Life is full of crazy dreamers
And lines of people looking
Out never willing to know
What happens and only just
Wanna wait to find out
But I don't know what lies
Behind their faith and
Destiny and I only want to
Have mine near to me

Fallen angel, broken wings
Never know just what it means

I wanna tell you just one
More time that you can
Make it all so right with a
Little thought and desire
You'll surely have the fuel
For the fire willing and
Hungry inside their craving
Souls will never die
Growing desire fills the air tonight



Colors Fade
I loved 2 c u in the morning
I loved it when u used 2 smile
I can't believe that we
Drifted apart, oh it's not
Really me

Of all the others baby, u
Know u are the one
U take my breath away

Living in a world that's
Fallen apart running in the
Shadows with no will 2 carry on
And the colors fade away
And the colors fade away

Remember we use to dance
In the rain oh I swear it
Seems like yesterday in
Another thousands years,
Our love will still be there
Still be there waiting for u




Passions of the Heart
It's like a feeling u can't
Turn your back on, it's like u
Never, ever find again, not
Again it's here and then it's
Gone you're running from
The feeling that someday
It'll last 4-ever, ooh yeah
The passion of the heart

I c u searching 4 another
Answer but I can tell u
You're so far away from the
Truth that's the truth, don't
Let it bring u down you're
Running from believen' that
Someday it'll last 4-ever,
Ooh yeah the passion of the heart

U, you're a second heartbeat
Away and I'm the fool who will
Show you the way, yeah, yeah


Jeff Scott Soto - vocal, keys, drums, bass guitar
Neal M. Grusky - guitar
Gary Schutt - bass guitar
Robert A. Duda - drums

Produced by Jeff Scott Soto.

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