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February 23rd, 2019
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Takara - Blind in Paradise

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Blind in ParadiseRelease by: Lion Music

Takara - Blind in Paradise
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. Take U Down


2. Your Love 2night


3. Fly 2 Your Arms


4. Love Is Gone


5. What Do U Want from Me


6. Time Waits 4 No One


7. Blind in Paradise


8. Don't Wanna Be Alone


9. No Love's Enough


10. Lookin' Out


11. Say U'll Stay


12. Awake And Dreaming


Take U Down
Long live the night
& all these things that must be free
Captured within their realm
Of silent symphony

Forces of armor
Have tried 2 hold them back
Angry cries of vigilance
2 never be held back

They walk the streets alone
& raise their heads high
The battle rages on
They're on their path 2night

They'll win the war this time
But will it end the fight?

Take u down, 4 fillin' me with lies now i will
Tear u down, & leave u lyin' like u left me
Torn & all alone
I'll take u down

They violate the night alone & make their way
2 find the vision of the dream 2 come their way
Twice in the past
Their dreams have now eluded them
They band 2gether 2 release their fallen friend


Your Love 2night
Born in a dream & held within your mind
It's all the future, it's only u & I, my only destiny
I've waited here so long, 2day I stand here with u
2morrow dreams come true

From the dark & misty clouds
I ride out retrieve 2 seize the love 2night
& bring her close 2 me

Again I long 2 bring u near 2 me
No 1 else could ever

Your love 2night
Is all I need
Your love 2night
2morrows dreams

So many nights alone
But I still believe the only 1 I've waited 4 will 4ever be
There's not a doubt in me
Knowing what I know
Our fate was meant 2 be
There's something more 2 see

2nd Bridge:
Sometimes we lose our way
Falling out from grace
Don't ever need 2 know
What sacrifice it takes

Again I long 2 bring u near 2 me
No 1 else could ever
Fly 2 Your Arms
I've been around the world so many times I 4get where I've been
I've touched the lights in Paris, I've danced in Tokyo
So many brand new faces, so many from the past
Year after year it's me & the lonely road

But if u try 2 say it's over, if u try 2 say it's the end
I tell u I'll be here 4ever, I'll be there again

& I'll fly...2 your arms again, I'll spread my wings &
Fly high... if you'll take me in I'll never let go

So long since I've been home, I don't even know where home is
Each day a new adventure, or just the same old dream
U'd think I'm a lucky man, sometimes I just don't know
But if it's good it can't last 4ever & I'll be the best I could be

But if u think the years have tamed me 2 want 2 settle down
As long as your alive & kickin', u know I'll be around

Chorus (x2)

Chorus repeat
Love Is Gone
The days of old are gone & the
Times we used 2 share
Are like roses on a grave

Seems we once had it all we had
What everyone wished they could have
Treasured the love u gave

But somewhere along the way we grew apart
From what we used 2 know
& though I know we'll fight 2 find the love we shared
I can't help but wonder some day
Our paths will meet again cuz I know

Love is everything of all our souls we had
& now love is gone, but i know
All the tears were shed from vows we used 2 share
& now love is gone
But the clouds in our eyes remain
I can't help but wonder...

Every time I close my eyes, ah
I still see u in my dreams
& the memories are still alive

& I know with time, we can
See past thru past the rain
Leave all the sorrow behind

I can't lie when I say I don't miss the days of old
U were me, I was u, we were 1...
Nothing hurts more than a love gone bad
The pain's a reminder of where we went wrong
& our roads will meet again, cuz I know


Every morning I awake
I see u thru the corners of my sight

I'm sorry that it had 2 end
& I'm left here wondering if someday one day
We'll leave it all behind
& our hearts will meet again, cuz I know

Chorus x2
What Do U Want from Me
U tell me it's over & it's been that way 4 some time
Yet when u don't hear my voice 4 days, u still lose your mind

How long can u keep me, keep me hangin' on
There's something I need 2 know

Tell me, tell me, what do u want from me
Cuz I can't stand the pain
Tell me, tell me, what r u askin' of me
I can't go on this way

I succumb 2 your every need as u pull me in again
Then u turn like a battered child, as u say someday maybe we'll be friends

Your emotions' r spinning, spinning round & round
But, someday it'll come 2 an end


U gotta make up your mind
U know something's got 2 give
Girl you're running out of time
Cuz I've got a life 2 live


I don't know what I think I'm holding on 2 or what we will find
Cuz baby, baby, baby, baby

I can't win if u say you're coming back
But I still lose if u go
Time Waits 4 No One
U've been walking alone as far back as I can remember
& u feel the years r finally catching up 2 u

I know you're reaching 4 something higher
U should know by now
U can have what your heart desires
But not b4 you've found

Time waits 4 no one
So don't be afraid 2 follow your dreams
Time waits 4 no one
It's never enough 2 believe

I see you're still fighting, but the thrill is not what it used 2 be
You've been searching 4 paradise, frustration's all u've found

But, I believe that you're almost there
Heaven's not far away
Your destiny's right b4 your eyes
There's no 1 can take it away

Time waits 4 no one
So don't be afraid 2 follow your dreams
Time waits 4 no one
& it can drive u crazy, it'll make u insane
Time waits 4 no one
U wanna give up but u can't walk away
Time waits 4 no one
It's never enough...

...It's never enough 2 believe in yourself
Cuz now u know the game
U gotta trust in yourself
U'll find the answer someday



Blind in Paradise
Somewhere along the way
It comes along like winters' snow
With no warning in sight
It's just an endless blow

From the eyes that would never lie
I'm left with nothin' but misery
I've lost sight of your body & mind
The smiles & the memories

Where were u when u said
U would always be there
Tell me where did u go... cuz I'm going blind,

Blind in paradise, but still I don't wanna go home
Blind in paradise, & I don't wanna be on my own

Far from the feelings we used 2 know
They've all turned 2 dust
I sense we were always searching
2 find the trust

2 save what we once made
The end was sure 2 come
The truth is plain 2 see
But we just need 2 carry on

Where were u on the day
That u vowed u were mine
Tell me where did u go... cuz, I'm going,

Blind in paradise, but still I don't wanna go home
Blind in paradise, & I don't wanna be on my own
Blind in paradise, time is standing still
Blind in paradise, I'm climbing this lonely hill

But I'm falling, yes I'm falling
I'm falling right in2 paradise


Where were u when u said
U would always be there
Tell me where did u go... cuz I'm going blind
Don't Wanna Be Alone
When you're lost & all alone
Nobody there 2 call your own
The days & nights are cold & endless, nowhere 2 go

When you're lost & running scared
There's no escapin' from 2morrow
U have 2 face the pain & sorrow, someday

I've been walkin' thru the streets at night
I just need a little paradise
Don't wanna be alone
I been hidin from reality
& you're all I need with me
I won't make it on my own
Don't wanna be alone

When u try 2 hide the tears
Nobody really truly knows
The anger raging in your mind, your soul.

Now have u ever tried 2 make it
Runnin' circles tryin' 2 fake it once again
There's nothin left 2 hold on 2, well I know

No Love's Enough
Solo we fly now in the wings of 2morrow
4 now we must move on
& leave the past behind

Taking only our lessons with us
Of all the things we knew
Holding on 2 the memories of our love

No love's enough, they say
2 hold on tight

Once now I've seen
From miles what I've already known
Built from the seed of passion
How can I deny
Time & time again it's all the same
That we've been thru
But I know in my mind I'll be missing u


Falling dreams on lovers lane
Tracing the tears of all our pain

From on & on, from miles away
2day I live my dreams
Without u in my way
Time marches on
We'll soon 4get the pain & loneliness
That someday we'll regret
Lookin' Out
Sometimes in the night u knew inside
What I could say is on my mind
4bidden secrets 4ever known
From within they're just a memory
2 late 2 leave again

2morrows' visions
Cast in a way I can't describe
4 us 2 leave here
& travel far away

Lookin' out from nowhere
2 see what we'll leave
Lookin' out from nowhere
So easily we see

From many miles away
2gether we can start again
No 1 could come between us
Now we are here, where we should be
Alone 2night

4ever heals our souls
So many lost & lonely souls
No 1 could ever see
Our illusion have a special need along the way

It's another story
Lookin' down the road of innocence
We could never be sure
Who could ever know the way
Say U'll Stay
Are u really what I've been looking 4
Or just another figment in my mind

I never really learned
The rules of the game
But in your arms I'll make 'em up with time

All I need's a sign from u
All I need's a reason 2 show u

& I'll be the light that gets u thru the day
Say u'll stay with me 4ever
I'll be there when u need me thru the night
Say u'll stay with me 4ever

Your every move is graceful & fine
All the woman a man could ever take
Tell me I'm not making
Another big mistake
But I can't risk letting u go

Part time lovers are a thing of the past
I'm in need of something I know will last

Till now I thought I'd never find
A love 2 ease my mind


So stop only 4 a moment
& hear me when I'm sayin
I want u, & I need u
Awake And Dreaming
Jeff Scott Soto - vocal, back-vocal
Neal M. Grusky - guitar
Eric Ragno - keys
Carl deMarco - bass guitar

Bob Daisley - bass guitar
Bernie Tavis - violin
Bob D. - drums

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